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How to exercise for weight loss?

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Any physical activity helps to spend calories, but not any exercise will help lose weight. If the goal of your training is to lose weight, you need to make several changes to training.

Any physical activity forces the body to spend calories, but not every exercise will help to lose weight. If the goal of your sport is to lose weight, you need to rebuild your training plan in a special way. These few adjustments will help to optimize sports under weight loss.

Quality workout

Usually need to do the warm-up is presented, as a rule, for security training. Warm-up and useful from the point of view of weight loss. The body starts to waste calories during the workout, while you do not get tired, as it is not subjected to heavy loads. After a workout the body is ready to workout, you can exercise longer and more efficiently, spend more calories.

Interval mode cardio

Interval cardio allows you to spend more calories than for uniform loads. For example, when using a treadmill, you need to accelerate and to run at maximum speed for 30 seconds, then slow down and the next 30 seconds jog. The same technique is applicable to stationary bike and elliptical. When the alternation rate heart rate will change the number of calories you burn will be much higher.

The emphasis on mnogocwetnye exercises

The equipment in the gym looks solid and very reliable, but most of them are designed for standalone work specific muscle groups. In order to lose weight, you need to involve more muscles, mnogocwetnye exercises will be preferable local.

The more muscles you involve in the exercise, the more calories will be spent, so for weight loss preferred exercises on the whole body.
Weight gain

The level of activity and calories burned depend on the weight equipment for strength training. In order to start the process of losing weight, you need to increase the usual weight for upper body 5-10% for lower body – 10-15%. Weight gain should occur in the process of adaptation of the body to stress, usually weight increase every week. The weight of the equipment should be able to do the exercise correctly, improper technique leads to injury.

Nutrition and drinking regime

In order to lose weight, need to eat more protein. protein is essential for muscle development, the muscle system is the main consumer of calories. Training cannot be conducted in the fasted state, the lack of nutrients will not allow to make training productive and spend a lot of energy. For weight loss important drinking regime, you need a lot to drink, especially in training. Water maintains the rate of metabolism and accelerates the excretion of waste products fat.

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