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How to improve deadlift in 8 weeks

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The program is presented by the increase in weight designed for 1 lesson per week. In this short time you will greatly improve your results in the post. How to set an unprecedented record in the deadlift, read the article.

Deadlifts as exercise program on strength, in traditional design is now increasingly popular among fans of similar exercises, but to strengthen the forces in this exercise, let’s be honest, is not easy. In order to improve their strength, first and foremost, you need to:

  • to practice the correct technique of the exercises;
  • make a list of suitable accessory exercises;
  • to choose a method of training for good results.

It’s possible you’ll have to experiment before you dwell on the most “working” the sequence of exercises. Adhere to the presented below the 8-week program, even for beginners.

What are most guys doing wrong

Happens a lot to contemplate, slaving away in gyms the athletes and not uninova in the essence of the exercise. Before you begin, you need to learn the basic principles and physiological laws of motion. Too intense exercise – something that slows down your success. The process of increasing working weights can occur slowly – about 2 years of the transition from 5 to 6 pancakes (quite a feasible task).

Of course, few people want to achieve results so long, so an 8-week program will help you with that: you’ll be able to lift heavy shells, so if you go sequentially all the quality cycles, described in the program. It is important to consider the method of performing the deadlift, then you can easily lift the weight of dreams.

How to do deadlifts from the rack

To achieve great success in the deadlift, often start with a so-called partial.

Remember that it is not necessary to lift too large a weight to an auxiliary load, no more than 10 % of your maximum.

It is also important to take a position, repeating the one in which you perform the deadlift. If the position has changed, your technique is incorrect. The bar should not slip on my feet, and you don’t need to raise it as leverage, otherwise benefit from a full deadlift will not.

When performing exercises in the partial deadlift, you take the position for the deadlift. If you changed the position of the body, then lift the weight more than 10% of the maximum, which is taken in the deadlift.

The error of most programs

Often, athletes focus too much on training individual parts of the movement, resulting in the same muscles are constantly under load. If you perform the exercises according to the program, weekly change the height of the stands so you get a good work out various weaknesses and hone the movement with full amplitude.

Beginners sometimes refuse full thrust, increasing the percentage of the partial, they thus hope to improve their results, but fail. Pull the barbell from the floor to feel the movement completely.

What else to pay attention

  • Concentrate on the study of the upper part of the exercise, not trying to lift too much weight. Stop it is the weight that will be heavy, but not squeeze you dry.
  • Choose the grip that you are most comfortable. What does it mean? If the held weight is not making you overly tense, it’s your weight, do 2 sets of 6 reps.
  • When you run the slopes with a barbell on your shoulders and use only a light shell. It is important to gently stretch hamstrings, to develop the thigh. Polupriznanie in this exercise will not work. Do 10 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Use squats as a warm-up: 5 warm up just enough muscle to not be afraid of trauma during the pull from the racks. Already on the second week you will be able to raise 90% of the intended weight. If it does not, continue classes for another week.
  • Do not neglect the recovery, because after that workout becomes even more effective. If you were able to lift the planned weight before the last, eighth week give and unloading, train with light weight. And 9 weeks will set its own record if it is not going to neglect the interruptions, which are absolutely necessary for progress.

8 weeks deadlift
First week

  • Pull from the racks. Hold the barbell below the knees, do the upper part of the movement until the muscles are warmed up for the main load.
  • Deadlifts. With 60% of your max weight, do 5 repetitions.
  • Thrust in the slope. 6 repetitions, 2 approach.
  • Bending with a barbell, or exercise “good morning”. Do 10 repetitions in 4 sets.
  • Second week

  • Thrust in the slope. 6 repetitions, 2 approach.
  • Deadlifts.
  • Pull from the racks. Warm up the muscles.
  • “Good morning”. Do 10 repetitions in 4 sets.
  • Third week

  • Pull from the racks. Warm up.
  • Deadlifts with a weight of 65-75% of maximum. 5 repeats.
  • Pull rod with a slope of – 6 times for 2.
  • “Good morning”.
  • Fourth week

  • Pull from the racks.
  • 5 repetitions with 75% weight.
  • 2 sets of 6 repetitions in the slope.
  • The slopes on the shoulders – 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Repeat another 4 weeks the same sequence, but in the 5th week, take 80% of your max weight for 6 weeks – 85% 7th week – 90%, and on the 8th to arrange a fasting a week, take light weight.

    Next week you’ll get your maximum. Good luck!

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