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How to learn to catch up: effective techniques

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How to learn to catch up: effective techniques

The contents

  • Than useful pull-UPS
  • What prevents new to the fitness world
  • How to learn to catch up
  • Proper technique pull-UPS

Pulling on the bar allows you to improve your fitness, strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms, back and press. However, not everyone is able to catch up on the bar even once. Someone doesn’t know how to do it right, while others pull does seem impossible. How to learn to catch up? How to do it right? You will be notified on the portal MedAboutMe.

Than useful pull-UPS

The horizontal bar can be called a universal exercise equipment. To do it not only in the gym but also at home and also on sports grounds in the yards. The specificity of the pull-UPS is that in these exercises the man raises his own weight, allowing him to assess his physical form and compliance body mass development of the muscles.

Pull UPS are one of the best fitness exercise to improve posture and strengthen the spine. They also strengthen ligaments, increase muscle endurance, allow you to form relief muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, abs.

What prevents new to the fitness world

Someone exercises on a horizontal bar associated with unpleasant memories of physical education classes, when never got to catch up, and since then on the pull-UPS were forgotten. Someone interferes with excess weight: it creates excessive burden even for developed muscles and very difficult to catch up. But do not, if you have just started to do fitness: to start, adjust your weight through proper diet and special exercises that make on the ground. In the presence of excess weight you should consult with a sports doctor before you start exercising.

Beginners can make it difficult to catch up with General physical weakness — if the muscles are weak, it will be difficult to catch up even once. Problem solving — pre-training, there are exercises aimed at developing strength and endurance of the muscles.


Physical weakness can be manifested not only by the weakness of major muscle groups (biceps, broad back muscles), but also auxiliary. Remember that when involved in pulling a muscle: back (wide muscles, trapezius, rhomboid, circular), the muscles of the chest, shoulders (shoulder muscle, rear Delta, biceps and triceps) and abs. This means that you need to develop strength of all muscle groups.

Very important and proper technique. We can say that this is one of the most important factors that determine whether you will be able to catch up, and will this benefit or harm. Due to incorrect technique the muscles can develop unevenly: some muscles you pumped, others, however, will experience a shortage of loads. But worse than that, due to incorrect technique to your joints, ligaments and bones may experience excessive for them to load.

How to learn to catch up

No matter whether you’re a fragile girl or a large man, the first thing you need to learn to pull up on the bar — strength training muscles, not only basic but also additional information. Strength training will help you to master your own body weight that is initially very difficult due to the fact that body mass does not correspond to the muscle development.

Do different types of traction, for example, pull the vertical block on the treadmill, gradually increasing the weight. Practice on the simulator with a counterweight, add in your training exercises with carpal expander.

To overpower the cherished exercises also will help you pull-UPS with a partner — so you can feel what muscles are working during exercise. Partner will hold you, lightening the load, insure, will help to make the final move.

Pull-UPS with a partner is very effective because, despite its help, most of the work you perform. Do different types of pull-UPS:

  • partner holds you, helps you up and down;
  • partner helps you up, you stay in the upper position without his help themselves;
  • partner lifts you up, you slowly descend without assistance.

Proper technique pull-UPS

There are several important rules of performance of exercises on the bar that will help you understand the correct techniques and learn how many times to catch up with one approach.

To begin to understand that the need to deal with carefully. It is not necessary to jump on the bar so you run the risk of injury. It is very important to start pull-up only after preliminary warming up of muscles. Don’t jump off the horizontal bar after exercise — because of this, there is a sharp compression of the vertebrae.


Catching up on the beam, do not try stunts gymnasts, who deftly jump and jump off the monkey bars — they are professional athletes who train for many years. The optimal way to perform pull-UPS — slowly. The rise of the exercise smoothly, without jerks, heels lean about a floor.

To improve the technique stick to simple but important rules:

  • Keep breathing: when lifting exhale, while lowering — inhale.
  • Monitor descent: descend smoothly for the duration it is equal to the lift.
  • The body is in an upright position.
  • The elevation is only at the expense of muscle strength.

In order to learn how to catch up and do it with proper technique and good results, just a lot to catch up. Council banal, but this is the basic principle of successful training: to practice regularly, adhering to a chosen scheme.

Maybe at first you’ll think more than once you will never be able to catch up. Do not rush to quit: studies on the horizontal bar requires a certain skill and it can take several months before you work out. The main thing is to take it easy, continue to work out regularly, improving its shape and not putting the body back-breaking loads.

Review expertAlina Muraviev, personal fitness trainer

To learn how to catch up is a delicate matter. It is best that goal to exercise in the gym. For beginners, you can consult a trainer called “gravitron”. If you can’t rise from its own weight, this machine insures you if under the action of the counterweight. Weight trainer should be changed gradually, thereby will develop the latissimus dorsi, which then used to the workload and you will be able to realize your goal.

If you are not able to do in the gym, you will help tight rubber or a strong friend. The principle is identical: rubber or friend would you hold the bottom, thus distributing part of your weight.

In order to learn to catch up, you need perseverance. No one said it would be easy! Have a goal — go for it! In addition, pullups is still physical beauty and health. I hope that after these words you will gain courage and learn to catch up!

Review expertLyudmila Galkina, honored master of sports of athletics, two-time world champion in long jump, a consultant in sport and a healthy lifestyle

Pulling is one of the most effective exercises, performed its own weight. Where to start those who have never moved up?

To learn to catch up should start standing on a platform or a different elevation that the bar was at chest level. Better to start with pull-UPS with reverse grip — so it will be easier. Go to the pull-UPS in vis should gradually to not overwhelm the unprepared elbow joints and wrist. It is important to pay attention to their condition — you should be comfortable.

Another way to prepare your body for such stress is the gym. Training TRX, trainer Smith using the Griffon for pull-UPS and “Gravitron”, as well as a regular dumbbell with a small weight will help to gradually strengthen the necessary muscles involved when pulling: back muscles, large and small chest muscle and shoulder muscle, biceps, triceps.

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