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How to choose the right snowboard and gear for outdoor activities?

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How to choose the right snowboard and gear for outdoor activities?
The contents

  • What is a snowboard?
  • The particular configuration of the Board
  • Choose Hiking boots with a snowboard
  • Choice boards
  • Types of mounts
  • Additional items for fans of active winter fitness
  • Leisure wear in winter
  • The rules of the organization rest with snowboarding

In winter, most people restrict themselves to the rest of nature. Indeed, opportunities to spend free time outdoors in the winter months, not so much as in the summer. But if people are accustomed to a healthy way of life, he will always find a way to have fun and health benefits of exercise in a Park, forest, or go to places where there are specially equipped areas and track. One of the most popular winter activities such as snowboarding.

What is a snowboard?

Snowboarding is rather young invention. For the first time sports equipment was manufactured in the early 60-ies of the last century were the two fastened together with wooden skis. Subsequently, the snowboard began to make plastic, and he adopted the more usual modern form. The main parts of the snowboard are:

  • moving part;
  • metal edging;
  • fastening for shoes.

Sports equipment used for active recreation and for competitions. His popularity became so great that in 1998, snowboarders even allowed to participate in the winter Olympics.

The particular configuration of the Board

Active holiday in winter nature is certainly the sun, fresh air, lots of snow and adrenaline. For snowboarders, it is recommended to choose a Board that simple language is called “sandwich”. A snowboard of this kind has the side bar which can combine the base coat and trim, which helps to control the projectile. Such boards are enough budget, easy to maintain and repair.

A more complex design of the snowboard, called the “cap.” Its distinctive feature is the light weight and lack of straps. This inventory is recommended for use with more experienced athletes. The Board is quite complicated to repair and are much more expensive than “sandwich”, which is designed more for Amateurs of winter holidays on the snowy slopes.

Choose Hiking boots with a snowboard

Snowboard simple warm shoes will not fit. Need special shoes that will firmly stand on the Board and will be able to provide comfort to the feet during extreme downhill.

Boots for boards are divided into two types: hard or soft. The latter are suitable for beginners. They are comfortable and fairly easy to use. However, speed skating and freestyle is better to buy bots on hard plastic non-slip base.

Choice boards

Snowboards can have a different shape, the main Board, which affects riding style. Therefore, when choosing a sports equipment it must first be guided by this technical parameter.

Riding style is:

  • Freeride.

It is suitable for beginners and professionals. Such camping does not require a prepared track.

  • Freestyle.

Sophisticated style, which includes not only the descent from the slopes with difficult terrain, but also masterly overcome obstacles.

  • Amountin.

A universal style that is most suitable for beginners who want to learn equally well groomed slopes and loose snow trails.

Thus, going to the mountains, you need to determine your riding style and buy a snowboard appropriate form:

  • freeride boards need a slightly rounded shape with a sufficiently large sliding surface. It will be as stable on snow and easy to control;
  • freestylers usually choose the Board with the same rounding options for its entire length. You also need to focus on the length of the snowboard. In vertical position it needs to reach the chin of the athlete;
  • for amountin will approach the Board with a soft plastic design, chosen depending on individual preferences.

The correct Board is provided in the winter is not only interesting but also safe.

Types of mounts

To confidently stand on the snowboard and to manage them in any situation, you must choose for your shoes maximum secure attachment. The Shoe clips can be:

  • Soft.

It mounts using multiple elastic straps and a rigid back.

  • Step-in (step-in).

Self-latching system closes the boot in when he gets on Board.

  • Step-in-go (step-in-go).

A latch with hinged back and a thick girth of the Shoe.

  • Hard.

Similar to a ski binding, which is a frame in which the leg is fixed by a static lock.

Novice snowboarders, for whom skiing is a recreation, not a sport, it is recommended to choose soft mounts and a simple system of step-in.

Additional items for fans of active winter fitness

After choosing a snowboard, you need to take care of another component of equipment without which an active winter fitness can have very bad consequences — it’s about protection. You first need to buy a helmet. Without it don’t even have to put on a equipped for the descent route. Beginners perfect open helmets. They are lightweight and comfortable.

Useful on the slopes and goggles for snowboarding. Although they are not mandatory to purchase, but this attribute is better to have. Most importantly, choose an accessory that will protect not at the expense of viewing angle.

When skiing the steep slopes, you can further protect yourself by purchasing protective shorts and knee pads.

Leisure wear in winter

Today, sporting goods stores, you can purchase a variety of sets of clothes for snowboarding. It may be one-piece suits, separate jackets and pants, hats, gloves, and more.

The best option is to buy a comfortable jumpsuit with protection from wind, snow and heat. When choosing clothes you need to focus on the presence of specific inserts at the elbows and knees, protecting the athlete in the fall.

In General, clothing for snowboarding should be warm, lightweight and comfortable. It should not hamper your movements, get wet from snow, and be purged. Only in this case the winter does not put the athlete in the hospital.

The rules of the organization rest with snowboarding

Going to snowboard, first of all think about security. Choose a slope depending on the level of their training. Not worth the risk, if the mountain will seem too steep, and difficult terrain.

Remember that the slope has advantage the one who goes ahead (lower level). The distance between the athletes must be such that the snowboarder sliding down behind, had the opportunity to do the maneuver at any time.

If the athlete decided to stay on vacation, to do this in a slope so as not to interfere with other skiers.

Usually the tracks that has a color marking which indicates the level of difficulty. Descent for beginners are marked in green. Blue and red color — for skilled snowboarders, black — only for professionals.

For the entire family select some simple routes which are convenient and safe for both adults and children.

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