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How to create an individual program of fitness training

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How to create an individual program of fitness training
The contents

  • Basis of preparation and fitness programs
  • Features fitness program for weight loss
  • Fitness rules
  • Ready-made fitness program for beginners
  • The method of trial and error

A proper exercise program is as important as to learn the techniques of exercise. Otherwise, the fitness will not bring the desired results. Many ignore this rule in the end see no progress and lose the desire to move forward.

Basis of preparation and fitness programs

Any path to the goal without a plan is going to be a long, difficult, and sometimes useless. This applies to training too. You can plenty of exercise on the desired muscle groups, and proper technique, but did not see the desired result.

Fitness is not a mindless mechanical movements. This is a clever strategy which leads to the goal. Without a clear plan of the training turn into mindless wandering around an unfamiliar city with a route called “at random”.

In the Internet there are many ready examples of the most different classes, so at first glance, the program selection may seem simple and easily resolved. In fact, to be effective fitness program need to have the appropriate knowledge and skills, or ask for them to experienced instructor.

There are 3 effective methods of creating a system of training:

  • to follow certain rules and to develop a universal program;
  • to select a scheme known fitness instructor and strictly follow its points;
  • empirically devise your individual system.

Also, there are some basic programs that are recommended for fitness beginners.

Features fitness program for weight loss

To achieve reduction of body volume, need to make up a scheme of training under certain conditions. Fitness slimming involves not only physical activity, but balanced nutrition.

The menu must be foods such as vegetables and boiled meat in the ratio of 70/30 or 80/20. It is desirable to consume 20-30% more calories from that amount what you get with food. The basis of the fitness classes take aerobic exercise (running, swimming, bike).

Fitness rules

Decided to develop a system of exercises? It is necessary to observe the following principles:

  • Think about the goal. In any case don’t try to do multiple tasks at once. You need to choose one goal and detail to paint. Define a term to Express the desired progress in numbers or percentages. For example: you have decided to do fitness for weight loss and set a goal to lose 16 kg in 12 months. Remember — the figure should be achievable.
  • Break the main task into time-stages. It will be easier to monitor progress and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Critically evaluate your General physical preparation (GPP). If you weigh more than 100 kg, it is likely that a 15 minute jog at an intense pace will exhaust your body and immediately causes an aversion to sports. At the same time, the athlete with the experience from five years or more, this exercise will seem too simple. In programming also must take into account gender, age, weight, height, existing contraindications and chronic disease.
  • Any program should begin with a warm-up. Character warm-up exercises depends on the objective pursued. If you have chosen fitness for weight loss, then give preference to aerobic training (treadmill, exercise bike at a slow pace). For those who want to gain muscle mass, you can make warm-up of the basic strength exercises without weights.
  • Determine the length and frequency of classes. Mark your calendar the days devoted to fitness. Do not plan on these days other important Affairs not to disturb the regularity of the workouts. Decide how many minutes you will last exercise. To properly draw a graph, you need to know how long your muscles recover after exertion. This period, on average, can take from one to three days.
  • Develop a circuit training with the right sequence of exercises. Select the correct load level. Set the number of repetitions and approaches. For example, to build muscles generally choose a scheme of 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions. And for the development of endurance — 3 sets of 3-5 repetitions.
  • Select fast or slow paced run. Install the rest time between exercises (optimally 2-4 minutes). Select the appropriate exercises. Fitness for beginners involves simple systems, limited to 2-3 movements.
  • Finish your workout with a hitch. It can be as aerobic exercise and stretching exercises of the muscles.
  • Change your program every 4-6 months. Scheme to re-create or replace a few exercises, for example, switching from complex slimming system for the development of strength and endurance.
  • Make a daily routine and arrange the power mode. Remember to sleep at least 7 hours and to comply with the sports diet. Proper nutrition is 70% of success of all exercises.
  • Watch the reaction of the body. At least 1 time a week step on scales, measuring tape measure waist, hips, chest, bicep, and record the results. If you do not see progress, then the fitness program is compiled incorrectly and needs to be adjusted.
  • Ready-made fitness program for beginners

    Ready fitness program from instructor is good because it is composed of professional and proven experience of a particular person. This scheme eliminates common mistakes beginners and demonstrates the results that can be achieved with its help.

    You can try on the selected program and decide it suits you or not. In the Internet posted thousands of such schemes that take into account the physical parameters, the level of training, intensity and possible limitations.

    The complete system of workouts is usually recommended as fitness for beginners. They can be used to gain theoretical and practical experience to compile their own individual lessons.

    The method of trial and error

    This is the most difficult, long and risky way of programming exercises. But it is also the most effective, compared with the previous methods. As a basis you take the finished circuit training and test it for some time. Then change the intensity and order of exercises, increase or decrease the number of sets and repetitions. That is, adjusted the program for yourself.

    This method requires a large experience and knowledge in fitness. Otherwise, you can not only to result but also to harm their own health.

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