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How to get rid of calluses from lifting?

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Weight lifting makes your palm stone, calluses cause discomfort, interfere with training. There are a few recommendations that will get rid of corns and prevent new ones.

Starting to work weight, people always notice the changes in your body. These changes can be pleasant, as the muscles gain and changes in metabolic processes, but may not be very pleasant, as calluses on the hands from lifting.

The skin on the hands in the same way, like muscles, she, too, had to adapt to the increased loads. Someone thinks hard rough palms a sign of strength and attractiveness, corn is associated with hard work and dedication, but for most people this results in discomfort in training and in everyday life. Working with weights, get rid of the calluses completely fail, but there are a few recommendations, compliance with which will make corn less rough.

Never use gloves

Of course, gloves can save you from occurrence of blisters, but too high a price. Gloves do not provide the desired level of grip and allow you to work with power equipment in the correct technique. If you are using gloves reduces the sensitivity, you lose the ability to control weight. It’s not the most sensible way to reduce the friction, instead it is better to use powder, but only in moderation so as not to leave a cloud of white dust.

Never cut corn

Tear corn is very easy, but it does not solve the problem, but only create new ones. If you tear a blister, then in its place formed a wound that will bleed. The wound is not healed instantly, so will have to train directly with her, skin tears and blood will bring a lot of discomfort and will be forced to weaken the grip, which is very dangerous.

The open wound can get infected, and then the workouts with weight in the hands will have to forget for a while.

In the hall you can meet people who admire the kind of bleeding blisters, but most people will not be happy to see someone else’s blood on the equipment for common use.

Smaghi the skin on the palms

To soften the corn will be much easier than to train for their appearance. To begin processing the hands should be warm baths, you need to dissolve in water enriched with magnesium salt and immerse the hands in the composition for 15-30 minutes. After soaking you need to handle hands with a loofah or the most delicate pumice, coarse pumice and too harsh scourers are not suitable, they will damage the surface of the skin. When the hands were removed excess skin, it is necessary to apply moisturizer, the most effective means with urea or ammonium lactate. This three-step treatment should be carried out as necessary when the calluses on his hands are beginning to bear discomfort. Use a moisturizer is needed after each shower, whilst maintaining skin hydration she gets too rough.

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