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How to lose more calories with HIIT

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High intensity interval training is used for fat burning while maintaining muscle mass. HIIT if done correctly, then each session will burn a lot of calories.

If you want to burn a lot of calories, but not lose muscle mass, do a lot of cardio will not fit, need high-intensity workouts HIIT. Do nothing and burn calories will not work, cardio will burn a lot of energy, but will affect not only fat mass but also muscle.

HIIT will really help you to lose weight, but you need to use them correctly during each session, switching between periods of low and high loads. The high intensity intervals force the body to achieve your metabolic limit, intervals of low intensity – is a rest to recover breath and forces. If we consider the example of running, interval training high efficiency – alternating sprints and Jogging. The more sprints you have the more calories will be spent.

Calories burned depends on several things:

  • The kind of cardio;
  • Frequency of classes;
  • The duration of each workout;
  • The duration of periods of high and low intensity.

In the format of HIIT you can do any cardio exercise but the best exercise for burning calories and losing weight are running, Cycling and rowing. Cycling and the sport more popular, in contrast sprints give very high load on the legs and high risk to injure your joints. In the same way you can use the swimming, Boxing, jumping, training will be very heavy, so it is important that you like them.

Important feel and balance, exercises should be intense but not cause strain. The challenge is that you find it difficult, but feasible. There are two methods to do HIIT harder and spend more calories: increase the duration of intervals of high intensity and reduce the duration of rest periods.

In order to test the capabilities of his body, it is better to start with an equal ratio intervals, then gradually raise the bar, that is, to complicate the exercise.

Interval training is effective, but not the only way to get rid of excess weight. If you feel that exercise to the limit, but weight loss is not as fast as I would like, then you need to reconsider your diet. A healthy diet consists of two mandatory components – exercise and diet, lack of adequate nutrition fails even under the most intensive training schedule.

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