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How to increase metabolism in adulthood?

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After age 40, the metabolism slows, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the appearance of extra pounds. There are several great ways to boost metabolism in adulthood.

After the age of 40 years, the metabolism begins to slow down, the body spends fewer calories, it begins to appear overweight. People are spending less and fewer calories without noticing gaining a few extra pounds a year. Slowing metabolism is not a reason to put up with the extra weight, this phenomenon can be counteracted.



Age is not the only factor that contributes to slow metabolism. Among other reasons for the slowing of metabolism can be noted the pregnancy, disease and medication, metabolic disorders, an imbalance in the hormonal background. Ways to speed up metabolism no less than the causes of its slowing down. A healthy and active lifestyle that includes exercise, proper nutrition and enough sleep, can spend a large amount of calories, regardless of age.

One of the worst reasons for the slowing of metabolism is the increase of sugar level in the blood, it leads to insulin resistance, so the first remedy to speed up metabolism is to normalize blood sugar levels and insulin production. When the existing insulin resistance to control metabolism is more complicated, is also possible. As an aid to accelerate the metabolism often prescribe such supplements as omega-3, folic acid and vitamin B12.

In order to counter the slowing metabolism and the emergence of fat, you should eat more protein. Metabolism depends on nutrition, so after the age of 40 years especially important three times a day to include in meals protein.

Dietary restrictions must be reasonable if calorie a day diet will be less than 1200 calories, the metabolism will be slowed down regardless of what foods those calories are received.

Versatile and effective rule for boosting metabolism at any age is a fractional power. In order to consistently spend a large amount of calories you need to eat every 2-3 hours. Emphasis should be placed on foods that are high in protein and healthy fats – eggs, fish, nuts, cheese, avocado.

The more muscle a person has, the more calories he spends on activity and at rest, so at the age of 40+ are especially necessary training to maintain muscle mass. Strength training develops muscles and causes them to spend more calories, cardio exercise strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, make the body more resilient, will allow to train longer and spend more calories.

The most obvious factor affecting the metabolism is sleep. It is known that suffering from a lack of people gain more weight that normal adult should sleep about eight hours a day. Metabolism and mechanism of hunger is regulated by hormones ghrelin and leptin, in adulthood, people are often faced with violations in development of these hormones and begin to gain more excess weight. Production of these hormones depends on the quality and quantity of sleep, lack of sleep people experience an increased craving for sweets and other snacks, give in to temptation and consume huge amount of calories. The combination of healthy sleep, physical activity and fractional power will enhance the metabolism and getting rid of excess weight at any age.

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