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How to download lower abs correctly

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To pump the lower part of the abdominals much harder than the top, for this you need special exercises. The lower part of the abdomen covered by a layer of fat that can be eliminated, a diet and doing weights and cardio workout. In this article You will learn what food should be and what programs need to adhere to the uniform rock press.


Rapid result depends on your diet. The diet must be balanced, for this You need:

  • To consult with a trainer or a nutritionist about your daily allowance of calories for Your body. If this is not possible, ask for help to special sites where it is possible to calculate the individual calories for You.
  • On the day you should drink plenty of water, to calculate the rate for Your body, use the formula. If You are a woman, multiply your weight in 31, and if the man on 35.
  • Keep an active lifestyle, as exercise will not be enough.
  • Eat fractionally, small portions (up to six times a day).
  • Include in your diet cereals, wholegrain bread, chicken meat (preferably boiled), pasta, oatmeal with honey, nuts and dried fruits. Refrain from fatty and fried foods, especially from fast food. Also, it is advisable to eat less cakes, chocolate, carbonated water.
  • Get rid of fat

    Probably You are not the first time I heard of such a thing as drying. It need athletes in order to pump the lower abs. In order to achieve the desired relief, You need to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories than You consume.

    Consider the following tips:

    • reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the intake of proteins in the body (always eat eggs, seafood, fish, cheese);
    • include in the diet are green vegetables;
    • do not make big breaks between food intake;
    • avoid sugar and bakery products;
    • drink for several hours before bedtime 200 ml of kefir or yogurt;
    • do the exercises in the emergency mode;
    • get a run or an active sport;
    • avoid drinking alcohol.

    Please note that this program is contraindicated for diabetics and people who have liver disease, stomach or pancreas.
    Classes at home

    How to build lower abs at home? Not harder than in the gym. Complete the following program for half an hour at least four times a week, and You will achieve the desired result.

  • Take a horizontal position, hands close together behind his head. Tighten the leg to itself so that his knees were touching my stomach and thighs slightly off the floor. Repeat 15 times, do three sets.
  • Lie on the floor, hands at sides. Pull your knees up to your chest, turn them first to the left then to the right. Repeat 15 times on each side, make two approaches.
  • Take a horizontal position, hands at sides. Without bending knees, raise them up perpendicular to the body
  • Take a horizontal position, slightly lift legs off the floor and start to move them crosswise. Follow the action 20 times, do three sets.
  • Lie on the floor. Simultaneously raise straight legs and upper body (try to touch hands to toes). Do the exercise slowly. Repeat 15 times, do three sets.
  • In advance, prepare yourself for what will initially be difficult.

    Efficient training in the gym?

    The same result You can achieve, regardless of the place of practice. The only downside to training at home is that not everyone can force yourself to work out regularly. The advantage of a gym is that You will be able to consult with specialists. In addition, coach time will show You the error of doing exercises.

    If You decide to work independently, exercise program, do not skip classes. Don’t forget about the importance of proper nutrition. Good luck!

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