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How to do the splits at home: the best exercises

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Many girls want to possess my body, possess ideal stretching and coordination movements. To improve plasticity can be yourself at any age. In this article we will look at how to do the splits at home.

A set of exercises

This program is suitable for beginners and people who previously played sports. Set of exercises are gentle, therefore You don’t have to worry about security. The program gives tone to all the bundles that accelerates the process of stretching. This workout has a positive effect on blood circulation, improves the work gastrointestinal tract, corrects posture. In addition, with the help of stretching You can get rid of excess fat and cope with varicose veins. It is a good way to prevent muscle damage.

It is recommended to train at least three times a week.

Perform each exercise for six minutes on each leg, don’t forget to stay for a few seconds in position of stretching.

Why start training?

To do the splits from scratch at home, you need to efficiently warm up the muscles. To do this, you can do the usual exercises in the form of running, squats, lunges and leg swings.

The first exercise

First, you need to pay attention to the muscles back of the thigh. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Grab a gym Mat and get on your knees (keep your posture straight, arms at the sides).
  • Pull one leg forward so that only the heel in contact with the floor.
  • Pull the sock over, to feel tension in the calf muscle.
  • Make a tilt forward to touch his forehead to the feet.
  • Check that the position of the rear legs has not changed.

The second exercise

To quickly do the splits at home you need to properly learn how to stretch your front thighs. To do this, follow these steps:

  • take initial position, as in the first exercise;
  • press your palms into the floor, sit so that your heels touch the buttocks;
  • make a lunge to stop the front foot, toe and knee of the back leg in contact with the floor;
  • feel the tension in the muscles, hold this position for 10 seconds.

The third exercise

Now you need to move on to more progressive training. If You are interested in how to do the splits at home, then this will help to exercise, which many did in high school. For this You need:

  • to adopt a pose of “Lotus” (in the sitting position and try to connect the feet so that the knees look to the side, and feet the maximum contact with the floor);
  • keep your posture straight;
  • without lifting a bent leg off the floor, pulling the second to the side and closer to her.

The fourth exercise

Now You need to exert more effort each time to increase the load. You will need:

  • make the sitting position without bending your back;
  • spread the legs apart, controlling that they were bent at the knees;
  • lean on hands;
  • stretch both hands to the toe of the right leg, repeat this movement to the left and then forward.

Please note that when you pull the hands in front of you, You need to try to touch chest to the floor.

The fifth exercise

Another exercise from “How to learn to do the splits at home” – polespechat on the back. To run it, You need to:

  • take a laying position, feet on the sides;
  • bend your left leg at the knee, well push it to the floor;
  • two hands raise the right leg up and, without bending, pull her to him.

Ensure that the pelvis was fixed in one position.


Please note that if You are a beginner then practice every day is not necessary. To avoid errors, please observe the following rules:

  • do the exercises symmetrically, if one foot turns out worse than stretch, then do more loads;
  • if you feel pain – not terrible, try to endure at least 15 seconds. If to withstand difficult – reduce load.

As you can see, learning how to do the splits at home is not difficult. The main thing – to perform five effective exercises correctly and regularly. Remember that it is important to put a goal and strive for it. Good luck!

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