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How to derive lactic acid from the muscles?

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Exercises help to maintain health and good physical shape. But often, after the session, pain in the muscles. The reason for their appearance lies in the deposition in tissues of lactic acid. Our goal is to understand how to avoid such consequences?

The concept of “lactic acid”. Let’s try to understand together

To ensure proper flow of biochemical mechanisms in the tissues requires a certain amount of oxygen. It maintains energy balance in the body. During exercise, particularly intense, there is a massive consumption of oxygen. It helps to contract muscles.

However, there are some feature – under heavy load the flow of oxygen in the tissues is blocked. Therefore, the blood flow speed decreases and the body receives insufficient amount of air.

But the processes in the tissues continue to require energy for their work and trying to find her. In the end energy consumption is at deficiency of free oxygen.

Lactic acid is a product of the chemical reaction occurring in tissues with the aim of energy production in the absence of oxygen.

If the blood flow difficulty, this acid is deposited in elastic tissues.

These deposits, arising in the process of training, displays without assistance for a couple of days. If the pain appeared after a couple of days – it is not related to acid.

Deposits acid are often accompanied by violation of the integrity of muscle fibers and pain disappear after their full recovery. Already during the execution of workloads may experience a burning sensation. Sometimes this feeling goes away at the end of exercise.

If during exercise the pain increases, you should end the session. Otherwise harmful acid will start to accumulate, and the tissue subjected to damage. Chemical formula of lactic acid – СН3СН(OH)COOH.

Damage of lactic acid, tips to prevent accumulation

Deposits acid discourage the desire to play sports because of unsuccessful pain or subconscious fear of their recurrence.

Damage of lactic acid:

  • Severe pain in various tissues, most often in the legs.
  • The person feels bad, broken and there is apathy.
  • Often leads to increase in body temperature. To improve the condition, it is recommended to take antipyretics.

Tips that will help prevent the problem:

  • Need to distribute the load. Intense exercise after a long break will only bring harm. You should start with simple exercises and a small load, gradually increasing it.
  • Before the training, perform a stretch that helps relax the muscles.
  • You should train regularly.
  • Sleep should be complete.
  • It is important to observe proper nutrition.
  • Between exercises do a little relaxation to the muscles are not overloaded.
  • You must drink plenty of water. Drink a glass every 20 minutes.
  • Weight training alternated with cardio.

Let’s look at how to organize training in order to reduce the pain to a minimum:

  • Before the lesson, conduct the workout. This will prepare muscles for future loads. After training is performed enclosing part, which gives muscle relaxation – delay.
  • The number of repetitions of the exercises increases gradually.
  • Cardio alternated with power training. Thus training will be a long and reasonably balanced.
  • Do not make big breaks between training sessions.
  • In the days of break from classes to spend time actively.

How to get rid of lactic acid?

Let’s face it – how to bring the accumulation of substances from the muscles? To solve the problem using several ways:

  • Go to the bath. High temperature plus high humidity, will help to bring the selection. This increases the blood flow, expands blood vessels and muscle tissue. It is important to apply heat treatments wisely. Because their excessive use can harm. For your first visit 10 minutes will be enough. Then the time increases. It is forbidden to warm up over 1 h. After warming up, take a contrast shower. Bath helps to bring the acid twice as fast. There are some contraindications: diabetes, high blood pressure and a number of diseases. So before going there we should ask the opinion of a specialist who will assess General health. In the absence of contraindications, but the sudden appearance of discomfort in the steam room, it is better to leave it.
  • How else can withdraw acid from the muscles? Doing this with a hot bath. Due to lack of time, money, and other factors bath is replaced by another warm treatments. For example, homemade hot tub. The effectiveness of it is almost equal. For the procedure is fill the tank so hot water that will sustain the body. The duration of the bath is not more than 10 minutes. It is important that water does not enter the area of the heart. Next is to take a cold shower and leave the room for a while. Then the procedure is repeated. Add more water with a high temperature. There, repeat 3 time. Use with a towel.
  • Another simple method of acid – drink plenty of fluids. Moreover, some hot treatments are contraindicated. Every day should make up the water balance and consume at least 3 liters of water. It is recommended to drink green tea, which acts as an antioxidant. After a workout you can drink blood recovery juice(cherry or pomegranate), decoction of nettle, rose hips, hawthorn and honey.
  • Use sports supplements. Such include glutamine, carnitine, creatine. The first Supplement is an item on which to build protein. Glutamine helps the body to return to good form after stress, improves immunity and removes lactic acid. Carnitine accelerates fat burning, improves the performance in sports. Creatine performs a protective function of the Central nervous system. All the above drugs will help flush lactic acid from the body.
  • Massage. In such procedures it is possible to go to a professional or do yourself. This will relax the muscles and relieve tension throughout the body.

The formula for getting rid of lactic acid is simple – you need to follow the recommendations and not to make mistakes.

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