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How to do the splits from scratch: tips for proper stretching

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How to do the splits from scratch: tips for proper stretching

The contents

  • The basic rules of stretching
  • How to learn the splits in 10 days — effective exercises for training
  • Fitness-stretching for the splits from professionals

Twine is a recognized indicator of flexibility, grace and femininity. That is why many girls and women dream to master it. Even if you have never been able to do the splits, improve your stretching and successfully complete this exercise are able to virtually everyone. The main thing — to stock up on desire and persistence.

Below this valuable advice to those for whom the twine is part of their training of athletes and dancers. Performing the proposed fitness complex for beginners, can be fast enough to achieve the desired goal, and finally do the splits.

The basic rules of stretching

Unfortunately, many beginners in the development of stretch marks on the twine admit such mistakes, which sometimes lead to injuries and subsequently, require a lengthy recovery. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to adhere to the following professional advice.

  • Good to warm up the muscles.

Before stretching you should thoroughly stretch and warm up the entire musculature of the body, especially the lower limbs. This will prepare the muscles to intense stress, and will greatly relieve the soreness stretch marks, especially those who are not accustomed to such loads. The warm up should last 30-60 minutes, while in the home, you can use the jumping rope and leg swings in different directions. Ideally, if available, training with dumbbells or other weights that will not only warm up but also will help to pump up target areas muskulaturnoy.

  • To perform the exercises smoothly.

One of the common mistakes of beginners is stretching the splits with sudden movements. However, this method can only be used by experienced athletes under the guidance of their coaches. When mastering this exercise, you must move slowly and smoothly, concentrating fully on the sensations and to define your threshold for pain.

  • To maintain the correct body position.

Stretching for the splits is performed with a straight back and slightly raised head. You cannot stoop, trying to bow lower or touch the stop. During the development of the longitudinal splits much attention should be paid to the situation of the buttocks. To do this in a sitting position while raising the legs to ensure that they are arranged evenly relative to the housing.

  • To breathe correctly.

During exercise, the breath should be deep through the nose, and exhale slow through your mouth. This type of breathing will help to focus on the load and to shift the attention from stretching muscles. If pain is increasing, you should try to focus exclusively on the breath. With obvious discomfort the occupation should terminate and give the ligaments time to recover.

  • To relax the muscles.

Another common rookie mistake is stretching the splits with a strong muscle tension that increases the body’s resistance and can result in injury. Therefore, proper stretching requires the most relaxed muscles.

  • To monitor the position of the knees.

Bent the lower limb — a direct path to injury of the ligaments. So if the first exercise does not work to keep them smooth, you should use the help of a partner.

How to learn the splits in 10 days — effective exercises for training

To achieve the goals is quite real, especially for girls under the age of 25 years with good innate elasticity of the muscles. Older women this gymnastic element to master is quite real, it just might take a little more time.

Training fitness complex on the twine consists of several exercises.

  • Leg swings to the side.

To stand beside the chair, shoulders straighten. Hand to lean on the seat back, the working leg to deflect slightly to the side, toe pulling. To perform the swing leg forward, pause for 2-3 seconds, then the weight transfer to the limb side and then to stay static.

The number of repeats 15 times for each leg.

  • Leg swings back.

To take the chair, the working leg back. Lower back not to bend the limb to raise to 45-60 degrees.

The number of repeats 15 times for each leg.

  • Mahi ago, with the deflection of the lower back.

To stand beside the chair, bend at a right angle, holding hands behind the back. To dramatically perform max working leg back. The lower back should be slightly bend.

The number of repeats 15 times for each leg.

  • Steps in the split.

Stand up straight, straighten the back, lifting on tiptoes, hands diluted in hand. To make a small step forward with active stroke leg.

The number of repeats 10 times for each leg.

Fitness-stretching for the splits from professionals

This residence was designed by Anastasia Stashkevich, which successfully dances at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

  • “Butterfly”.

This basic fitness load well develops the ligaments and suitable for people with different physical abilities. To sit on a Mat, bend knees, feet together. Tighten the legs so that between them and the pubic bone turned out an equilateral triangle. Clasp the feet with the hands, elbows to press your knees to the floor. The belly stretches down to a small painful feeling, followed by a freeze for 30 seconds. Straighten your back and make the swing bent legs, repeating the work of the butterfly wings. Again press your knees to the floor for 60 seconds.

  • The foot lifts from a lying position.

Is working fine the back surface of the hips. Lie down on Mat, extend the working leg straight up. Grasp the foot with tape or rope, to pull as close to your chest and stand still for 30 seconds. To return to the start position and after a pause of 15 seconds to do this exercise with a delay of 60 seconds. To change feet. Both the limb must be straight and the toe of the working leg is directed at yourself.

  • Pulling his feet from a position lying on its side.

Used for pumping and stretching inner thighs. Is similar to the previous exercise, but from the initial position lying on your side.

  • The slopes to the feet.

Sit on the Mat, pushing her legs apart and pulling the socks on myself. Down the body on one leg and stay for 30 seconds. To make an item 3 times and change legs.

  • A “fold”.

To sit on a Mat, touch his feet and lean torso to the hips, trying to touch toes. Stop for 15 seconds, feel the muscle tension. To carry out 3 times.

This set of exercises you need to perform through the day. Stretching significantly improved, which will allow you to sit on twine. You should not just forget about a good workout and regularity of classes — only in this case the result will not keep itself waiting.

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