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How to continue a fitness workout on the street in winter?

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How to continue a fitness workout on the street in winter?
The contents

  • Warm-up before fitness your all
  • Keep drinking regime
  • Physical exercise in the cold: pitfalls
  • Equipment for exercise in the open air
  • How to breathe correctly?
  • Monitor your condition
  • Tips and advice for the popular fitness trends

Just passed the new year holidays with their endless guests and feast. Many took up during this time, a couple of extra pounds, and started back in the fall fitness workouts on the street have already order to break the habit. It is time to get in formation and catch up. How to continue learning English on the street in winter?

Warm-up before fitness your all

If you ignored this step in a fairly warm autumn days, with the advent of cold weather should be paid special attention to warming up, in fact it acts as a preventing stress to the muscles and reduces the risk of injury. To warm up better at home in a warm room, but not so covered with sweat, because to go outside wet is strictly prohibited. If your training is on the rink, and it is located far from home, it can be run at a leisurely pace, not giving the muscles the opportunity to cool down. Follow a couple of approaches to squats, work out your upper body through pushups and warm up the joints will help Mahi hands and feet, circular motion.

Keep drinking regime

Any physical activity causes the body to lose fluid, so to prevent dehydration it is necessary to continue to consume water and on the street, including in the winter. Follow this rule of fitness all year round, making for a few SIPS of water every quarter of an hour. Cold water from a plastic bottle — not the best option, especially if the window frost. Better to take with you to practice a thermos of tea or cook a warming and invigorating drink of hot water, lemon juice, honey and ginger root.

Physical exercise in the cold: pitfalls

There is no bad weather, but not every weather is suitable for fitness. Performed at low temperatures, the exercises can be fraught with hypothermia, which is characterized by chills, redness of the skin, freezing extremities. Therefore, beginners are better not to go outside at -15 °C and below, when the potential damage from training higher potential benefit. While experienced athletes should not forget about the number of rules subject to execution. Primarily these relate to the duration of employment. Intense interval training will help to maintain the selected exercise level and not to freeze.

It is unacceptable to make large gaps between exercises. You need to combine the basic elements with a light bending, rotations and normal walking during breaks. If you feel shivering, exhaustion, confusion is a reason to stop training and go to the next room to warm up.

Equipment for exercise in the open air

The layered look — the main rule when choosing clothes for your winter sports. The first, closest to the body layer should be represented by a set of thermal underwear, able to take the moisture, but the middle layer, consisting of light wool sweaters or jumpers, should keep warm. Completes the outfit lightweight waterproof suit or jumpsuit, capable to protect from wind and rain. How to understand that you were dressed for a workout right? In a relaxed position you should be cool, but with an increase in physical activity — comfortable and warm. Don’t forget a hat, gloves and scarf, and which requires the latter will be discussed below.

How to breathe correctly?

Any experienced athlete and coach can tell a lot about the benefits of proper breathing during fitness activities. In winter, these requirements come to the fore because failure to do so may develop a variety of unpleasant consequences, ranging from the common cold and ending with pneumonia. Breath to do only the nose but exhale through the nose or mouth, whatever you like. However, such recommendations are more suitable for those who workout or simply performing exercises at the nearby stadium.

Runners, skiers and other are often face difficulties when inhaled by the nose — not strong enough, and besides, many in the cold cold starts cold, nose is running, so the athletes have to breathe through the mouth. But for this, they use a scarf, covering the throat and lymph nodes, or wear for classes Balaclava, buff. However to master this type of breathing should gradually to avoid health problems.

Monitor your condition

Fluctuations in temperature can cause a jump in the level of glucose in the blood and break blood pressure. Fitness in the winter requires control over your well-being, because in cold weather the risk of hypothermia, to lose consciousness and freeze to death on the street. So it makes sense to purchase a special watch or a tracker bracelet that will monitor the main parameters of the cardiovascular system — pulse, blood pressure, as well as to monitor the oxygen consumption, calorie consumption and other indicators. Such a device is even able to monitor the sleep determining its quality, and provide information about the need to replenish the fluid in the body.

Tips and advice for the popular fitness trends

Physical activity in winter may be very different, but the possibility of skiing or snowboarding is not at all. Most other sports athletes opt for running, because it does not require any equipment, and suitable weather conditions do not have to wait. The most important thing is to equip, paying particular attention to shoes. The soles of sneakers must not lose its cushioning properties in the cold and hardening, and the upper part should be made of waterproof, but breathable material. While planning the route should take into account the wind direction in order to return home in his direction, panting with cold air.

More and more people want to join the world of sports opted for the workout. People go outside themselves on their own to equip platforms with horizontal bars, parallel bars or doing this on the Swedish side. Experts advise to begin acquaintance with this area of street gymnastics in the summer and in the winter just to keep fit, going for a run, and in between performing basic exercises. Nordic walking is a great choice for those who do not Jogging and weight training. Hiking sticks will be appreciated by older people who have problems with joints. They load not only the lower part of the body, especially when walking on rough terrain, and the upper thanks to the active work of his hands.

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