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How to do the splits: the fitness complex for practicing at home

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How to do the splits: the fitness complex for practicing at home
The contents

  • Exercises for stretching
  • The nuances and peculiarities of fitness workouts
  • The advantages of longitudinal splits to health fitness enthusiasts

To sit on the splits much easier than the transverse, owing to the predisposition of the muscles of the hips and lower back to stretch in that direction. Without proper preparation and training, the splits, even with the support and insurance of the coach, can be not only painful, but also traumatic. When performing fitness workouts for stretching twine under the involved muscles and ligaments of the knees, lumbar and thigh muscles.

Exercises for stretching

Consider the exercise program that will allow in General to tighten the thigh muscles and waist, and then painlessly do the splits.

  • Stretching the legs “lying”.

Lie on your back, raise one leg and bend at a right angle, fixing its position on her back. Take the second leg, ankle or foot and pull over in the straightened position. In parallel, pull the foot, which plays the role of supporting, thereby stretching the muscles of the pelvis and hips. Lock the position for 1 minute, changing the reference and stretch the legs. Exercise helps stretch the back muscles of the thighs, giving them elasticity and flexibility.

  • Thrust with the seizure of foot.

One leg step forward and knee the second legs abut at the floor. The pelvis should be pushed down. Raise a foot, standing on knee and grab her hand. Try to keep the heel as close as possible to the buttocks and to transfer weight to the femur of the front legs, now to the leg, which was performed step, served as a reference. Hold this position for 1 minute, alternating legs. This exercise has a positive effect on stretching the inner muscles of the thighs, the particular upper section — this part of the body most often will resist the gradual stretching, so it is primarily important to tone.

  • Stretching sitting.

To start with, sit comfortably in the buttocks, legs outstretched in front of him. Of the foot pull, hips and knees should be kept together. His hands grasp the feet and socks, pull them over, performing a gradual slope with the lowered shoulders, and elongated neck. With this exercises well stretched the patellar tendon and psoas muscle.

  • Twine on weight.

Go to a low chair or sofa, place foot of one leg, lift down and with his back turned. The second leg should be smooth, try to sit in splits on “weight”. In this position spend one minute for each leg. This is the perfect exercise in the fitness exercise fans HLS with a good stretch and those who want to improve it, sitting on the splits.

  • The splits in the standing position.

Become close to the wall and push it one stop — it will serve as a reference. Then, focus on the hands, lifting the other leg up, trying to move it up the wall without lifting your feet. Hands “come” closer to the wall, trying tightly pressed against the wall of the pelvis. Fix the position with the maximum outstretched leg for 1 minute. This exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the upper part of the hip and hamstring muscles and tendons.

The nuances and peculiarities of fitness workouts

These simple fitness workout will help you complement your exercises comfortable exercises to stretch muscles and keep the body in good shape.

After their performance, try to sit on the splits. To do this, place one foot on the knee to lift the foot was pressed to the floor. Second leg slowly lift up to achieve the goal. At this point it is important to transfer weight to the hip of the supporting leg and try to keep the back straight.

The main thing in such exercises — do not rush and give the normalized load on the muscles, to feel his body and regularly engage in to achieve the goal. The overall condition of the muscles may depend on many factors — the overall tone the body, condition the cardiovascular system, the elasticity of the muscles, neurological characteristics of your body. Individual even the architecture of the muscular system. The Constitution of the body and particularly in the state of health can be a priority when choosing physical exercise program and fitness workout. So, naturally, splits people of low growth is much better, as the muscles of the pelvis and hips are in the clamped condition, and side splits to people of high growth. Also, do not attempt the splits without the support of hands is fraught with the strains or even torn ligaments. In the best case, you get the curve splits.

The difference curve from the normal twine in the position of the hips and knees. In the curve of longitudinal splits of the thigh is directed to the side and knees bent. If it turns out accidentally during fitness training, as a preliminary position in front of the right string is non-hazardous and means that your muscles just aren’t ready. But often such phenomena in fitness can be a cause various back problems.

The advantages of longitudinal splits to health fitness enthusiasts

The forward split is not just beautiful. This skill has a positive effect on human health, for example:

  • Increases the overall level of muscle tone, flexibility of joints and tendons. The forward split is part of the “aerobatics” for fans of a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Through this exercise, stretch the muscles of the hips and legs, increases flexibility and elasticity of tendons in the knee joints.
  • Improves blood circulation in the legs, in the tissues of the pelvis and lower back. Stretching muscles in the fitness training is a great way to optimize krovobraschenie in parallel muscles, the cross-destroying the structure and how would the “smoothing” of the fabric in the right directions. Normal antegrade and retrograde blood flow comes to normal level of hemoglobin. Blood vessels and muscle tissue will be located in parallel and do not interfere with the proper working of blood circulation. Overall, stretching to the ability to sit on the forward split will improve the connection of the heart with the vessels of the legs, which often suffer from a lack and blood flow disorders.
  • Stretching lumbar muscles promotes good posture. When training, including splits involved pouzdano-psoas muscle, which is also responsible for the tone of the back muscles and support the spine.This is especially important for those who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, which posutochno-psoas muscle is shortened, the “bending” of the back.

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