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How to do the bench press right?

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A huge number of people, during the first training in the gym, trying to figure out how to do the bench press correctly. Someone asks the coach, someone watches a video on the Internet and someone is trying to learn all the basics yourself. In this article we will discuss the principle of this exercise.

The correctness of the implementation

This exercise best suited to athletes who wish to develop the chest muscles and increase the mass of the whole body. It further involves the front Delta, triceps and latissimus dorsi

We consider several classic variants of presses of the bar lying against his chest. Such techniques are basic and allow athletes to efficiently work out the thoracic.

When you perform the classic bench press on the horizontal bench, make yourself comfortable on the simulator. The start of an exercise should determine the grip. The classic version of the hands placed at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other. The blades connect together, tightly pressed them to the plane of the bench. The legs play the role of support, so put them at shoulder width. Spread your feet slightly to the sides for better fixation. Case try to keep busy. Carefully remove the bar from the racks before the start of the approach, it should be at eye level. Lower the weight on the middle part of the chest, then raise and lock at eye level. Elbows should be in a natural position, not vegimite them to the sides and do not press to the body. Keep the wrists tense and control the projectile.

To isolate the muscles of the triceps while lifting weights, unbend elbows until the end.

This will give the opportunity to load the thoracic spine and remove load from stabilizer.

Other techniques

Grip when you bench press has several varieties. It’s average, it is the basis for many exercises. To shift the load on the internal or external part of the thorax, it is recommended to narrow and expand the grip, respectively. Don’t forget that you can do presses reverse grip.

The bench press simplified

If we Flex the upper back, reduce the range of motion of the rod. Putting the chest forward, keep blades, legs the maximum rest on the floor. The bench press with this technique is found in powerlifting, which allows to increase the working weight when performing this exercise.

To remove the load off your back and efficiently to work out the chest muscles in an isolated manner, raise legs up or put them on the bench. Good results showed the athletes who performed the bench press at maximum amplitude. Exercise suitable for people with back problems, as there is even load distribution on the buttocks, the area of the shoulder blades and the nape of the neck.

The technique of using the bench

Now let’s find out how to do the bench press on the bench at an angle. This option differs from the classical only in the tilt of the projectile. This technique will move the load on the upper chest and front of the Delta. Exercise bench clip at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Take the shell wide or medium grip. The greater the angle, the wider the grip of his hands on the bar. When setting hand medium grip, trying to reach the maximum amplitude. A wide grip allows to reduce the amplitude and increase the kerb weight. Make a small bend in the back and lignite chest. Keep before the approach of the blade was flattened and tightly lay up plane simulator. Press strain, feet fixed on the floor. Check that your heels do not lift off the floor surface while performing presses. On the inhale try to lower the bar a bit below the collarbones. For some time longer at the bottom. On the exhale, completely straight arms, bring the bar to the starting position. This is a good exercise for those people who want to efficiently explore the upper part of the breast to give shape and relief.

Plugging in your everyday exercise the bench press the head down on an exercise bench with free weights, you will be able to significantly increase the mass and volume of the thoracic muscles. Rare use of this technique is due to the high possibility of damage to the joints. Before you do this exercise, take care of the insurance. Ask your coach to watch you and hold the rod, if necessary. You should set the bench at an angle of 20-45 degrees to lie upside down. Legs hook for special cushions, hand position on the neck shoulder width apart. Remove the bar from the racks and achieve a stable position of the whole body. Breathing in, slowly lower the barbell to the area of the solar plexus. Exercise at a slow pace will allow you to achieve maximum results. On the exhale, return the rod to its original position. In any case, keep your head off the bench and watch for a steady position of the whole body.

Machinery “Guillotine” and “Smith”

One of the most effective techniques of interest even for experienced athletes, is a bench press-style “Guillotine.” The feature that distinguishes this exercise from others is that the bar slowly drops to his chest and Adam’s Apple. Do not let the bar touch the throat, try to hold the rod at a distance of several centimeters from the neck. Breathing out, return the rod to its original position. This exercise works the maximum upper breast and loads the front portion of the deltas. Be careful, this technique is very dangerous for beginners, so I will ask you to insure.

Another great technique for bench press – using Smith machine. This machine controls the range of motion that allows to concentrate all the load on the thoracic muscles.

Massive relief and chest – the dream of every athlete. The bench press is the best exercise for the chest, but his technique must be perfect. Only in this case you will achieve the desired result.

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