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How to eat less and be full?

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This question of every person concerned with their weight as you eat less, but to be fed. In order to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake, but do not experience hunger.


Hunger is a serious obstacle on the path to weight loss, so all people are concerned with the question how to eat less but stay satisfied. This question is natural, to lose weight need to decrease calorie intake, but make it so that not to suffer from hunger.

The hunger pangs derive from psychological equilibrium and sooner or later are forced to break away from the diet.

These simple recommendations will help reduce caloric intake, but remain well-fed.

Additional food

If the appropriate diet lunch does not bring satiety, so it must be supplemented by something non-caloric, healthy and voluminous. For that fruits and vegetables with high water content, cabbage, cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, bell pepper. The use of such vegetables nourishes them body receives few calories, but lots of fullness.

Soup for lunch

Dinner is the mid day meal should leave you satisfied for several hours. The best choice for lunch will be the soup on low-fat broth or vegetable soups. Liquid meals fill the stomach and satisfy what you need for lunch.

A lot of sleep

In order to cheat hunger, need to sleep a lot. First, in a dream you don’t think about food, but it’s not the most important. Secondly, sleep is regulated by the balance between hormone hunger Gmelina and saturation hormone leptin. An imbalance in these hormones increases the hunger, for this reason lack of sleep triggers overeating and the excess weight.

Smart snacks

In order to lose weight, avoid hunger, and he usually comes in between meals. You don’t have to be very hungry before the main meal, so you need to use a smart snacks. Best products for a small snack is nuts, berries, seeds, and dried fruit, they are very nutritious, to saturate you need to eat a very small portion.

Drinking regime

The most natural medium for the saturation is the water to eat less, you need to drink more. If you drink at least seven glasses of water a day, three of which will be vybivatsya before main meals, the feeling of hunger during the day will disturb much less.

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