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How to choose the right jump rope for fitness training?

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How to choose the right jump rope for fitness training?
The contents

  • Selection of the type and model of projectile for weight loss
  • Types of jump ropes for exercise
  • Models of products for fitness
  • The presence of additional devices
  • Selection of optimal length
  • What material do rope better
  • Handles

Jump rope is a gymnastic apparatus, which provides the optimum level of aerobic exercise during fitness activities. It is suitable for training both experienced professionals and Amateurs. This device promotes effective fat burning, as well as the development of leg muscles and flexibility of the body, forming a beautiful posture, endurance and coordination.

In the process of training improves the function of heart, vascular and respiratory systems, strengthens the ligaments of the internal organs. However, to get these advantages only if you correctly choose a jump rope and will make a good circuit fitness workouts. This apparatus should be selected individually, given a suitable length, material of manufacture and other details.

Selection of the type and model of projectile for weight loss

Fitness rope provides increased energy consumption. The shell is compact in storage and is universal in application — it can be used for adults, children, conduct training for weight loss almost anywhere.

Types of jump ropes for exercise

Getting to the selection of the rope, you need to decide which option will suit you best. Need to take into account their sports training and planned level of activity. Online there are such types:

  • Classic jump rope.

With it you can do like aerobics, and exercises to increase endurance. It is most suitable for beginners.

  • Speed.

Due to the special attachments to the arms results in an increased level of intensity training and speed — up to about 5-6/sec. This is the best option for exercise for weight loss. Perfect for exercise skipping. But newcomers to train with it.

  • Athletic.

You can use it well to train the hands and muscles of the shoulders. It is a heavy model (up to 3 kg), the length of which can’t be adjusted. It is impractical in high-speed workouts — there is a risk of injury. Therefore, it is suitable only for professionals.

  • Rope with weights.

Is the athletic or high-speed models, which seek to increase the weight of the structure. Speed heavier skipping rope handles with bearings or rods, which increases speed and quality. In athletic projectiles heavier cord that slows your movement, but provides an increased load on the shoulders.

Models of products for fitness

Most often, athletes use a universal type of projectile “unisex”, but if necessary, you can choose a custom athletic model. There are children’s versions with rope rope. There are plastic beads. This jump rope is perfect for jumping exercises, keeps the arc and prevents tangling of the cord. This option is suitable for beginners, however, such a shell can’t regulate the length that is not too big.

The presence of additional devices

The design rope can be incorporated into the Rev counter. It is automatic, activated by turning the handle, and electronic, which detects the position of the arc. These devices exist in two versions:

  • Calorie counter — indicates calories burned, which is useful for adjusting the intensity of an exercise.
  • The hop count specifies the number in training endurance, strength, and also during the skipping.
  • Selection of optimal length

    This is the most important parameter, which will depend on the ability of comfortable use of the projectile. If the rope is short, then the fitness will have to make more of an effort, why there is a risk of injury. A long rope dragging on the ground, which will also create problems of trainees. By making a purchase in store, you can test one of the following ways:

  • Stand in the middle of the cable rope with both feet and pull the arms up. The best solution they have to get the armpits.
  • Stand out in the middle of the cord with one foot and arms out to the side. If hand rope take a horizontal position or slightly deviate from it, then the choice is correct.
  • Fold the item in half, and then grab hold of the bend of the cord. Lift the limb parallel to the floor in front of him. In this position, the arm should lightly touch its surface.
  • In the case when there is no possibility to run tests, you can use a rough table of ratios of growth of trainees and the length of the fitness of the projectile:

    • with growth to 150 to 152 cm — length 180 cm;
    • with the growth 153-167 cm length 250 cm;
    • with the growth of 168-175 cm — length 270-280 cm;
    • with the growth of 176-183 cm — length 300 cm;
    • with the growth of over 183 cm — length 350-380 see

    To facilitate the selection will allow adjustment of length, whereby selected design for the specific athlete. The thickness of the cord should be guided by option is not less than 8 mm.

    What material do rope better

    Exercises with a rope will be more effective if a responsible attitude to the choice of material from which made the cable:

  • Rubber — the product will be durable, but quite heavy. Shell will not be confused, but the elasticity is poor — have to spend the time to straighten it. You can usually adjust the length, the model is more suitable for experienced athletes.
  • Leather gymnastic projectile weighs too much, is good rotation, don’t get confused. However, there is no possibility to adjust the length.
  • Nylon — provides lightness, suppleness and softness of the products, so the rope is in demand with beginners, children and gymnasts.
  • PVC — there is a similarity with the parameters of the nylon models are provided with good speed. Perfect for novice athletes.
  • Silicone — this material is soft and easy. Such shells are used most often by children, for workouts and aerobic training for weight loss. There is the possibility of adjusting the length.
  • The steel cable has a coating of silicone, plastic or PVC. It is durable, wear-resistant, high-speed models suitable for professionals. Used in training for speed, but difficult jumps to make a fail — high risk of injury.
  • Rope — light material will not last too long, so these products are mainly used in rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Handles

    One should not ignore the convenience of the athlete in contact with the arms of the jungle gym. In the market you can find products with these handles:

  • Plastic — ergonomic material which is pleasant to hold in hand, however, the surface may be slippery, due to which there is a risk of slipping out of a shell in the course of fitness activities.
  • Neoprene material is blagovechensky, providing a dry arm.
  • Tree — allergenic material, characterized by its convenience and practicality.
  • Metal — this arm is used in athletic models, because it creates an additional burden on the shoulders.
  • In any case, the arm must be holistic, be equipped with special notches to hold in the hands or plates.

    Budding fans of fitness and want to train at home, it is advisable to focus on models such as the Joerex, Kettler, Adidas and Reebok. Professionals will be interested in the TKO products, RDX Pro Supra.

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