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How to do lunges?

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If you’re in the gym without a coach, you can be sure of the correctness of the attacks, but it will not be so. Performing lunges, beginners and people with experience make the same mistakes.

Lessons are always productive, it’s not that the coach will not relax, it will adjust the technique of the exercise. From the lunge exercise looks simple, but its execution mistakes as beginners and people with experience. Incorrect position of the body when attacks contributes to the incorrect distribution of load, the muscles are not working as they should. These tips will help to avoid mistakes and start doing the lunges correctly.

The position of the hips

Incorrect positioning of the thighs spoils technique exercises, causes discomfort and does not allow the muscles to develop under the impact of the attacks. Before you bend the front leg and seat, you need to make sure that her foot tightly adheres steadily to the floor. In the position of lunge thigh exposed forward leg should be parallel to the floor, and the second leg must be retracted, the leg below the knee is a direct continuation of the thigh.

That something is

The shoulders and ears should be placed at the same height relative to the floor, this ensures correct head position when performing lunges. Knee derived forward leg should be directly above the center of the foot and that foot, if you accept the position correctly, the angle in the knee joint will become straight. It is impossible to perform the lunges with a weight full confidence in the perfect technique. Having completed the exercise with the weight of his own body and checking himself in the reflection in the mirror, you can add a load of attacks suitable medicine balls, dumbbells or a barbell.

Care for the knees

For many beginners in the gym performing lunges is complicated due to the lack of flexibility of the knee or thigh muscles.

Improper load distribution of the knee joints will be very easy to injure.

For safety execution of the attacks before training must be present articular warm-up, learn to do lunges need in the simulator Smith. The Smith machine will teach you how to do lunges safely and effectively, the space is designed in such a way that the derived forward leg when bent will always form a right angle.

How low to squat?

Another mistake is that the attacks are not deep enough. Depth implementation of the attack depends on the variety, the lower the lunge, the more muscle load, but the load on the joints will also become higher. Often beginners are making too big a step to start the activity, the foot is exposed too far, making it difficult to do a low lunge. It is important to do not only direct but also reverse lunges, they give an idea of the proper technique and depth of lunge.

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