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How to get rid of foot pain after running

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How to get rid of foot pain after running

The contents

  • Causes of pain after running
  • Ways to get rid of pain
  • Prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Recommendations for training

The occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness after running is normal for beginners in fitness. But when my legs ache from experienced athletes, long leading an active lifestyle, it raises some questions. Although to get rid of the pain completely fail because of physiological of this process, then reduce the manifestation of these unpleasant feelings it is possible.

Causes of pain after running

Due to the fact that running is a natural activity, many beginners do not think about how to carry out such training, and what running technique you use and how to prepare for it. Mostly athletes are more interested in choosing the right clothes and shoes, although it is not a precondition to the effective and safe cardio.

The main causes of pain after Jogging:

  • No warm-up or defective carry it out.

This preparatory stage is a very important aspect of safety, productivity, training and well-being after him.

  • Choosing the wrong speed and duration of running.

On the body should help him exercise, or a little more to receive progress otherwise provided stress to the body will manifest pain in the muscles.

  • Incorrect position of body and equipment movement.

Back during the run should be kept straight, but the body is slightly tilted forward. Running, put to earth, you must first heel, and then roll the foot on the toe, the hands should also move to the beat of the feet.

  • No less important stage of the training than warm-up, is the hitch.

At the end of the run should gradually slow down movement, then gradually move to the step, then stop and perform a set of stretching exercises. They will help to relax your muscles and relieve them of unnecessary tension.

  • The mismatched shoes.

Planning to run on hard surfaces such as on asphalt or tile, it is best to choose a special pair of running shoes with shock absorbing soles. Otherwise there is a risk of injury of the foot or heel, and prolonged exposure can harm the spine.

  • Too much load.

Training any muscles of the body, you need to give them time to rest, and at very frequent workouts muscles no time to recover and signal about it with the pain.

  • Flat feet or other foot deformities.

This problem can cause pain in the legs and feet, because the load in this case is not able to be distributed evenly.

Also pain can occur due to some old injuries that completely restore failed. Depending on their state of health should be varied and match the load individually.

Ways to get rid of pain

After a long break in fitness activities delayed onset muscle soreness as a result of the run will arise in any case, as muscles and joints unaccustomed to the load. After several training sessions this sensation will weaken, but the first time from the pain will not work to get rid of completely, but only reduce its symptoms. This prevention is very important, the main methods of which are described in the next section.

In order to reduce an already existing pain directly after a workout to take such measures:

  • Take a bath or go to sauna. These treatments warm and relax the muscles, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Do some Cycling at a moderate pace. Such weak physical activity has a warming effect and reduces pain in the muscles.
  • Take a contrast shower, which helps to relieve muscle inflammation, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and tightens the skin.
  • Nice relaxing effects with a vigorous massage tense areas of the body. Thus improves circulation and relieves tension in muscles and joints.
  • Prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness

    Prevention of pain after running is not only performing the warm-up and cool-down. Activities help prevent discomfort in the muscles and joints of the feet after a strenuous cardio are:

  • The preparation of a full diet. In this case, it is important to fill their menus with foods that contains potassium and calcium which strengthen bone and muscular system and help speedy recovery after training. These foods include nuts, legumes, bananas, apricots, prunes, oatmeal and seaweed.
  • Drinking regime. Often it is lack of fluid in the body leads to pain in the legs.
  • The correct choice of footwear for running. Especially this point concerns those athletes who run on paved trails. When kicking on a hard surface there is a great risk of damage to the joints. In the presence of flat feet in addition to sneakers with shock-absorbent soles should get special insoles soften the blow.
  • Start training with little physical activity, increase them gradually, carefully watching his health.
  • Preventing described the appearance of pain, you can not only make more comfortable your post-workout period, but also to improve the efficiency and safety of the classroom.

    Recommendations for training

    In addition, you should also pay attention to some non-obvious nuances of Jogging:

  • Contrary to popular belief, experts recommend to jog in the afternoon, arguing that in the morning much higher risk of injury because the body has not had time to Wake up.
  • If it turns out to provide training only in the morning, you should devote a lot of time warming up, doing exercises to warm up all the muscles and joints of the body.
  • If in the past you have had damage to the ligaments and joints, to prevent relapses it is best to put on the affected place by an elastic bandage, thereby securely fixing it.
  • Running on the street, it is best to choose a place overgrown with grass or the stadium, covered with a rubber coating. It will protect your joints against compressive impacts.
  • Be careful, running on the slopes. In a hurry, you can tuck the foot or damaging the heel.
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