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How to drink water during and after fitness training

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How to drink water during and after fitness training

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  • Maintaining a proper drinking regimen in sports
  • The importance of drinking regime in exercise for fat loss weight
  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators of water for proper fitness

Newcomers to fitness are faced with many questions about sports, including with the subject of compliance with drinking regime. Many do not know whether it is possible to drink water during and after workouts, and do we really need this to achieve their goals. Therefore, this issue is to understand in detail.

Maintaining a proper drinking regimen in sports

It is known that the human body is on average 60% water, with muscle fibers contain her more than the rest of the fabric. So the lack of fluid intake quickly comes dehydration, which negatively affects all the internal organs and slows down important biological processes.

While fitness work is actively involved the whole body: accelerates blood circulation, increases the temperature of organs and tissues. This leads to the need to cool the body by loss of water through sweating. If it does not compensate for a deficiency of fluids, there is a strong thirst, which in any case cannot be ignored.

Water is so important for the body that lack only 2% of fluid in the body is significantly reduces human performance and the performance of his fitness workouts. In this case, the decrease in strength is about 20%, and aerobic endurance was 50%.

The importance of drinking regime in exercise for fat loss weight

Dehydration is particularly dangerous in that it becomes a cause of increasing blood viscosity and decreasing oxygenation of all organs and tissues of the body. While this negatively affects your overall health. If training is conducted with the purpose of weight loss, the wrong drinking regime will lead to the inhibition of the process of weight reduction.

The next threat factor is the lack of sufficient amount of water is increased load on the heart muscle, trying to pump viscous and thick blood via network of vessels and distribute it evenly on all cells.

If training is conducted with the purpose of recruitment of muscle mass, the consumption of fluid necessary for the normal absorption of protein and income to the muscles of amino acids. Shortage of water slows down these processes and, consequently, the growth of new muscle fibers. Therefore, the correct drinking regime — an essential condition for the formation of the relief of the body.

In addition, regardless of the purpose of fitness, in the process of active physical activity in the body accumulate various decomposition products, for example lactic acid, which becomes a cause of muscle pain and reduced performance. The water helps to eliminate all the waste substances.

Many beginners who want to lose weight mistakenly believe that the loss of water — essential to weight loss. Of course, in this case, the marks on scales a while will be good, however, weight loss due to the loss of fluid gives short-term and highly volatile effect. In addition, the body will try to compensate for these losses, causing the process of losing weight will only become more complicated. So you need to remember that healthy weight loss is getting rid of excess fat, not from water.

It is important to dispel another myth, which says that you cannot drink at least another couple of hours after finishing your workout. The fact that under water deficit the body will begin its maximum delay, preparing the stockpile — it provokes multiple swelling. Therefore, be sure to drink water after a heavy load. And generally try to avoid a situation when there is a strong thirst.

Quantitative and qualitative indicators of water for proper fitness

During exercise, correct drinking regime involves the use of about 100-200 ml of water in small SIPS every 15 minutes. When you do this, you need to drink just enough to quench your thirst and to avoid the overflow of the stomach. To fitness classes, you also need to use water. Experts advise to drink about 400 to 500 ml of pure water for a few hours before training and about 200-250 ml for half an hour before it started. After active exercise, you can drink as much as required for the body to make up for losses.

A versatile drink for quenching thirst is a normal clean drinking water without gas. Those who find it difficult to drink plain water, it may be advisable to add lemon juice or other fruits. This will not only get rid of lack of fluids, but additionally to nourish the body with vitamins and valuable trace elements. However, in order not to cause irritation of the stomach, the juice should not be abused: it is enough to add it to the amount of 50 ml to 300 ml of pure water.

As for sports drinks during intense training or power load for 45 minutes or more, you should choose isotonic — balanced and specially formulated drinks with vitamins and minerals. Particularly useful are those which contain sodium. In addition to compensation for loss of fluids during fitness training, they also saturate the body a variety of valuable substances that are lost with sweat.

And for those who want to lose weight is to buy those that contain l-carnitine, which accelerates fat burning. In addition, l-carnitine helps to remove decay products, improve stamina and well-being of the athlete. An important condition for the use of such drinks is to use them only in the days of active training.

You should also pay attention to the temperature of the liquid and in the presence of a tendency to colds, try to drink water only at room temperature. Of course, in summer it may be a bit cooler than in the cold period of the year.

Correct drinking regime does not involve the use of sweet carbonated drinks. Moreover, even sparkling mineral water it is better not to drink or pre-release of her gas. Also, do not replenish the loss of liquid due to the drinks with high sugar content: sweet juices, milk beverages, yoghurt. Because the body recognizes them as food, and part of the effort required for muscle regeneration, spends on the digestion of these products.

Despite the apparent evidence, is not superfluous to recall that alcoholic beverages can negate all the efforts in the sport. Therefore, their use should be abandoned completely.

If you want to tighten problem areas, gain muscle or to lose fat — you need to drink water. This is a must active fitness. Observe the correct drinking regime will make any workout easier, more active and more productive.

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