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How to find time to exercise?

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How to find time to exercise?
The contents

  • Exercise and everyday life: travel Jogging
  • Home exercises, the side gadgets!
  • Start the morning with fitness
  • Active outings with your friends
  • A set of exercises at lunchtime
  • Select shells: a set of exercises with a ladder
  • Training with children

Often, exercise is not enough one — time. And like, everything is logical, the justification that is necessary. Today, however, we will examine the essence of arbitrary workouts, squeezed them even in the busiest schedule. Tricks for time management and resources, will allow more productive use of their time for the benefit of health and harmony.

How often people justify the most common “lazy” lifestyle lack of time? But the good news is there’s plenty of time. You just need to properly distribute it without missing passing opportunities, among them simple home exercises. Of course, it is difficult to arrange a full-fledged sports training, with a weekly schedule, to spoil rich kids, work, household, family and other half. But everything is possible. Fitness surrounds us everywhere, enough for a second to stop and look at.

The first thing to do is deep breath, take a breath and review some tricks that can optimize their own lives, setting it on a healthy active wave.

Exercise and everyday life: travel Jogging

Running is the universal exercise helps to tone muscles and cardiovascular system of the body. If theoretically to replace and move a small distance run, it is possible to quickly achieve stunning results. However, it is not very convenient from a practical point of view.

But some movement can still be replaced. For example, you can take a backpack and fit to after a workday to change clothes and jog home. If the place of work too far from home, it is possible to reach by public transport, to go a few stops early and run. Going out every day to stop earlier, you can increase the load by extending the distance. The owners of impressive weight and weak joints recommended walking for her and all will need appropriate shoes.

You can still do that, taking the child from a garden or school. Hardly baby, creating active by nature, will refuse to run with you? Here regular exercise have become a little closer. We are moving on.

Home exercises, the side gadgets!

After successful completion of the work of the task completed the next business, we often spend about half an hour for surfing the web and social networks. It is important to admit, every often this is a mistake. Phones, TVs and laptops are a distraction and time. So why not spend it on a simple set of exercises?

A half-hour workout with the right approach can give a full load on the whole body, paying off the daily need for further activity. Is to divide it into 3 series: cardio, strength training and stress on the press. It is important to start with a light warm-up, finish a short stretch.

Start the morning with fitness

How nice in the early morning, glancing at the clock, realize that you can have an hour or even more to lie in bed. But those minutes and hours will not bring long-term benefits. Where better to spend it on home exercises, such as doing morning exercises in the fresh air. This will help to saturate the tissues with oxygen, to Wake up as should all organs and systems, setting up the body for a long and productive work day. After all, still have to get up, so why not make it a little earlier?

For a greater probability of success to motivate yourself in the evening. For example, to set the alarm, download the list of suitable music to choose a set of exercises and sports uniform, leaving it in a conspicuous place as a reminder. You can also enlist the support of the other, starting to train together. Most likely, one of the two does overcome laziness and that will help the partner to embark on the path of health.

Active outings with your friends

Instead of constant gatherings in cafes, bars and cinema, you can find more exciting and useful course. Unlikely, of course, Saturday night will be the one to get friends for a jog around the stadium. However, to arrange sports competitions with prizes, a joint trip to the pool, roller skating, or trampoline Park is quite real. Exercise, perceived these activities to have a good enough load on the muscles of the body, strengthening them and improving overall endurance. Besides, it’s fun, because the body trains the mind rests in good company.

A set of exercises at lunchtime

Lunch — the most valuable and enjoyable time for workers. In these short 60 minute man tries to get everything from life most pleasant. Namely, calories and time spent in the Smoking room or playing mobile phone.

But you can do a lot more. For example, a simple ten-minute set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks. Sounds great, right? And Yes, it will fit into such a short time. Enough to put feet on width of shoulders, as if trying to sit on a makeshift chair to sit down 10-20 times resting on the heel, your knees must not go beyond the level of socks. As a progressive complexity of tasks, you can squat on each leg alternately, or pick up something heavy. After 3-4 weeks of regular “ten-minute” you can note the increase of elasticity of the buttocks.

Select shells: a set of exercises with a ladder

For the development of this simulator simply refuse to travel on the Elevator. If during the day to move through the steps, maybe spend a little more time, but in daily caloric consumption will include the activity.

Training with children

It is especially difficult to find time for yourself for those who have children. They require a lot of attention. There are a couple of ways to organize a workout for yourself:

  • to agree with your grandmother;
  • to encourage children to exercise.

Of course, we do not assume that mom would be forced to squat with a barbell three kids. However, you can go on a family walk to the Park, where everyone can go about their business, for health benefits. Children can peacefully play while the responsible parent is pushed from the bench, watching the crumbs, you can also take the rope and play together, remembering the barefoot childhood. Such joint training will not only strengthen the heart and muscular system, but also an emotional connection between family members.

And finally, the most important rule — you need to drop the excuses and make an active lifestyle a priority for themselves. Human life is in his hands, and he is free to do with it whatever he pleases. But why is a waste not to extend it and not to improve quality? As you can see, a simple complex, street, public, office or home exercises easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. Don’t neglect your own health, eat healthy food, look for sources of positive emotions and share them with others and life takes a new turn.

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