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How to choose the right shoes for running physical exercise

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How to choose the right shoes for running physical exercise
The contents

  • Criteria of selection of shoes for running physical activity
  • Feature running shoes for winter fitness
  • Additional tips for choosing Jogging shoes for fitness workouts

Any high-intensity physical activity involves adherence to certain rules that guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the results. Jogging is no exception. One of the important rules such motor activity – the need for Jogging special shoes designed specifically for running. Running shoes should not only comfortable, but also have good shock absorption, protecting the joints from heavy shock loads during fitness training.

Criteria of selection of shoes for running physical activity

Not to be mistaken with a choice and choose a pair of running shoes, which fitness classes will be as comfortable as possible, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria:

  • the degree of attenuation of the sole.

This option is perhaps the most important when choosing Jogging sneakers and it distinguishes them from shoes for other physical activities. In the budget models provide cushioning cavity in the sole, and the more expensive – high-tech solutions. With high probability we can say that the most expensive and modern running shoes should not be purchased if the task is not to achieve professional success in the race. But to save on shoes, doing the Amateur fitness workouts, not need to, because it affects the health of the joints. Choosing running shoes, you should try to find the optimal combination of quality and price depreciation, as well as to consider all other important criteria. If all parameters satisfy, so the shoes fit perfectly;

  • size.

Of course, it needs to match the length of the foot. Fitness classes in Jogging sneakers that are small or too big, not good for health, because the foot is in an unnatural position or not locked tightly, and the physical load is distributed properly. Furthermore, running in shoes is extremely traumatic. By choosing the size, you have to remember that the feet will be wearing socks, so a certain amount of free space in the Shoe should be;

  • the density of the lacing.

Any model of shoes for Jogging physical activity is necessary before you buy be sure to pressurewith, taking into account such anatomical characteristics of the foot width and instep. It is not necessary to tie my sneakers too tight. Tying the laces, you need to try to get your foot out of the Shoe. If the foot does not slip, and the shoes never squeezes, so this model is suitable for the regular fitness;

  • the width of the Shoe.

This option provides comfort while running, so he needs to pay special attention. If the width is right, even in the fully laced sneakers a person can move my foot from side to side (between the toe of the foot and the Shoe should be approximately 7 mm). If fitness training will be conducted in the evenings, it is especially important, because feet usually swell during the day and run in an insufficiently wide sneakers can be uncomfortable;

  • the height of shoes.

The back should securely fix the ankle in correct position during physical activity, but at the same time, he, as well as the tongue and lateral upper of the Shoe must not hinder the movements of the foot, RUB the ankles or create any other discomfort;

  • bend the soles.

It needs to have it at that place on the foot that is naturally bent when running, and not on its mean. To verify compliance of the bend of the soles and feet: the fingers need to step on a toe Shoe and gently put pressure on the heel, watching where the kink is formed of a sole and if he repeats an anatomic bend. Fitness classes in the Shoe sole which prevents a natural working of the foot, is strictly prohibited. This can lead not only flat, but also to problems with the spine.

Feature running shoes for winter fitness

Contrary to popular belief people far from fitness workouts, Jogging is possible in the summer and in the offseason, and in the cold season. It does not need to go to the gym, and you should buy insulated sports uniform and special winter running shoes. The last should be:

  • water-resistant.

The material from which made shoes must repel moisture. The style of the sneaker is also required to prevent the accidental ingress of moisture and dirt inside the Shoe through, for example, the holes in the lacing;

  • wear-resistant.

This concerns not only the soles but also the upper part of the Shoe. Material sneakers need to be resistant to aggressive reagents, often used in the winter to combat the snow;

  • non-slip.

On the sole of shoes for cross-country fitness in winter should attend a special tread that provides good traction soles with a slippery surface;

  • insulated.

To protect the feet from low temperatures;

  • reflective.

Due to the fact that winter daylight hours are short, Jogging is often necessary to make in the dark. If runs are performed in the city, for security purposes, you should choose winter shoes with reflectors so that motorists could in time to notice you.

Additional tips for choosing Jogging shoes for fitness workouts

To make the physical load exerted on a person when running, comfortable and safe, you should use some additional but useful tips:

  • if runs will be conducted over rough terrain with a complex route involving steep climbs and sharp descents, then you need to choose running shoes with treads;
  • buying a new pair, you first need to pass, after walking around the house for a while, and then leave it Jogging;
  • insoles in shoes for running have to be removable in order to wash them. With various orthopedic disorders of the foot, you must use a special corrective insoles.

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