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How to do easy gymnastics for beginners?

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Activities need to be addressed at any age, then there is different exercises. The basis of Chi – this is the school systems to make the 5-6 years. Let’s look at how simple the program can be done for beginners and I suggest the coach.

The sport is born of a healthy body. Even simple gymnastic exercises for beginners will make the muscles toned. It is important to overcome laziness and start training. If it is morning exercise, then you need to Wake up, do treatments, drink a glass of water, and then you can proceed to the lesson.

The training atmosphere created by the music, clothing, tools, furnishings. If to do at home, the place must be free from corners, furniture and valuables. The room has enough space and has access to fresh air.

Advantages of training

Those gymnastics classes are held at home and in the gym. The only difference is that in the first case, the person is under video tutorials or doing exercises based on pictures. And the second – under the supervision of a coach. Both options are good for the body and should not think that without the help of the result.

Any physical activity affect the appearance of the body:

  • Improves the relief muscle.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Mobility.
  • The endurance of the body.
  • weight loss.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Improves the functioning of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Exercises are divided into General education, toniziruyut, athletic, Wellness. Each has its own impact on the body and improves it. For beginners there are different exercises that get repeated every day. With the development of muscles and endurance movements become more complex and added burden.

Physiotherapy is assigned only to the doctor. Unauthorized dealing with it is not recommended.

Depending on the sore spot chosen gymnastic exercises for beginners.

For the athletic type person needed sports equipment. Weights are dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, weight machines. Toned the music, exercises without breaks and a certain pace. The most popular is considered comprehensive exercises.

Universal movement

Even light training affect all organs and systems. They apply to any sporting activity. Suitable for both children and adults. To perform these exercises do not need special preparation. There are packages for beginners and professionals.

Exercises you can do with shells and without. Sometimes in the same complex we have combined different types of movements. Exercises for gymnastics:

  • One foot in front of the other. Do lunges forward first with the first, then the second. Legs bend at the knees to form a 90-degree angle. At first you can hold onto a wall or chair, put her legs wide. With time to add dumbbells. Repeat 10 times on each leg.
  • Squats to the side, legs set wide apart, the weight is transferred to one side and do a squat. In the muscles should be burning and tension. Do 10 times.
  • Hands on the back of the chair back and feet flat. Stand on tiptoes, make the right limb forward and draw an imaginary circle. Repeat with the other leg. First round draw of itself, and then to himself. In each direction and both legs to do 10 times. This exercise from gymnastics for beginners develops coordination and balance.
  • Tilts for waist – stand straight, one hand on her hip while the other climbs and leads the body towards. Muscles are stretched and tense. To do 15 tilts.
  • Pushups for beginners is a lightweight version of the exercise with the knees. Fall is also possible first to complete the bending of the arms, and to the best effect. The main thing to keep the body in good shape to the stomach and butt were involved. Can be wrung from a wall or sofa, and only then from the floor. Beginners repeat 5 times.
  • Chest and arms – you need to take a stick or a MOP. Hands positioned wide to comfortably straighten them. Stretch the limbs and shoulders, with an effort to bend and push the shell to the top of the chest. The tension arms return to level position and again bent under the bottom chest area. Repeat 10 times up and down.

Morning workout

Gymnastic exercises are good to do in the morning. To warm the body and awaken. Before each class, need a little warm up and then stretching. In the morning you can do these exercises:

  • Jogging in place 5 minutes.
  • Stretching – arms in the castle raised above the head, stretch up, back straight, you can become socks. Do 3-4 sets of 10-15 seconds.
  • Rifts – feet shoulder width apart, inhale be on his toes, on the exhale – on the heels of. Repeat 20-25 times.
  • Rotation – head, hands, elbows, shoulders, hands, feet, knees, legs, torso, pelvis. Every part of the body to work out 10 times.
  • “Kitty” – to 4 limbs. On the inhale the head bends and back bends. Hold this position for 8 account. Then bend in the opposite direction to the deflection. Too good to resist. Repeat 10 times.
  • Pushups – to do with the knees or a classic option. 5-10.
  • Stretching – bending to the side, to sit on my lap and bend over, stretch arms in front, stretch the legs.

Along with gymnastics and exercises it is important to keep drinking regime. You need to replenish the water balance, to avoid dehydration. The liquid is also improves metabolism.

Tips for beginners

Exercises you can easily do at home if you know where to start. Beginners in the sport the coach give the following advice:

  • Regular workout 2-4 times a week.
  • Duration – 30 minutes.
  • 40 minutes before class.
  • Doing warm-up and stretching.

Because after school is always done stretching, it is also necessary to do correctly:

  • Exercises are not done smoothly.
  • Muscles do not stretch before strength training.
  • First, work on large groups, then over the small.
  • Breathing is not delayed in the execution of movements.
  • Each exercise should be delayed for at least 20-30 seconds.

If the person is doing gymnastics in the morning, you do not need to quickly get out of bed. It is advisable to do a couple of breathing exercises, self-massage. Need to fully Wake up.

People with different diseases should consult the doctor if exercises at home was not harmful and had no exacerbations. You need to follow the rhythm of the movements. Monitor the pulse and breathing. If shortness of breath or discomfort, it is recommended to reduce the load.

Before exercise you need to choose clothes. Suitable for sports suits of cotton fabric. Pants and shirt are spacious for free movement. You can choose tights. For training at home need not slippery socks, and sneakers.

To Supplement the classes allowed walks or Jogging. A major reason for the cancellation of the exercises will be illness or high fever. Other reasons are unacceptable.

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