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How to lose weight at the age of 30+?

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The problem of getting rid of excess weight is relevant for people of any age, after age 30, losing weight becomes a little more difficult. The slimming process has its own characteristics for men and women.

The issue of weight loss remains relevant for people of any age, weight loss has its age features. Men and women after age 30 should start from the peculiarities of their physiology, but some rules will be shared. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to abandon the harmful high-calorie foods in favor of lean protein products. At the age of 30 years or more, it becomes more difficult to maintain a high metabolic rate, therefore, a necessary addition to the diet should be a workout.

How to lose weight the man after 30 years?

The basis weight loss for men aged 30 years and more is properly chosen diet with a decrease in the daily caloric intake and exercise. Men difficult to limit yourself to food and suffer hunger, so diet should be based on a nutritious, but low calorie foods. For men effective low-carb dieting, when the basis of food is lean meats and non-starchy vegetables.

In order to simultaneously lose weight and maintain muscle mass, male needs daily to get enough protein. It is recommended to divide the daily ration at least five meals, a small between meals will not cause severe hunger. Men need to stop believing in the rule “do not eat after 6”, the daily diet should be evenly distributed by time of wakefulness, prolonged fasting leads to destruction of the muscle mass.

Sport is needed in order to speed up the metabolism and maintain lean muscle mass. Men after the age of 30 years are shown training with alternating high and low intensity. This principle can be applied to any loads, intense interval should last between 30 to 180 seconds, the interval of low intensity, from 2 to 10 minutes, for example, a daily morning jog with alternating 2 minutes fast running and 5 minutes of Jogging.

How to lose weight for a woman after 30 years?

Usually, women weight loss are difficult for men the main task is to get rid of excess weight without compromising health. For women it is important to eat enough foods rich in omega 3, this fish, nuts and vegetable oils. It is equally important to fill your diet with wholesome protein foods – lean meat, cottage cheese, cheese.

For weight loss after 30 years a woman is weight training, contrary to misconceptions, they are used not only to build muscle, but for getting rid of fat. Strength training should be combined with stretching, for example, Pilates. After 30 years you need to avoid exercises with jerky movements, so tennis, running or athletics will not be the best choice. You should also avoid jumping, they give an excessive load on the joints and the spine, especially in the presence of excess weight.

Women after 30 years perfect dance classes and swimming, they are effective and safe for weight loss.

When losing weight, women older than 30 years need to pay special attention to the condition of the skin. Preserving the elasticity of the skin will contribute to the beauty treatments in combination with proper nutrition. In any case it is impossible to abandon the use of healthy fats, without them the skin becomes prone to stretch marks and cellulite. Among the common techniques that are suitable for all women, it can be noted wraps and vacuum massage. Wraps can be carried out not only in salons, but at home, the success of the procedures depends solely on the quality of the used tools. Vacuum massage helps to maintain skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite. In special cans vacuum massage can be performed at home, this is one of the most effective means to establish the metabolic processes in the skin.

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