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How to lose weight a woman after 40 years?

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After 40 years, many women face the appearance of excess weight, even those who have never had to lose weight in earlier years are not insured against it. In order for excess weight not to cause a decrease in self-esteem and quality of life, you need to start with theoretical aspects. It is important to consider the main causes of weight gain and to understand exactly what is at stake. Here are the best recommendations on how to lose weight to a woman after 40 years of age, what to do and what not to do.

Where do those extra pounds come from after 40?

Usually the answer to this question includes several reasons. One of them is universal – both men and women after the age of 40 slow down metabolic processes in the body. Accordingly, the diet and the level of physical activity remain the same, and the energy balance tends toward a surplus of calories. For ten years, this way you can accumulate about 10 extra pounds, if you get carried away with unhealthy food and be inactive, then much more.

An important role is played by genetic predisposition to the appearance of excess weight, it can manifest itself in these years. Some of the reasons affect only the female sex, this is a change in the overall hormonal levels in the body due to menopause and high susceptibility to stress. Recently it has been proven that stress and excess weight are related. But the most common cause remains hormones, they need to focus a special attention.

Female sex hormones and excess weight


When menopause occurs, the level of estrogen becomes lower. In order to compensate for the lack of estrogen production by the sex glands, the body connects other resources – fatty tissues, they also have hormonal activity. The amount of excess weight and the rate of its intake directly depend on how much the concentration of estrogen in the body decreases.



The production of this hormone is also reduced, it affects the weight of the body from a different angle. The fact is that with a lack of progesterone, the body begins to retain fluids in its tissues. Gain occurs for excess fluid accumulated, a characteristic feature – severe swelling in the morning.



The state of the muscular system depends on the concentration of this hormone. When its amount decreases due to menopause, the muscles lose their tone, they become smaller. The loss of muscles slows down metabolic processes, a lot of extra calories appear, energy is converted into body fat and stored in this form.

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The amount of insulin that the pancreas makes is dependent on important metabolic processes in the body, in particular, carbohydrate metabolism. Menopause causes insulin resistance, which makes male sex hormones even more. The problems in terms of insulin are faced by those who have a lot of sugars in the diet and little healthy fat.

a lot of sugar in the diet

Overweight after forty years is not a purely aesthetic problem. All the processes described above lead not only to obesity, but also to diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer, Alzheimer's disease. It is important to take action in time, it can significantly increase life expectancy.

What not to do

At any age, women are very scrupulous about their figure.

The appearance of excess weight can push to extreme decisions that only aggravate the condition.

In no case should not try to lose weight due to:

Fasting and restrictive diets. From such measures, the result will be only one – vitamin deficiency. Lose weight due to starvation or complete abandonment of certain groups of products will not work, since the body will begin to create strategic fat deposits in order to survive in the future;
Express methods for losing weight. They bring short-term results, soon after returning to the usual diet, those extra pounds will return. In addition, after the age of 40, a sharp weight loss with a high probability will lead to skin laxity, a fascination with express diets leads to skin sagging, which can only be removed surgically;
Rejection of fat. This is the worst mistake that can be made in losing weight after 40 years. Fats are necessary for the body to produce female sex hormones, the rejection of healthy fats can bring a slight weight loss, but at the same time it brings the menopause closer.

How to lose weight after 40?

The qualitative composition of the body of a woman after 40 years is interconnected with health. Therefore, proper weight loss should include several stages.

Medical examination

The first specialist to be visited is the endocrinologist, the main purpose of the visit is the examination of the thyroid gland. This organ has a direct effect on the metabolic processes in the body. Based on the results of the examination, therapy will be prescribed and a nutrition system recommended.

It is important to pay attention to digestion, malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract lead to incomplete absorption of nutrients from food, as well as intoxication. The accumulation of toxins is one of the secondary causes of weight gain. The transition to proper nutrition to normalize the work of the digestive tract will help reduce the amount of excess weight.

thyroid examination

Correct day regimen

For weight loss after the age of 40 years, sleep will be as important as nutrition. With a lack of sleep or poor quality, an imbalance develops between the hormones ghrelin and leptin, the first regulates hunger, the second – the degree of saturation with food. Dysfunction leads to increased appetite, excess weight appears for the banal reason – an excess of incoming calories.

Often the quality of sleep is reduced due to stress; this is another factor for increasing body weight. Stress affects not only sleep, but also digestion. Many women, on the basis of stress, switch to an emotional eating mode, the abundance of harmful calorie foods not only spoils the figure, but also affects health, everything is interconnected.


Nutrition and training

For women over 40 years of age, physical activity is necessary not only as a prevention of the appearance of excess weight. The musculoskeletal system should receive regular moderate loads, it affects the mobility of the joints. Also, the activity counteracts the aging process, improves overall health, gives skin tone.

Nutrition should be based on proper eating habits, proteins should be the predominant nutritional component. Of all the variety of protein products, it is better to prefer lean meat – chicken, turkey, beef, veal. The diet also includes the drinking mode, the norm is two liters per day, it should be obtained mainly from simple drinking water. Some products are included in the forbidden list, these are simple carbohydrates and excessively salty foods, sugars bring extra calories, salt – contributes to fluid retention in the body.

The daily caloric intake for a 40-year-old woman is 1800 calories; every next ten years, the limit will be reduced by 200 calories per day. In nutrition, you need to develop a regimen, it should become a constant habit.

training after 40 years


Every day should start with breakfast, the number of meals every day should be the same, and this is called the regime. Breakfast should be very light, a small amount of calories in the first meal will adjust the body to burn calories throughout the day. A separate emphasis should be made on dinner, its reception should take place no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. The last meal, as well as the first one, should be light, it is unacceptable to overeat in the evenings.

Between meals, there may be useful light snacks, for example, salad from vegetables or fruits, dairy products, fat-free foods. It is best to fill snacks with those products that are recommended for women after the age of 40 by nutritionists – citrus fruits, apples, bell peppers, eggplants, and celery. The most preferred spices are cinnamon and ginger.

healthy food after 40 years

Additional recommendations

A useful ally in weight loss after 40 years for a woman will be herbal tea, you need to choose fat burning compounds, herbs to speed up the metabolic processes. Such properties have plantain, dandelion, hawthorn, milk thistle.

In order to adjust the body to work properly during the day, you need not only breakfast, but also morning exercises. It can last no more than 10 minutes, this will be quite enough. Exercises can be easy, but at the same time use all the muscles in the body.

The preferred athletic load is swimming and exercise bike, but when organizing a workout you need to enlist the support of an experienced trainer. Self-study can lead to serious consequences for the musculoskeletal system, in particular – the joints. Strength training is extremely undesirable, suitable exercises with the weight of your own body, a good choice would be a set of exercises with a fitball. Before any physical exertion, even if it is a half-hour walk, you need to drink two glasses of water.

The habit of drinking two glasses of water is useful and before each meal, it will help in deciding how to lose weight to a woman after 40 years. After two glasses of water, hunger will be slightly quenched, the free volume of the stomach will become less, overeating and excess calories will cease to be a threat.


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