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How to “drain” yourself: 6 ways to get rid of excess water in the body

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1. Get salt

It is a kind of magnet for water, retarding it in the body. Especially a lot of salt in restaurant and prepared food. And be careful with sensitivity to salt, then it needs to reduce even more! Look at your fingers an hour after eating salty meals. If the steel ring to sit tightly and you feel an unpleasant burning sensation, then a lot of salt is not necessary.

2. Don’t play with the carbs

They also retain water. If you eat carbs and don’t use them as fuel, the body converts them into glycogen, which accumulates in the muscles and gives energy. About 1% of the weight of the person falls on glycogen, and each gram holds 2.7 grams of water.

3. Drink water

Due to this paradox from the body to withdraw the excess salt which retains water. In addition, when there is insufficient intake of fluids the body has to hold her inside. Nutritionists say that 500 ml of water before lunch and dinner help to effectively reduce weight.

4. Drink magnesium

On the first day of menstruation the body retains the maximum amount of water, and then it decreases. Supplementation of magnesium in the critical days (200 mg) helps to reduce the negative effect and associated symptoms like nausea and swelling.

5. And potassium!

The more potassium in the diet, the less salt is deposited in the kidneys and the lower the pressure and weight. Nutritionists recommended 4.7 g of potassium a day, but with ordinary food only comes half.

6. Walk

A half-hour walk burns up to one hundred calories and helps cells to get rid of excess water.

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