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How to increase stamina for 1 month?

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Runners, marathoners, athletes develop dozens of programs for the development of resistance to stress. Endurance helps one to engage more and longer. Together, let us consider what exercises and programs.

Endurance for an athlete is one of the driving factors. It allows you to train for several hours. The development of this indicator should be addressed at all training sessions. The complexes are prepared so that 1-2 exercises to improve it.

The formation of stamina

Strength training stimulate white muscle fibers, however, for the performance of answer red. These fibers are weaker and only function when the oxygen saturation.

There are 2 types of endurance:

  • Cardiovascular – to control long-term heart needs cardio. Athletes run, swim, do Hiking and Cycling, jump rope.
  • Muscle – depends on contractility of muscles. Throughout the training, you do a lot of repetitions. For the development of this type will fit: push-UPS, pull-UPS, squats and twisting.

Exercises for resistance are divided into groups:

  • Aerobic strengthen the heart and blood vessels, rid of extra pounds and improve the respiratory system. It is recommended to run and to swim.
  • Speed exercises for endurance with a large number of repetitions at maximum speed.
  • Circular – complex of several movements is repeated in a circle. Experienced athletes recommend doing these exercises 4-8. Every time the execution time is reduced, and the intensity increases.Special – designed specifically for the athlete.

The development of quenching is useful and people without physical training.

For starters, you can just run or swim. Such aerobic exercise saturate the blood with oxygen.

It breaks down carbohydrates, transformerait them to energy and extra pounds go away. In addition, the process has a positive effect on overall health.

An increasing number of small capillaries. They enrich the skin and all organs with blood, oxygen and minerals. The benefit from training for endurance still applies:

  • The improvement of the heart and lungs.
  • Lactic acid from muscle fibers dissolved.
  • Fly the red part of the muscle.
  • Accelerates metabolism.

To develop vitality in sport cardio methods is not recommended for people with heart problems and blood vessels. Such trainings increase blood pressure. It develops hypertension. Such sportsmen will fit the sprint races or slow Jogging.

If the athlete decided to train with a barbell or doing a deadlift, it is necessary to monitor technique and frequency of breathing. If improperly performed, broken spine, possible injury and increased intraocular pressure. After a long strength training you need to give the body to recover. The following range is stretching.

How to improve your endurance?

To improve performance you need regular exercise and shift the complex. There are different methods to add resistance to the athlete. Experts recommend 10 ways to increase your endurance in a short time.

Exercises for legs:

Running is a popular and best method. He tested thousands of athletes. It is recommended to alternate running fast and slow, accelerate to the maximum. The change of pace allows the body to repeatedly adapt and to get used to one load. Since the body is in a state of shock, it uses body fat. As a result, lost weight. When cross-country training need to follow the breath. If it is intermittent or interrupted, it is better to stop or reset the tempo. Jumping rope, like running, increase the stamina of the feet. Stabilize the functioning of heart, lungs, normalizes blood pressure. Squats involve different muscle groups, but most of the lower limb. If you take up the weighting, the task becomes more complicated and the body loses more strength.

Classes for the hands:

On the bar strengthening the overall muscles of the body. It is recommended each day to do 10 pull-UPS. Push-UPS – the number of approaches is governed by the athlete themselves. Depending on the physical training doing 5 reps.

General exercises:

  • Cycling.
  • Swimming.
  • Work on the press.
  • Complexes with dumbbells – squats, lunges, push-UPS, breeding hands.
  • Sports games – hockey, water Polo, football.

These simple exercises are recommended in every morning exercises. They will give you energy for the whole day. Over time, the load seem light: disappears shortness of breath, normal breath, no tingling in the heart.

In the initial stages of training it is recommended that no more than 20 minutes. With the increase in endurance classes stretch for 40-60 minutes. It is not necessary to combine exercises for stamina and strength. The body will tire quickly and the result will not appear. Aerobic and strength training are done on different days. The break must not be less than 8 hours.

Training programs

To improve efficiency, there are dozens of complexes with simple and light exercises. Slaughter classes faster result. Therefore, experienced coaches recommend starting the development of resistance with such a complex:

Burpees – stand straight, feet wider than shoulders. Do squats, the pelvis is lowered, hands resting on the floor. From squat jumps to push-up position, do push-UPS. Jump back to squat and jump. There are options for more easy and complicated exercise. Repeat 10 times. Climber in position leg straps are tightened alternately to the chest. It is desirable to quickly change the position of the feet. Do 20 times. Jumping on the spot with high knee – feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees. Hands before him, palms turned to the floor. Sharply jumps up and knees trying to get to the brushes. Need to land on bent legs, so as not to injure the joints. Repeat 10 times. Dynamic plank – starting position in the usual plank on straight arms. Turns bendable arms at the elbow and fixate at the bottom. Go to the reverse position. Do 10 times on each hand.Jumping Jack – stand straight, arms along the body. Jump legs widely placed, and the upper limbs raised above the head. Return to the starting position. 20 repetitions.

After each exercise is a rest of 30-60 seconds. If the shutter speed is, then you can do 2-3 sets of the complex.

There are more training programs endurance strength and breath. The first type of complexes are the following exercises:

  • The military press.
  • Squat with the weights.
  • Pull sumo.
  • The pull-UPS.
  • Push-UPS.

All movement is in an intense pace. Depending on the load distribution time is 1-4 minutes. Between exercises you need to completely recover your breath.

While shortness of breath or breaths parabolic difficult to do complexes. The athlete gets out of rhythm and did not focus on exercise and breathing. So you need to work on this aspect. The complex consists of:

  • Inflate the balls.
  • Apnea.
  • Frequent cardio training on the air.

You also need to follow General habits. People with excess weights and the abuse of cigarettes difficult to breathe, and to perform any exercises. This affects the heart, lungs, joints and ligaments. It is recommended to first solve these problems and then start training again.


Endurance can be achieved by using different kinds of exercises. One of them is crossfit. In these complexes combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The aim of such training to perform all work in a very fast pace. You can repeat until failure or time.

Program Masters Final 11:


Pedal to the Metal – is a complex of 7 minutes:

Regional Individual Event 6-16 – runs 20 minutes:

Home occupation

The work in the gym is understandable, but how to improve the endurance of muscle and is it possible? Unequivocal – Yes. At home you can replace rods for books, water bottles and chairs. It is recommended to buy collapsible dumbbells, rubber expander. They allow you to do the most exercises and increase the load.

You are free to leave the house for a run, a quiet walk on the uneven bars and the beam. In bad weather you can do these exercises:

  • Pushups on two chairs, throwing his feet on the third.
  • To download the press.
  • Jump.
  • Squat.
  • To do push-UPS.

Any exercise can be converted to the home format. The main thing – to adhere to the fast pace, doing lots of sets and reps, take light weight. Do not forget about the short rest and base complexes. Just 20 minutes a day and work to develop endurance to the maximum.

Methods of endurance development

Many athletes and trainers have developed systems and programs, how to increase stamina during training. This question was most worried about runners and marathoners because they need resistance to stress.

Marathon man Craig Beasley developed a methodology, based on the alternation of intensity running:

30 seconds to cross. 5 seconds of calm walking.

To repeat the rhythm you need 8 times. In the subsequent training session duration increases. Recommended for 3 trainings in a week. For 1 month you can increase stamina.

Bart Yassen is proposed to run 800 meters at a certain time. Beginners need to run a race 1 time a week. Each session distance is added more than 800 meters.

Runner long distance Scott strand advises to use in training uniform pace. According to the method need to give my all on the last 25% of the race. Run at a pace difficult, but the athlete feels the muscles and understands what kind of speed suits him.

To understand the question of how to raise the stamina you need to try more than one technique. On the way to the goal, athletes have experimented and worked hard. A condition to improve health is exercise. Regardless of the sentiments and desires.

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