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How to force the body to constantly burn calories?

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In order to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you need to constantly burn calories. There are several easy ways to force your body to burn off the calories from morning to evening without training.

The only way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but not everyone has time to exercise. Someone just doesn’t like gyms, but everyone wants to stay slim. In order to burn calories without exercise, you need to constantly maintain your metabolism. Every action in your daily activity can become a way of burning calories. Follow these tips and you will force your body to burn calories all day.

Keep it cool

Residents of Northern latitudes rarely suffer from obesity. You can spend the calories the same as they are, this should only reduce the temperature in the room. When the body is cool, it spends energy in order to keep warm. The colder the environment the more calories expended to maintain the temperature.

More go

Walking is not perceived as exercise, but it’s one way to spend more calories. Many of us deliberately shorten the distance – choose the short way, parked the car closer to home or work, use elevators and escalators. If you aim to burn more calories then we must act on the contrary, there is more to go. Get out for walks at lunchtime, do not use the transport, if necessary distance can be overcome in 10-20 minutes on foot.

Put away the remotes

If you remove all remote controls, then you will have to frequently get up to operate the equipment. Many of us are caught in the childhood days, when to change a channel you had to walk to the TV. If you recreate these conditions, you’ll move more even while relaxing at home.

Don’t go near the sofa

Lying on the couch in a relaxed position, you don’t waste energy on activity. If you do not stretch out on the sofa, and sit on the floor, the body will spend calories to maintain the correct position.

Eat less but more often

The digestion process also takes a certain amount of energy. If you make the portions smaller, but more frequent, you will achieve the twin goals will begin to spend more energy on digestion and accelerate the metabolism.

Eating routine enhances energy expenditure, with a steady flow of calories the body will be more willing to spend it.
Walk during phone conversations

When talking on the phone, you can not only sit still, make it a habit with every phone call to get up and move. One of the main reasons why obesity progresses, is a sedentary lifestyle, talk on the phone lasts at least several minutes, do not miss this opportunity to move.

Eat spicy food

This is great news for lovers of curry, chili and other spices. Spicy food is one of the most natural ways to increase metabolism and burn calories. During the digestion of spicy food the body heats up, heart starts beating faster, these conditions facilitate the burning of energy.

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