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How to learn doing push UPS from the ground up: fitness tips for beginners

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How to learn doing push UPS from the ground up: fitness tips for beginners
The contents

  • Push-UPS fitness
  • The technique and the scheme of exercise
  • Effective fitness training

Fitness as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, are firmly in the everyday life. Every day the number of those wishing to improve their body is growing. Popular bodyweight exercises are. Because their implementation does not need additional equipment.

Push-UPS fitness

Without basic exercises aimed at the development of General physical preparation (GPP) does not pass any one exercise in fitness. One of these exercises are pushups. There are a huge number of variations. And even in yoga asanas there are elements where there is a need to vizitsa on hand. But the classic version we all remember from school lessons of physical education.

Push-UPS is raising and lowering the body using hand strength. When it is executed in the same time involves the muscles of the shoulder girdle, namely, the large pectoral muscles, triceps, front deltoid, elbow, and also the abdominal muscles.

One thing this exercise, with proper execution and knowledge of the varieties of equipment can substitute for a fitness equipment. Its big advantage is its accessibility. Push-UPS can be done anywhere, under any conditions: in the hall of the house, in the fresh air.

The technique and the scheme of exercise

For fitness training, the main sequence from simple to more complex, from a few reps to a lot. The training exercise begins with push-UPS, focusing on the wall. Starting position: stand face to the wall at a distance of a step, feet shoulder width apart, palms rest against a wall.

  • To bend hands in elbow joints, to breathe.
  • Straighten arms, hold my breath.

Keep the body moving as one and was constantly in the tension that the movement had a wavy character.

  • Perform slow 2-3 sets of 10-15 times

Easy exercises should not be misleading. At this stage it is important to develop muscle memory. When the body remembers the correct technique, to further develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle will be easier.

Parallel to the exercise “plank” (stand in a rack 1-3 minutes). This will help to further pump the abdominal muscles and improve strength and endurance of the muscles and thus speed up the achievement of goals and learn how to perform complex types of push-UPS.

After 5-7 days of such training, it is recommended to go to the exercise with a focus on the gymnastic bench (a chair or sofa if your business is at home). Technique is the same.

Further training continues with exercise, with an emphasis of hands on the floor on his knees. And then in a standard rack, with emphasis on hands and feet.

The complication occurs gradually, every 5-7 days. When you progress to full push-UPS, gradually increase number of repetitions, number of approaches, or both indicators simultaneously.

Novice fans HLS do not have to stoop to touch the breast sex, you just have to try to descend.

At run time, pushups, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Mandatory warm-up.

To avoid stretching of the muscles of the shoulder girdle or other injury, before performing the pushups you need to perform small warm-up: swings arms up and down, sideways, twists his hands back and forth, turns the body, bending.

  • The correct breathing technique.

The breath is always in the relaxation phase, exhale on the effort. (bending hand — inhale, straightening the arms — exhale).

  • Case all the time in tension. The back is straight.

Should not be sagging in the lumbar or raise the pelvis up.

  • Look at the floor.

It is not necessary to look forward, pulling the chin. This error will lead to stagnation of blood in the cervical spine and headaches. The face is turned toward the plane from which you are performing the pushup.

  • Keep in mind that the width setting of the hands and feet, while performing push UPS affect the difficulty of the exercise and uses different muscles.

With regular fitness classes to master push-UPS from scratch in 30 days. The technique of performing the exercise is the same for both men and women. Except that girls can afford fewer repetitions, due to the anatomical features of the body structure. After all, do 3-5 push-UPS for girls — a normal result. And 10 push UPS for men — mediocre figure.

Effective fitness training

Depending on the objectives for fitness training, there are different options for the location owner, during execution of pushups:

  • On the palms.

This is the most common option. Depending on the width between the arms varies the degree of stress. The palm can be placed under the shoulders, wide stance or together. But here, there are two ways:

  • hands when bent perpendicular to the body. The more you work the chest muscles;
  • palms located under the shoulder during flexion, the arms along the body. Works effectively far head of the triceps.
    • Fists. Additionally, tempered striking surface of the fist.
    • On your fingers. Additionally, strengthening of ligaments, tendons, and joints of the fingers.
    • On the back of the hand. Strengthens the wrist.
    • On the edge of the palm. Strengthens brush and the edge of the palm.
    • “Paw of the leopard”. In the four medial (middle) phalanges. Additionally strengthened encircling ligaments of the brush.
    • On the handles of the knife. Strengthens the whole hand. The blade must be sheathed. This technique is used during training, combat knife.
    • With the cotton. In addition to strength and endurance training agility. Cotton is running in front of chest or behind you. Advanced option is running multiple claps.
    • Push-UPS on Ganesh with subsequent traction.
    • Push-UPS, followed by jumping.
    • Push-UPS on one hand.

    And a lot of different advanced methods.

    Push-UPS is not easy and boring exercise. After all, learning to do push-UPS, having mastered the right technique, you can build a complete fitness workout on a single exercise.

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