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How to increase weight in bench press?

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If you frequently run the bench press in athletes cease to grow muscle. So you need to take care of the additional load. Let’s look at how we can increase the weight when performing exercises.

The bench press is one of the areas of eventing and shows. Athletes have different goals, using this activity in training. During regular execution, the muscles grow to a certain point and progress stops. Therefore, the interest in how to increase bench press actual for athletes.

In moments like this stop the person wants to quit sports, but the phenomenon is quite normal. There are athletes who just want to increase the muscles on hands that hurt and appear of injury. This was not experienced athletes is recommended to use a different technique to perform bench press.

3 ways to increase weight in bench press

You can try to do technique powerlifters. Her idea is to maximize the reduction of amplitude and choosing the best position of the body. To bench press in the workout program for strength gave the result needs to follow these guidelines:

  • To monitor the position of the body. The shoulders are on the bench, back arched, feet resting on the floor. Arched back reduces the amplitude of the rod is smaller than the distance, thus gaining weight.
  • Use a wide grip. More load on the strong chest muscles.
  • Strongly compress the neck. It sinhroniziruete the work of the sensory and motor parts of the nervous system activated the full potential of the muscles.
  • Elbows at an angle of 45 degrees from the body. Uniform distribution of load on the triceps, pectoral and dorsal muscles.

The second advice is to increase the load, not weight.

Powerlifters rarely work in the classroom according to the method odnoprovodnoi maximum, 1RM. For strength and hypertrophy you need a big load.

At 1RM, the athlete can lift 135 kg 6-8 times. His muscles are so tired at the end to raise their hands. If you count all the sets, you get no more than 1080 weight you. There is an alternative to this method. First, we need to raise 85% of the usual body weight is 115 pounds. due to this, the athlete may do 4 sets 3-5 times. Even if you perform 3 sets, there will be 300 kg more than in the previous embodiment.

How to increase bench press? For additional load you can do a drop set at the end of the workout with short breaks. After the first approach is thrown off 25% of the total weight and done another set. In between a break of 10-15 seconds.

You also need to change the splits. When thrust and pushing are involved different departments of the muscles, so you need to combine them. But for a long time to train for one scheme is not worth it. If you change it, then we can achieve great results.

Technology implementation

For maximum results, and the resumption of progress to build muscles shock of the situation. Coach suggest to periodically engage in such methods:

  • Negative bench press – take the weight 10-20% more than usual, and the rod is slowly lowered to the chest. On the rise helps assistant. 1 approach will not make more than 3 times. It is recommended to perform a maximum of 2 sets of 1-2 repetitions.
  • Pushups stand and feet and hands are placed on the stand. This allows you to lower the body below. On technique like the bench press, so used those same muscles. Perform 6-10 times.
  • Bench press with pause on chest helps to strengthen the initial stage of the press. The exercise is done with a smaller working weight by 15-20%. At maximum lowering of the arms are fixed for 2-5 seconds near the chest. Repeat 1-4 times.
  • Strong grip to transfer the power of the chest, deltoids and arms on the neck necessary to fix the rod closer to the wrist. Gripping the fretboard as if there needs to be prints.
  • Bench press on the floor – a common exercise with dumbbells. Give up to touch the elbows of the floor, and the top arms are fully extended. Do 8-12 times in 3 sets.

Training program on strength and bench press is a good way to bring the body, but the body needs to rest. If the athlete cannot do long interruptions, it is recommended to replace this exercise with another. Instead of the classic bench press you can do wide grip, angled at the top, narrow grip, etc.

Overcoming the plateau

Experienced athletes may be the opposite effect – the bench press is not. Muscles ache from overload and no strength to lift the barbell. To remedy the situation recommended:

  • Forget about these exercises for a few weeks. You can do breast complexes on a flat bench or on parallel bars.
  • To increase the weight on other exercise equipment. Only a comprehensive training will give the result.
  • Replacement programs every week.

If you follow these rules, that athlete will not need to increase the weight. One can continue even with a low load. Muscles will not atrophy, but the rest from the usual load. With less weight you can do more reps. Therefore, to the question of how to increase weight in bench press wasn’t such a problem you need to make lessons varied.

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