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How to download the press: a pull-up bar and exercises on it

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In order to quickly pump up the abdominal muscles and achieve six pack abs, you need to know that a lot of people really overestimate the importance of cardio workouts and some exercises to achieve relief. In order to swing a press, horizontal bar, roller, fit ball and other equipment will help you.

To quickly remove belly fat and to see the first drawn cubes in the first place, you need to follow a strict diet. If you practice without the observance of a certain diet and without reducing the portions that belly will not go away, and hence the press will not be visible.

It is important to note that the bench press does not require compliance with a certain number of calories per day and does not affect the reduction of body fat. So, getting rid of 200-400 calories during a training session at the press can easily be replenished with your next meal. So remember that to build muscle is possible only at observance of diets.

Why is it better to choose the horizontal bar

For a good pumping press exercise can not only on the floor but also on the bar.

This equipment is suitable for both men and women, and is more efficient through the implementation of a greater number of movements on it.

The horizontal bar can be found on any Playground, in the gym, at the stadium, you can also build it at home or buy at a cheap price.

To correctly and without injury to do the exercises, you need to follow some simple rules and exercise.

Rules of performance of exercises

The main rule of any exercise is to breathe correctly. The effort to do the exhale, while relaxing breath in. This also applies to exercises when you need to build muscle using the pull-up bar. You need to breathe correctly in order for the heart is not overworked and the muscles maximally loaded. If you do too intense exercise (for example, “bike”), it should be breathe in a different rhythm, without breaking it during the press.

To download the press need without jerks and twitching, not swinging. Try to practice as hard as you can feeling the muscles press. Not run for the number of repetitions. The implementation of a greater number of times in the wrong position and tension of those muscles to nothing lead. If you can’t raise the legs without rocking the body, ask a friend or companion hold you back. At the end of the exercise never jump off the monkey bars and go down with it slowly. Then the risk of injury is minimal.

When you exercise on the bar, it often happens that the athlete slide arms. In this case, you can buy special gloves or smear your hands with chalk. If you quickly tired hands, use special straps that wrap around timber, and pass the hand into the holes. Use the straps often: the hands also should be developed.

The warm up

To start take the set of exercises to warm up the whole body: swings arms up and sideways; rotating the brushes; warm up the shoulder joint; tilts to the side, back and forth to warm up the back; warm up the pelvic region; squats. Before performing the main workout hang on the bar as long as possible. Then relax and start bench press.

Basic exercises

There are a large number of exercises to develop all areas of the abdomen. There are classes for both beginners and experienced athletes. We have found the most easy and simple in technical terms, exercises. After reading them, you will learn how to build a press using the bar for a few months. Through such exercises, even the most immature beginner will feel great completing them. Crunches will help tighten the belly and rid it from the extra layers of fat after a few months of regular training. Again, that is the main condition for this – the observance of proper nutrition.

Alternate the following exercises several times, because each type is aimed at strengthening a particular area of the press, and the abdominal muscles recover very quickly.

  • Lift knees up. As possible raise your knees to your chest. This will strengthen mainly the lower abdominal muscles. Make a minimum of 15-20 repetitions. If you are a beginner, rest for 40 seconds and continue to the next exercise.
  • Lifts his knees up alternately. Raise first the right, then the left knee to your chest as high as possible. This exercise trains the oblique muscles of the press. Also do exercise a minimum of 15-20 times.
  • Bike. As in the previous set, raise first, left foot then right. Unlike the second exercise is to raise your knees you have no breaks, that is constantly. Raising his right leg and aiming it down, you can immediately start to raise the left. The exercise “Bicycle” have to do 25-30 times.
  • Frog. Favorite workout of Bruce Lee, which is lifting the bent knee as high as possible. Try to reach the neck. First, will be able to get to the chest, but do not despair, I will succeed. Perform the exercise until, until you feel as you start the furnace in the field of press (it stands out lactic acid when pumping the muscles), then very slowly lower the knees down. Elevate up to 20 times. It will be difficult, but you need to endure, because exercise is putting a strain on the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Twisting. Fold the legs together and hold them in the air, slowly moving left and right. During lowering the feet hold a press intense, especially at the bottom. A very good activity develops oblique abdominal muscles. Do it as long as possible.

It was only the first approach. After a few minutes and proceed to the second approach. In total, it is recommended to complete 3-4 such sets. In undertaking such training at the press several times a week, you will see how the abdomen is diminished, and the muscles tightened. After exercising for several weeks, increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

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