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How to do street fitness classes safe in the heat

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How to do street fitness classes safe in the heat

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  • What time to take fitness classes in the heat
  • What physical activity is suitable for summer
  • What else to consider when exercising in the heat

Summer is the perfect time for fitness on the street. But on the hottest days, even when there is motivation not every athlete is ready to train in the fresh air. To cancel a scheduled lesson, or transfer it into a fitness room, an apartment with air conditioning is optional. Execute the selected complex of exercises not in the room and in the days when the window melted asphalt. It is important to observe safety rules, constantly monitor their well-being and not to forget about drinking regime.

What time to take fitness classes in the heat

In hot weather will have to rebuild the training schedule. In order to exercise benefited, you need to do on the street not in the most Sunny hours. Jogging or stretching, yoga in the Park is best in the early morning before 10.00 or after 19.00. It is necessary to organize fitness classes than on open ground and in the shade of trees, buildings, under an awning, on the waterfront or on the lake, etc.

In the hottest days of summer fitness in the street dangerous risk for heat stroke or dehydration. So for sports in the summer, you must carefully choose your equipment. To go to the gym, and generally outside when the temperature outside is above 30 degrees, it is necessary in a bright headdress. The neck and hands are better to hide under clothing, it is possible to use a light jacket with long sleeves. All clothes should be made from lightweight, absorbent sweat and breathable fabrics. Shoes also need to choose lightweight, mesh materials, as open.

To avoid dehydration during exercise you need to drink more clean water. Fear of swelling is not necessary. The fluid not only helps replenish the loss of moisture, minerals, electrolytes. It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the body. To drink water in the amount of 400-500 ml should be before training session. When you exercise outdoors, you can slowly drink the liquid in order not to feel discomfort, thirst. It is sufficient to consume only 150 ml of water every 15-20 minutes. To compensate for the fluid loss should and after class.

In the heat it is wise to break long workouts to short. Reducing the duration of employment, but increasing their frequency, you can maintain good form. So you should not run 3 times a week for half an hour, and 5 times for 30-40 minutes. Training in any kind of fitness on the street shall not exceed in duration more than an hour.

What physical activity is suitable for summer

Not every type of fitness designed for the hot summer. Quit a workout with dumbbells or weights on the street not necessary, but for normal wellbeing it is important to avoid high-intensity training. This physical exercise is poorly tolerated at high temperatures even in air conditioned room of the gym. High-intensity strength training, you must replace low-intensity. Depending on health, it will be possible to reduce the number of repetitions and weight, but doing exercise with a large number of approaches.

The summer months are ideal for swimming. You can try Aqua aerobics and other water workouts to keep your body in shape. For hot weather is also ideal for yoga, stretching and any other areas related to the development of flexibility. They tolerated more comfortable than strength training. Plus, perform stretching exercises in the warm months is easier — when the air temperature is high the body’s muscles more responsive.

Often you can find recommendations for refusal from running in the heat. Adhere to these tips not necessarily. It is important to take into account the General rules of training in the summer to avoid prolonged stay in the sun. The best option is to jog in the early morning when the air is still fresh. And be sure to monitor your health while driving. With the appearance of nausea, weakness or dizziness you should go on a step, and then stop in the shade.

To the normalization of weather conditions is to postpone Zumba, kickboxing, Cycling or jumping rope, intense sessions with a cardio equipment. Any load capable of overloading the heart and blood vessels should be decreased. In order not to lose fitness in the summer you can increase the amount of training in the days when the heat subsides, comes the long-awaited rain.

What else to consider when exercising in the heat

Heat, many people lose their appetite, so outdoor fitness in the summer will contribute to weight loss. In order not to deprive the body of nutrients in the presence of physical activity, you can review and diet. To close protein-carbohydrate window after a workout suitable carbohydrate, protein-carbohydrate cocktails. Should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, lean fish. For those who support or increasing mass, discovery will become heavy and dolgoderevenskaya products. It’s lean meats, unprocessed grains, cereals.

To abandon the gym on the street is only necessary if there are serious contraindications. Heat is coronary artery disease, hypertension, arrhythmias. At high solar activity the heart rate invariably increases. In order to avoid ailments in hot weather it is better to limit the load. The exception is that workout in the gym with air conditioning. However, it is not worth the risk and exercise self-control from the coach is needed.

As in any other time of the year, in the summer we should not forget about the warm-up before training. It will help to prepare the muscles to the load, with the result that self-employment will be transferred easier. Quality warm-up will protect the athlete from injury, will set up a working mood. When the window is +30, you can warm up in just 3 minutes. In the days when the muscles warm, they don’t need long warm-up. To complete exercises you need so-called hitch, a complex stretching. Not be amiss and a cool shower after fitness street.

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