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How to improve fitness in the hall

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How to improve fitness in the hall
The contents

  • The negative side of conducting fitness training in the gym
  • Ways to focus when you exercise
  • Recommendations for organization of fitness classes at the gym

The right mental attitude and a clear motivation are the important components of a positive result of the work on the flaws in the gym. Doing exercises with this approach, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of bouts of laziness and apathy, especially when the effectiveness of the training due to technical errors, “effect plateau”, overtraining, or for other reasons fails to meet expectations. It is therefore important to learn to focus on the goal and not be distracted during fitness workouts on extraneous things. In addition, this skill helps strengthen willpower, builds character, develop a sense of purpose, and other useful personal qualities.

The negative side of conducting fitness training in the gym

Fitness gym, in addition to its undeniable benefits for your figure and health, may be accompanied by negative nuances:

  • lack of fitness equipment and sports equipment, which leads to queues to them in the hours of maximum attendance to the fitness club;
  • limited space in the gym, especially during full occupancy of the people that could be the cause of injury when performing exercises with free weights. Thus may be injured as the one who does the work, and those who are in the vicinity of users;
  • the people around can distract from the performance of work conversations and advice. This applies as familiar to regular visitors, eager to discuss the latest news during fitness training, and beginners in the gym who want to establish contact to a new team and make new friends;
  • if not paid individual fitness training with a trainer, with a large number of people in the audience he can’t always control the correct execution of exercise equipment and following the plan of a fitness program.

Ways to focus when you exercise

Knowing all the above nuances in the gym, you can advance to prepare them and thereby reduce their negative impact on the performance of fitness activities. For example, you can take the following measures:

  • try to visit the gym in those hours, when its occupancy is minimal. Usually limit attendance hall was observed in the morning and evening hours and during the lunch break, so it makes sense to adjust your schedule fitness workouts for time, different from the above;
  • to discuss all the news with friends in the locker room before or after class. Of course, in order to avoid complicated situations, it is important to agree with friends beforehand, reasonably explaining his position. Most people who visit a gym with serious intent, to adequately perceive the unwillingness to communicate during training, because they are also interested in the effectiveness of fitness;
  • to learn about your fitness program and equipment all exercise movements, its member, in advance and continue to do the job yourself without the help of the trainer;
  • to take a practice player or phone with headphones and listen to your favorite music during exercise. Use this advice helps not only to keep aloof from distractions, but to get started, picking the appropriate track listing. Women are more suitable light energetic composition in the style of pop or latina. Men are conducting intense power fitness training, you should choose songs in the style of rock, because this music stimulates the Central nervous system and encourages physical activity;
  • if newcomers unknowingly violate established rules in the gym, for example, don’t clean up sports equipment after each exercise, close body in the mirror other of the audience, then you need to properly explain beginners the rules of behavior and what can lead them a violation. If you do not clean up the gym, someone may stumble on them or not to use them, thinking that they are busy. Close to other people look in the mirror is impossible, because in the reflection you can see the breach in technique and correct them in time;
  • it is very important to develop its own effective system of motivation depending on the direction of the gym. For example, engaging in power sports, you can set a goal to raise a certain weight, and to persevere to achieve it. When conducting training sessions aimed at weight loss, you can give yourself installation to get rid of extra pounds for a special occasion — and purposefully to achieve this setting.

Recommendations for organization of fitness classes at the gym

To tune to a productive exercise, consider the organization of work in the gym to use the following guidelines, compiled by experienced visitors of fitness clubs and instructors:

  • you need to create certain rituals to prepare for work and relaxing after fitness classes. These rituals should cause pleasant feelings, for example, every time before a workout you can drink a small Cup of green tea or filter coffee, and after classes is to allow yourself a few moments of relaxation, which includes the use of a protein shake and the adoption of water treatments (sauna or a warm bath);
  • when you experience stressful situations in life, you need to more carefully plan a timetable for the implementation of power exercises to excessive physical activity undertaken as a means to compensate for negative emotions did not lead to overtraining, and apathy, caused by stress, not allowed to throw the gym;
  • between the fitness workouts should take all measures to full recovery. For this you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat right and carry out the procedure, increases blood flow to muscle tissues.

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