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How to do fitness at home: expert advice

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How to do fitness at home: expert advice
The contents

  • The advantages of fitness workouts at home
  • Head start: how to find motivation?
  • You need to exercise at home?
  • The use of online training for leading a healthy lifestyle
  • The rules of weight loss

Among the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, there are many who wish to increase their physical activity, but the opportunity to engage in the fitness club is not at all. Someone this is simply not enough time, and someone is in material. However, nothing prevents to start to train at home, but here, there are many questions to answer which ready experts.

The advantages of fitness workouts at home

To train at home more convenient, comfortable and pleasant from all sides. Many are ashamed of their body and bad physical shape, but at home no one sees the fat folds on the abdomen, and flowing copiously sweat. Again, there is a significant cost savings, because of the need to buy a subscription to a fitness club is not, nor need to spend money on the way there and back. In addition, the classroom, the athlete defines himself, which frees him from the need to adapt the training schedule in the gym.

All that a person needs to practice is his home — the carpet on the floor instead of carpet, nice music and the usual home clothes. You can even combine business with pleasure, watching an interesting TV show or taking a leisurely conversation with someone from the household. On all sides only the pros, although there are also disadvantages. The absence of the coach and equipment may impose its mark on the quality of training, although, if desired, and these obstacles could be overcome.

Head start: how to find motivation?

It is in the group team members are pushing each other, and the coach does not relax, and the house is no force will not do it. For people with a weak self-organization, this can become a problem. Someone again complains about the lack of time, some fatigue, and someone hard to adjust the training schedule under the diet. In the opinion of a practitioner-instructor fitness-aerobic Alexey Vasilenko, at the right time, occasion and the right mood to wait an incredibly long time, but did not wait. No need to think where to start, you just have to take and to do.

If you force yourself to get up off the couch not so easy, you should look for the appropriate motivation. For someone a good incentive could be own reflection in the mirror, and someone needs something more substantial, such as talk with your doctor or cardiologist. Teacher at jivamukti yoga Anna Lunegova advice is simply to prioritize and understand what you want more — to complain about life and health, or to enjoy every day and receiving from him only joy. Radeyuschie for a healthy lifestyle and who want to improve their quality of life and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in motion.

You need to exercise at home?

In fact, at first no special skills and devices the athlete is not required. To begin with you should include in your workout routine basic exercises — squats, lunges, pushups, swings, twisting and jumping, if necessary, tripping in the walls and chairs. The easiest way of increasing physical activity — implementation of morning exercises. Fifteen to thirty minute movements in different muscle groups you will have enough time to feel awake and full of energy, allow the muscles to tone and enhance the mood.

Engage in fitness through the day and when you are addicted, you can think about increasing the effectiveness of training and the acquisition of any shells. Though at desire it is possible to replace with improvised means. For example, make weights from plastic bottles and sand, and instead of a roller press to use the rolling pin with rotating handles. However, the price of some shells is not a major obstacle to their purchase, but the benefits they can bring are huge and significantly improve the quality of training. Among the popular athletes of inventory, you can allocate the hula Hoop, exercise ball, dumbbells, expanders, TRX. They are easy to organize effective training and to obtain the load, is able to burn excess fat and strengthen muscles.

The use of online training for leading a healthy lifestyle

To lead a healthy lifestyle and to study independently is not so easy if you do not have even elementary and basic knowledge regarding the duration of training, exercise technique, correct breathing, etc. If you know your body, assess the physical abilities and understand what you want to, you can train independently. This also applies to those who have once engaged in fitness in the gym or somewhere else. But those who does not know where to start, how to do approaches and repetitions of one exercise, do not be amiss to contact your tutor-a professional working in online mode.

Of course, their services are also not free, but if a material issue is particularly acute, you can pay for a couple classes, and then train on their own. In addition, on the Internet you can find many instructional videos that will help to understand all subtleties and to answer the most burning questions. You can pre-read reviews about a particular coach, the training program and to obtain from it the maximum pleasure, not injury.

The rules of weight loss

However, few know how to properly perform certain exercises, you also need to understand what end result you want to achieve. Some workouts it is impossible to significantly reduce weight without correct nutrition, it is impossible to correct shape only in one certain place, for example, the buttocks. Sports coupled with a proper diet forms a beautiful relief of the whole body, corrects posture, improves the proportions. However, this process is lengthy and time consuming. If a person starts training with the extra weight, its class must include not only force, but also through cardio.

However, you must remember that they constitute a significant load on the cardiovascular system, so before class is not superfluous to consult with your doctor. Best cardio machine adapted for the home environment is a skipping rope and strength exercises you can perform with their own weight. Do three sets of 5 — 10 repetitions, gradually increasing their number and increasing their load. As you can see, fitness can be at home, if you approach it wisely and carefully prepared, thinking through a training program and really assess their capabilities.

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