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How to gain weight, but not to get better?

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Many dream to be slim, before the other task is to gain weight. But to gain weight and recover are two different things, nobody wants to gain fat mass, muscle mass.

Many dream to be thin, for others it is the opposite, they need to gain weight. There are a number of reasons why people suffer from a lack of weight, most people tend to gain weight after an illness or prolonged malnutrition, abuse, bad habits, periods of stress. But to gain weight and recover are two different things, no one wants to grow fat mass, muscle mass. These recommendations will tell you how to gain weight, but not to get better.

Set goals

To achieve any important goal in life you need to set goals. What weight would you like to gain and in what time frame? Once you set a goal, you will understand how to manage their diet and lifestyle to achieve it.

There are at least four times a day

Meals is the main tool of management of weight. In order to gain weight you need to eat at least four times a day. Except during sleep, she must eat not less than once in four hours. To go without food for many hours – it’s a trap that’s easy to come across, especially if you’re distracted by work or other important things.

During fasting, the body loses its natural reserves, in the absence of body fat suffers muscular mass.
Include different useful products in one go

If you see a bowl of oatmeal with added bananas, quinoa, nuts and seeds then this dish seems tempting. Why don’t you try to create these dishes for his food? The combination of different healthy ingredients in one meal is the best way to gain weight. Your diet will be nutritious and fun.

Consume sufficient amounts of protein

protein is the key macronutrient needed in order to gain weight naturally. In order to build muscle, you need to get sufficient amount of protein per kilogram of body weight. Intake of protein is determined individually depending on the goals daily achieving that standard is the number one task.

Do not forget about carbohydrates and fats

Focusing on protein doesn’t mean that you can forget about the fats and carbohydrates. In healthy diet for weight 40% of calories should come from fats, 30% from carbohydrates. Fats and carbohydrates are sources of energy that muscles need lots of energy for growth.

Grind up food

A device that will help you eat more, it is a regular blender. The nutritional value of the crushed food is the same as unground, but in a smoothie or a cocktail you can eat much more. Replace for multiple meals on a plate shaker, and then you will begin to gain weight.

Don’t be afraid of the midnight snacking

For those seeking to lose weight, nighttime snacking is contraindicated, especially if they are dense. If weight does not need to start from time of day, only in a personal mode. You have to get food every four hours, it’s better – every three hours, so if you go to bed late enough, you should not indulge in midnight meals.

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