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How to equip a home gym?

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Creating a home gym is a costly idea, but over time it will pay off, will save time and money. What equipment you’ll need for your home gym?

The idea of creating a home gym may seem expensive, but it is quite profitable. In the early stages will require financial investments, but then you don’t have to pay for a subscription and spending time on the road. Access to the hall will have the whole family, this savings becomes even more pronounced. In order to equip the hall of the house, you don’t need to live in a mansion, the necessary equipment will not take up much space.


To train on the hard floor is uncomfortable. The choice of flooring depends on the size of free space. You can buy thick mats like in the gym, you can also restrict yoga mats. Yoga mats can be collapsed and removed, then they will not take place.

Free weights

Power fitness equipment ranges from 2 to 10 kg, the weight is selected according to your needs and goals. Different exercises with different weights, so the home gym you need to buy at least three different weights.

Equipment for resistance

Training resistance is not less effective than with the weights is the same weight training, and the equipment is quite compact. For home gym will fit trx and different bands, they can efficiently work out all the muscle groups and the small size allow you to take a simulator trip.


Will take up more room than everything listed above, but it’s worth it. The fitball will allow to conduct training in stabilization, they develop an inner small muscles. Exercises with fitball is used to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, buttocks and hamstrings.

Jump rope

Not everyone will be able to host a home treadmill or exercise bike, jump rope provides the same load to the cardiovascular system, and it is available for everyone.

Just 10 minutes of jumping rope burns up to 200 calories, in parallel with this exercise the arms, legs and torso muscles.
The horizontal bar

An ordinary horizontal bar can be useful many a stationary machine, it takes up almost no space, which is convenient for home gym. Exercises on the horizontal bar allow you to work out biceps, chest, shoulders, and back. Collapsible jungle gym is simple to assemble, hang it on your own.


A trifle, but it is very important for training. A stopwatch or timer is a convenient way of tracking how long you perform the exercises. Without a timer it is impossible to carry out interval training.


A nice addition, which room will become cozier. If you love to do video lessons, you need to select an area for placement of your TV or monitor. Unlike public hall and at home you can do with music without headphones.

The choice of equipment for home gym depends on your needs and capabilities, it is a necessary minimum that will afford each. With this set, you will be able to conduct training of various types – cardio, strength, interval, balance and stretching.

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