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How to get rid of pain in the back and lower back?

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Women and men often have a sore lower back and back. The effect on physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, food without sustainableuse substances. This problem can be solved at home. Let’s see how to get rid of pain.

The main feature of the gymnastics for back pain lower back – the ease of execution. For classes not required special equipment, and exercises suitable for hall, and for the home.

As to the advantages of training include:

  • You will be able to release the wedged intervertebral intervals and wounded nerves.
  • To make the core muscles strong.
  • To improve the flow of blood in the back and abdomen.

If a person suffers from chronic diseases should first get the advice of a qualified physician.

It will be the right program that will not harm the health. In case of incorrect selection of exercises, there is a risk only worsen the situation. So the first is to familiarize yourself with the following rules and stick to them:

  • Do not make sudden jerks and movements. Exercises are performed gently and smoothly.
  • It is important to do everything gradually. The first lesson do not perform more than ten repetitions. Then the load is increased.
  • The room in which training should be well ventilated. Also classes can be held outside.
  • Clothing must not pinch and be uncomfortable.
  • Exercise is performed on the inhale and on the exhale return to the starting position.
  • If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, immediately stop the training.

There are such contraindications to exercises for lower back pain:

  • Injuries of the spine.
  • Onco – diseases.
  • Diseased kidneys.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diabetes.
  • The appearance of discomfort and pain in the legs.
  • Cardiovascular disease.

If a woman is in a position such trainings are permissible only in the case if there were regular exercise before pregnancy.

The list of exercises from back pain

  • Twisting. This will require a Mat. You need to lie on your back. The hands placed along the body or behind the head. Legs slightly bent at the knees, feet are on the floor. Then head, neck and shoulders up, you should stretch your chin to your chest, twisting the body. Perform 15 times. Done minute break.
  • The exercise on “all fours”. Hands are on the floor. The pelvis should be lowered to buttocks got heels. The palm does not come off. It so happened that the body tilts backwards and the man to sit on the floor. Then return to starting position and lean forward. Do 10 times.
  • Alternate lifting your legs. You need to stretch your legs and raise them with bent knees. Do 15 times. The rise performing at 45 degrees.
  • You need to lie on her stomach. Feet together, arms in front. Turns rise straight leg as high as possible. Knees do not bend. At the top it is necessary to hold the foot in one or two seconds. Perform for 10 repetitions.
  • Stretching press. You need to lie on her stomach. The legs are connected. The hands are palms down at shoulder level. Should bend up. Support do on the hands. The head leans back. In this position you need to linger for 5-10 seconds.
  • Oblique twists. Hands are behind head. Legs bent, feet on the floor. The neck, head and part of the chest rises. Simultaneously, the body is scrolled. Right elbow reaches the left knee. Do this on each side for 15 reps.
  • Charging

  • Rotation of the pelvis. You need to put feet on width of shoulders. Hands are on waist. Made circular motion of the pelvis first one way, then the other. 10-12 reps in each direction. Rotate the pelvis should be maximum amplitude.
  • Exercise boat. You need to spread a Mat and lie down on your stomach. Hands stretched upward. When bowing, the head is drawn to the blades, and they in turn rise above the surface of the floor. Legs try to lift. Perform 10-20 repetitions. At the end point delayed by a second or two.
  • “The wall”. You should choose a wall without bumps. Her heels pressed against the pelvis, shoulder blades and neck. In this position, stand for 10 minutes. Start with 60 seconds. Then every day increase by one minute, and so on to ten.

Also perform hyperextension. This requires a special device. At home, it is possible to replace the sofa. For this exercise you’ll need a partner.


  • You need to lie down so that the top of the thighs were on the border of the pillow. Back and legs are on the same line.
  • The body falls down and rises back. Back in this video. Head slightly thrown back. Bend in the upper position is not necessary. Do 2 sets 15-20 times, smoothly and accurately.

The individual exercises

There are three exercises to relieve back pain and lower back, which are separate and does not belong to the complexes:

  • Swimming. To swim you need in a peaceful rhythm, no acceleration. Water allows the spine to straighten up.
  • “Mat”. It is necessary to spread on the floor Mat,thus protect your back from drafts. Adopt the prone position. Bend your legs and push your blades to the floor. Knee joints go in the right direction before the stretching in the spine. After you do the same movement to the left. After exercises for lower back felt warm. If you experience pain you should stop the execution of a “Mat”.
  • You need to hang on the bar. The exercise duration is 30 seconds.

What exercises it is better not to use:

  • Wake up feet on a bench in the supine position.
  • The Roman chair.
  • Side bends with heavy weight.
  • Squats with a barbell on his neck.

Such exercises will only increase the pain and can do more harm.

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