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How to do donkey raises on the machine?

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Calf muscles are utilized every day. They participate in walking, running, climbing stairs. But the fat layer is there. So they need to pump. Let’s look at effective exercise lifting on socks in the simulator.

The position of the feet in the work

Lifting on socks in the simulator is an effective basic exercise for pumping the calf muscles. It will perform in 4 formats:

  • On two legs.
  • One.
  • In the slope.
  • Sitting.

The movement was effective athlete you need to follow the feet. Load distribution affects certain muscle fibers. When lifting on socks standing feet smooth. Then focus on the calves, and the soleus muscle does not wobble. Format sitting opposite. So you need to train in all types.

Before starting this exercise you need to squeeze the socks to the platform or stand. The placement of the feet associated with different parts of the gastrocnemius muscle:

  • Detailed socks affect the internal pumping beam.
  • When reduced – utilized external departments.
  • In a parallel arrangement, the load is distributed evenly.

Beginners are recommended the last option. With the development of endurance, you can try other formats.

Range of motion athletes choose. If there is pain and discomfort when stretching the muscle, the intensity should be reduced. Otherwise there will be injuries.


During a study of calf division are utilized and stabilizing muscles. These include fiber, straightening the spine, back, abdominal panel, medium and small gluteal, quadriceps.

A positive result will be subject to the rules:

  • Become a trainer and substitute the shoulders of the base cushions.
  • Heel hanging off the platform.
  • Toes slightly apart or parallel.
  • Heel, pelvis and shoulders in the same plane.
  • Straighten the ankle, descend until you see the tension in the calf muscles.
  • Is a deep breath and rise on socks.
  • In the maximum point of fixation.
  • You put your feet.

Beginners often make the same mistakes. So coach brought a few tips:

  • Need to adjust simulator.
  • Avoid extreme flexion and extension of the knee.
  • Most involved the back of the leg. The finger muscles relax.
  • At the low point recorded for the development of Achilles tendon and ankle joint. For calf muscles it is not necessary.
  • All parts of the body should be stretched, and the legs smooth. All joints except the ankle, motionless.
  • Knees do not bend.
  • Bounce is not necessary. UPS and downs smooth.


To make rises on socks sitting in the simulator you need to:

  • Sit on the seat, put your feet on the platform. Socks rested in a support, and the heel hanging down.
  • Back straight against the cushion.
  • Hands holding the handrails.
  • On the inhale, rise your heels and fall on the exhale. At the bottom there are no delays.

Toe raise on the simulator Smith

The work on the machine eliminates the muscles-stabilizers, participating in training with free weights. Its advantage is that you can fix the position of the rod and on the latter approach, it will not fall on his feet.

To work with more weight permitted only if complied technique:

  • Barbell raises the platform or disk.
  • Socks are confident on the pedestal and your heels hanging down.
  • Rod takes two hands.
  • Rise on the toes you need to highest point. Your knees smooth.
  • On the exhale heels down.

Between sets it is recommended to stretch the muscles of the lower leg. For this you need to lower the heel down for 10-20 seconds. Knees do not bend. Otherwise, connect to the work of the quads and it is difficult to avoid injuries. Since the amplitude of motion is small, then must be lowered and raised. Then Shin will be pumped.

Benefits of exercises and contraindications

Rise on socks – this is a basic exercise. It is done by people in any physical condition. Beginners are recommended the usual lifts from the ground without weights and machines. With experience you can develop skills and add load.

Practicing on the simulator, the athlete gets the same benefit:

  • Develops strength in the calf muscles.
  • Increases the volume of the lower leg.
  • Giving not fat, but muscular calves look.
  • weight loss.
  • Prevention of injuries of tendons.
  • Control the plantar flexion.
  • Increasing vertical jump.
  • The development of balance.
  • Women feel more confident in heels, more stable and longer go.
  • Improve cross-country performance.

During the exercise strong pressure on the popliteal tendon. It is not recommended to perform after the front squats.

There is a small load on the spine. Therefore, the choice of the working weight should be treated seriously.

If you have back problems, the classical machine can be replaced by the simulator for the leg press. Load on the spine less.

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