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How to create a relief chest in the rocking chair?

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Often, in an effort to transform, during training, the guys lean on the exercise of SARS or developed shoulders. But if you do not load on his chest, all the efforts will be in vain. It’s time to learn how to pump your chest muscles.

Beautiful chest muscles make a man more courageous and more attractive. But the result of hard work didn’t disappoint, you must know how to pump chest muscles at the gym. Before you read the article, remember a few simple rules:

  • Not to overdo it, do exercises on the chest no more than 2 times a week.
  • Breaks between exercises should be no less than 2-3 days.
  • If you are just beginning to deal with the chest muscles, perform 1-2 exercises for 2 sets each in one workout.
  • Want to be big and muscular? Do exercises 10-12 times. If you want to be not so much texture, how much stronger, then you can do 7-8 reps.
  • Important nuance. As the pectoral muscles and triceps are in constant interaction, it is not necessary to do exercises on the triceps and chest in one workout. One or the other.

Exercises for the chest. Base

So, the main base. The exercises are mandatory. Pay attention to technique of fulfillment of each of them. This is important.

The bench press on the bench is one of the basic exercises for chest in the gym, and a practical analogue of pushups on the floor. If you just started to visit the gym, you clearly fit the bench press on the bench. The change of the degree of inclination of the bench will allow you to pump more muscles of the upper and lower chest. If you want to be strong and ridged, this exercise is a real godsend. Are you new? Perform the exercise 2-3 sets of 7-12 repetitions.


  • Initially, you lie on the bench. Make sure your ass, shoulders and head firmly touched the bench. Feet completely resting on the floor, lower back slightly arched, legs bent at the knees, positioned wider than your shoulders.
  • Grip the barbell wide. Grif to raise up on outstretched arms so that he was centered over the Breasts. Need help? Don’t be shy in the hall to ask to insure you.
  • Inhale and at this point lower the barbell to light touch of the neck to the chest. The breath is fixed.
  • Exhale and simultaneously raise the bar up to the starting position. Closer to the final position of the squeezing exhale sharply. Pause.

Tip: this exercise is for the chest requires a slow lowering of the rod. Simultaneously, the rise of springy and energetic.

Exercises on the bars

Exercises for chest muscles for men can not do without dips. This activity ensures the implementation of the organic movements for the body, but can actually replace the previous one. The uniqueness of the dips lies in the fact that they affect many groups of muscles in addition to chest. Do you want strong arms, back, torso and chest?

If the boards you’ve done the basics on the chest, then you need a such, the distance between them will be wider than your shoulder girdle. But do not overdo it with the width. Otherwise, injury is inevitable.


  • The first step is to make the emphasis on the bars on straight arms.
  • The trunk is slightly directed forward. Breath. At this time, slowly descend by bending arms.
  • Fiksiruesh. Then rise to the starting position, straightening your elbows. Exhale.

A few of the recommendations: down slow, the maximum concentration without relaxation, otherwise you risk to make injury. Elbows bent to the sides, preferably during the entire exercise. It is necessary to descend as deeply as possible. If you’re a beginner, don’t use weights.

With regard to repetitions, this factor only depends on your stamina.
The best isolated exercise for the chest

You have a few years in the gym? A period of extremely basic exercises on the muscles of the sternum for men has already passed. You can include in your training isolated exercise. Now, make directly the relief and beauty of their Breasts. Perform them after the main exercises at the end of classes.

Dumbbells. Breeding hands

A real gift for professional athlete, because it involves primarily the muscles of the sternum.


  • First you sit on the edge of a bench and bend their legs. Take dumbbells and put them vertically on my knees. Lie on bench and raise the shell above the shoulders.
  • Breath. On the inhale bred hand in hand until the feeling of stretching your chest muscles. Pause.
  • On the exhale, raise the dumbbell smoothly up to the contact. Fixation.

Tip: the dumbbells should not keep on fully extended arms to avoid injury. The back should be straight, without bending. The weight of the projectile should correspond to your physical preparation.

Dumbbells. Pullover

It’s not so much the exercises for pectoral muscles for men, how much expansion of the chest. Therefore, the exercise required to complete during training.


  • The dumbbell stands vertically next to the bench. The athlete lies on the bench, upper back, i.e. on the blades. Take a dumbbell with both hands at the end. Rising up, straight hands.
  • Breath. Drop the projectile behind your head, slightly bending elbows. Pause.
  • Exhale. At this point, return to the starting position. Fixation.

Tip: the exercise requires a slow run, incomplete rectification of hands. Lower the dumbbell should be as low as possible.

The Simulator “Butterfly”

A great exercise for the chest muscles, which not only will help you to achieve your goals, but will protect against injury. Suitable for beginners.


  • Sit on the bench. Back straight, pressed against the wall. Feet shoulder level. Hands on arms.
  • Breath. Mixing arms in front of him to touch. Exhale.
  • Again breath. The transition to the original position.

Tip: to monitor the tension of muscles of chest, back tight to the bench.

Crossover. Reduction of the hands

If you start to do the hands on the chest of the exerciser on the block, the muscles will be worked deeper.


  • Be placed between the uprights of the crossover and take up arms. Torso tilted forward, arms slightly bent.
  • Simultaneously pull the hand exerciser the handles to the level of the mid torso. Exhale.
  • Breath. Original position.

Recommendations: there are only hands, whereas the back and legs remain stationary.

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