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How to eat potatoes to lose weight: says the nutritionist

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nutritionist: “the Carbohydrate in the carbohydrate — hatred. They come in different types and different caloric values, have different glycemic index and different effects on the body. For example, the caloric value of resistant starch is 1.5 calories in 1 g (while the caloric content of the most part of carbohydrates equals 4 calories for 1 g), so it is more “profitable” for those who want to eat healthy. And he is good in terms of effects on the body, as it is not digested in the small intestine and arrives intact in the fat, which acts as food for the microbiota, breaking down to short-chain fatty acids, which feed on bacteria. And thus displays the decay products of, and then is detox.

There are different types of resistant starch, they are food for the microbiota of the large intestine. Some have the original this type, some formed after processing and cooling, but all have the same value for the organism. Resistant starch in contrast to the usual useful and dieters, diabetics, and anyone who cares about their health and watching diet.

In fact, we are constantly eating resistant starch (but usually it happens without any control and purpose), because it contains whole oats, green bananas, cooled (!) potatoes, lentils, beans, corn. Ideally, each product should be well chilled (leave it after cooking overnight in the fridge). It has a good effect on the glycemic index, which is very important for those who are watching their health, wants to lose weight and wants to increase the amount of resistant starch. The value of the bananas can be identified by the color. What are they greener, the better! As soon as the color changes to the more familiar to us in yellow, the value of fruit decreases, the concentration of sugar and regular starch increases, the product ceases to be diet. To avoid this, you can eat green bananas!

Don’t be afraid to buy in the store is very green bananas. Of them can cook pancakes and fritters or simply store in the fridge without worrying that the fruits will spoil. In a green banana 9% of RK (resistant starch), and in ripe — only 1%, that is, the loss is very significant.

If you want to lose weight, eat two times a day, and foods with resistant starch. Breakfast cooked oatmeal (let it soak overnight and in the morning boil and cool it) with berries and nuts, for lunch cook the lentils with the salmon and vegetables. Following this simple rule, you will be able to easily throw up to 3 kg in 2 weeks. And if you look after their health and tend to hold the weight, then these meals should be three”.

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