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How to gain muscle mass for ectomorph: nutrition and exercise

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How to gain muscle mass for ectomorph: nutrition and exercise

The contents

  • Features of addition and nutrition ectomorphs
  • Diet for fitness and muscle gain
  • A set of exercises for weight

The speed of muscle mass depends on many parameters of the person, including the client’s physique. Therefore, to gain sports swapped the pieces you need to organize your diet and fitness workouts, focusing on your somatotype. The first theory of the separation of people into three body type was suggested by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon in 1940.

The somatotype is characterized by the following differences:

  • Ectomorphy.

Skinny and fragile-looking people with a narrow chest and slightly muscled. Often be quite skinny and is not gaining weight regardless of amount eaten.

  • Mesomorphy.

Athletic, strong, muscular people, quite easily gaining weight.

  • Endomorphy.

Quickly gaining and muscle, and fat volume. It is usually difficult to get rid of excess weight.

Today we will talk about ectomorph, which can be easily recognized by the slender, fine-boned addition and long, lean limbs.

Features of addition and nutrition ectomorphs

The representatives of this type look fragile and devoid of the surround terrain. They are distinguished by narrow shoulders, small hips, Breasts and elongated rectangular silhouette. Ectomorphy pretty hard to build muscle tissue and is common in dancers and models.

Women with such body type are allocated scrawny boyish figure, while men look thin and wiry. Often such people seem to be too weak due to insufficient muscle mass. When trying to gain weight ectomorph forced to literally fight for every pound: and fat, and weight gain muskulaturnoy extremely reluctant.

Diet ectomorphs should not be low in calories because the lack of calories will lead to loss of muscle mass much faster than that of the other body types. So ectomorphs to get rid of localized fat deposits, if they appeared, better with a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercises.

And while many representatives of this type prefer to have a more muscular body, ectomorphic addition has its own significant advantages:

  • On a fragile body, even a small amount of muscle will look bold relief.
  • Accelerated metabolism allows not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the delicious food and, if necessary, to quickly burn excess fat.
  • Long limbs as if designed to perform the deadlift, doing these exercises is extremely effective.
  • With age, slim addition often goes into mesomorphic metabolic mode, allowing the individual to retain a youthful trim figure.
  • Diet for fitness and muscle gain

    Despite the frequent weight reduction, adult ectomorphy have high percentage of subcutaneous fat, therefore, often look quite loosely. It’s essential to take care of regular exercise and proper nutrition. And diet plays a key role in the recruitment of muscle volume.

    Optimal diet is determined individually, depending on sex, age, weight and physical activity. However, roughly the required caloric intake of an athlete can be determined by multiplying the weight in kilograms at 38-40. For example, a 60-pound athlete should consume 2280-2400 calories a day.

    Since calories are a source of energy, to build muscle you need to create a small surplus. This will supply the body with strength for physical exercise and building material for muscles. However, it should be done moderately because too much excess calories can easily go in body fat.

    Ectomorph should eat 6-8 times a day, every 2.5-3 hours. Meals need to be balanced in the following way: proteins 20-25% of total calories carbohydrates 50-60%, fats 20-25%. In compiling the diet should be taken into account that one gram of protein contains 4 kcal, one gram of carbohydrate — 4 kcal, while one gram of fat — 9 kcal.

    When this protein performs the basic function to build and restore muscle tissue. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for muscles, brain and body. And fats are necessary for extra energy, normalizing hormonal levels, protect the joints and good mood.

    These macronutrients recommended to of the following products:

    • proteins — lean meat and poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, low-fat dairy products;
    • carbohydrates — cereals, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, whole wheat bread and pasta;
    • fats — nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish, olive and Flaxseed oil.

    Active sports should Supplement their diet with quality supplements. If there is a desire to pamper yourself with sweets, you can include in the diet of chocolate, ice cream or biscuit, provided that they amount to no more than 15% of total calories consumed. Moreover, such best food to eat in the morning.

    If, despite all efforts, the problem with the weight gain persists, you should consult a doctor, except for possible medical reasons. In some diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, people are physically unable to gain weight.

    A set of exercises for weight

    This fitness program is designed for owners of ectomorphic build, with a medium level of fitness. Its duration is 10 weeks, the training duration is 60 minutes number of lessons per week — 4.

    Guidelines for performing fitness exercises:

    • warm-up — cardio-exercises, 5-10 min;
    • hitch — stretching of muscles and cardio;
    • scheme of the exercises is 2-1-2 sec;
    • the interval between sets to 2 minutes;
    • the interval between exercises, 3 min;
    • work with the press — Monday and Wednesday, or Wednesday and Friday.

    Weekly schedule as follows:

  • Monday. Working with the pectoral muscles and triceps — presses barbell and dumbbell system dumbbells, push-UPS on the bars.
  • Tuesday. Workout of back and biceps — deadlifts dumbbells, rowing thrust, raising the bar for the biceps, alternating flexion dumbbells.
  • Wednesday — rest.
  • Thursday. Work with the quads and back of thighs — squats, legs presses, dead lift, leg curl.
  • Friday. Study of the shoulders and calves of legs — presses barbells and dumbbells, lifting weights, lifting in socks.
  • Saturday and Sunday — rest.
  • Thus ectomorphy wishing to make her figure more athletic, able to successfully gain muscle mass. You should only care about proper nutrition, regular exercise and proper rest.

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