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How to improve endurance while Jogging: tips and exercises

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How to improve endurance while Jogging: tips and exercises

The contents

  • Why to develop endurance
  • Tips to improve stamina through fitness training
  • Effective exercises for development of endurance without shock loads
  • The need for high-intensity running exercises.

Many modern training programs for one of the main objectives put increasing aerobic endurance. Indeed, endurance is an important characteristic, allowing to obtain exercise maximum benefit. In order to successfully perform any degree of power cardio, you will need to increase the level of endurance, especially when running.

Why to develop endurance

Endurance is not only an indicator that allows you to quickly and effectively overcome long distances while Jogging. It is also a sign of development of the organism, indicating that the person is able to use their resources correctly.

Than endurance athlete, the greater the distance it can run without slowing down, shortness of breath, and with great efficiency. In the course of long runs not only effectively run the metabolic processes, causing the fat burning, but also improves blood flow and oxygen exchange. It turns out, the more endurance and allows many functions of the life of the organism to work correctly.

One of the main concepts of endurance is aerobic threshold. This is a special indicator that indicates at what level of physical activity in the human body begins to accumulate lactic acid lactate (product of cell disintegration). Have hardy bodies, the threshold is very high, so the athlete even during a long running able not to feel fatigue and overexertion in the muscle fibers.

Tips to improve stamina through fitness training

How to increase your endurance so that class did not affect health negatively? Will only well-written program running fitness training and consideration of important professional advice.

  • The combination of strength training with cardio.

To improve endurance during training it is necessary not only to make regular jog, but alternate the cardio with effective strength training. This is necessary in order to strength endurance developed along with aerobic. In addition, strong muscles will be a great help for long run.

Of sports 4 days a week 2 devote to strength training.

  • A shorter pause.

The successful development of muscle health requires not only high speed but also reduce moments of relaxation. At the initial stage, step it is recommended that no more than 2 minutes. Gradually, this figure should be reduced. The less pauses in the process of running and what these pauses will be shorter, the stronger will be the body.

  • Dynamic pace.

Any effective exercises for development of endurance should be performed at an active tempo. Dynamic loading and harmonious rhythm successfully activate all the energy of the body, accelerate blood flow, improve gas exchange. The faster the movement, the easier and more are excreted from the body products of cell disintegration. Also the fast pace allows the maximum use of muscle fibers, preventing atrophy, and bringing them into tone.

  • Basis — basic exercises.

People who want to become more resilient, you need to forget about isolated physical exercises. To benefit for running from the power sport, you will need to complete basic exercises. The most effective are squats, push-UPS, pull-UPS, lunges, various modifications of presses, twisting of the body. They uniformly pumped muscular system, providing reliable support to the body while Jogging.

  • The lack of uniformity.

Endurance is achieved by the regular alternation of stress. Similar options fitness workouts lead to negative effect: the emergence of a plateau (stagnation of the training). The constant change of pace, options for effective exercise, the speed and modes of training will help to increase the intensity and vary the training. Sometimes replace Jogging dynamic walking on stairs or step aerobics, to avoid sports routine.

  • Explosive movements.

An important principle of development of endurance — the simultaneous burst of all the energy resources of the organism. With explosive work (such as power and aerobic), the body expends a lot of effort, some of which is spent on improving endurance. For example, practicing lifting weights over your head in shock-the explosive style, you will notice that gradually perform the movement becomes easier and power allow you to continue training without signs of fatigue. The same applies to running: “explosive” effect can be achieved with a slight inclination of the body, connecting the hands to the movement at higher lift of knees and a smooth increase in speed.

Effective exercises for development of endurance without shock loads

To boost endurance when you perform Jogging exercises will not only help yourself Jogging, and other aerobic exercise. They can be used interchangeably: run them 1-2 times a week instead of the run. It is best to choose a cardio activity without shock loads, to minimize the negative impact on the joints.

In addition, these effective exercises will help to strengthen different areas of the body, improve muscle tone and make the silhouette aesthetic.

The most popular sports aerobic type, which can later help in the running are:

  • Cycling (both on conventional and on the stationary trainer);
  • swimming;
  • water aerobics;
  • rowing in the simulator;
  • training on the orbitrek (elliptical trainer);
  • active dance styles (Zumba, Latin, modern).

The need for high-intensity running exercises.

HIIT (or high intensity interval training) is especially effective to help develop aerobic endurance — all thanks to the power of such activities. In the process of interval fitness training to the people engaged in cyclic mode: the intervals are the limit stresses are replaced by intervals of relaxation. In such a cyclical diagram lactic acid which is produced during the run is utilized by the body faster than normal Jogging.

As exercises in the HIIT system, improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, so that even prolonged running does not cause difficulty breathing, which also helps to improve endurance.

The optimum time of high-intensity training on an interval circuit — from 15 minutes for beginners and 40 minutes for advanced athletes. To increase endurance, it is recommended to gradually increase the duration of stress cycles (from 1 minute to 5 minutes and above) and reduce the duration of the intervals of relaxation (5-40 seconds to 15).

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