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How to conceive and give birth to the baby if you’re alone?

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Assisted reproductive technologies (art) are used not only for infertility treatment. If a single woman wants to have a baby, the doctor reproduction center recommends the use of donor sperm, freezing eggs or surrogacy (for indications). Tell me more about these options.

Donor programs

Donor sperm is always in very high fertilizing capacity. Actually, this is the main requirement for the genetic material. Thus, the chances of pregnancy increase.

Naturally, you would like to know more about potential candidates. Of course, the photo you nobody will tell, because the donation of gametes is anonymous. But to learn about nationality, age, external data, height, weight, education, and profession — please. Some banks give the donor the opportunity to look at the baby photo of donor.

Importantly, all donors undergo a mandatory medical examination, so you should not worry about what they can give the child some dangerous disease. To be sure to exclude the presence of infections such as hepatitis b and C, syphilis and HIV, kryokonservierung (frozen) sperm is kept in quarantine for 6 months. After that, the donor gets tested again. If everything is in order, genetic material can be used in the cycle art.

Insemination with donor sperm

Intrauterine insemination method is closest to natural conception. Its essence lies in the fact that the doctor is using a special catheter places the male genetic material directly into the uterine cavity. After that, the sperm must act independently: to reach the fallopian tubes to the egg, which moves toward and fertilize it.

IVF using donor sperm

IVF involves the fertilization of the female oocytes outside of the body.

The program can be carried out in both natural and stimulated cycle. In the second case, the doctors using hormonal drugs trigger the maturation of several (not one, as it happens usually) eggs. As a result, the chances of pregnancy increase significantly.

After the ovarian stimulation is the puncture of follicles, in which doctors receive the oocytes. Then fertilize them with donor sperm, and after 24 hours evaluate the results. The resulting embryos for several days is grown in special incubators where created optimal conditions (almost the same as in the fallopian tubes of a woman), and then one or two of them are transferred into the uterine cavity.

A logical question arises: what happens to the other embryos? They can be frozen using modern methods of vitrification and reuse in a new cycle of IVF. At very low temperatures the embryos can be stored for many years without losing the original quality.


This procedure gives the chance to mothers to women who are not able to carry and give birth to a child (for example, if they have a uterus or have serious health problems).

Additionally, surrogacy may be recommended if multiple IVF failed, although the embryo was good quality.

The procedure assumes that the embryos resulting from the fertilization of eggs, women with donor sperm, transferred surrogate mother, and she bears a child that does not have with her genetic relationship. After the baby is born transfer it to the biological mother.


If you’re still not ready right now to have a child, modern medicine can freeze eggs in their reproductive age (up to 35 years) and to use them when you meet someone you would like to raise a child, or when you realize you want to have for yourself.

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