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How to choose shoes for running physical exercise

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How to choose shoes for running physical exercise

The contents

  • Tips for choosing sneakers for Jogging physical exercise
  • Features care products for cross-country fitness
  • General advice on fitness training

Jogging is an intense physical activity that trains the cardiorespiratory system, causes the muscles in tone and helps to get rid of extra pounds. However, it can have a negative impact on your health, if you do not follow the rules of the organization of the training process, including the requirement to carry out cross-country fitness training only in special shoes.

Tips for choosing sneakers for Jogging physical exercise

Shoes for Jogging must meet the following criteria:

  • depreciation.

The soles of sneakers should have a high shock-absorbing characteristics to neutralize the negative impact of physical load on the ankle and other joints of the lower extremities. The dampers are usually located on the front and back part of the foot. In the first case, facilitates the transition from heel to toe when making a step, and the second reduces the force of impact of the heel against the surface of the earth. As shock absorbers in the soles for gym-based running, there may be special pillows, cushion springs or cavity filled with gas;

  • lacing and locking of the foot.

In laced condition shoes must cover the foot and repeat the movement when running and to prevent the ingress of dust, stones and foreign objects inside;

  • supination.

Before you buy running shoes you need to pay attention, whether on the insole a small bump. It is called arch support and is designed for uniform distribution of physical load on the foot and entire spine;

  • material.

The quality of the material depends on the durability of shoes and comfort when running it. Sneakers for Jogging in warm weather, can be made of fabric and have mesh panels for maximum access of air to the foot. Winter running shoes are usually made of soft leather. Material footwear for winter fitness training should have a waterproof and heat-saving properties. In addition, winter shoes may have additional insulation and a thick insole;

  • the surface of the sole.

If fitness classes are expected to be conducted on asphalt or rubberized coating of stadium, then embossed on the sole may be small. On the soles of sneakers for running on rough terrain, in addition to the corrugated surface should be hard protector. It provides greater stability during fitness training on uneven rocky route;

  • size.

You should choose shoes that size up the actual length of the foot. This is necessary for comfort and convenience when doing cross-country exercise. The free space can be useful in the case when the feet swell or you may need to wear a warm sock. In addition, in the free space between the Shoe and the foot better air circulation.

Features care products for cross-country fitness

To running shoes lasts as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care. This should be done according to the following guidelines:

  • it is required to dry the shoes after fitness classes. But to do it under direct sunlight, on the radiator or the heater is not recommended because of such thermal effects sneakers can deteriorate. The best method of drying: stuff newspaper in the shoes and leave it at room temperature until dry;
  • you should not wash the shoes too often and especially in the washing machine not having the function of washing. To remove impurities after intense exercise enough to wipe the external surface of the Shoe with a damp cloth to wash the insole;
  • before the run should be treated with a foot disinfectant and deodorizing means, and the inner surface of the Shoe — an antifungal drug. Such measures help prevent not only the development of fungal infections, but also unpleasant odor from shoes;
  • even in hot weather for a jog you have to wear thin socks. They will absorb sweat abundantly released during physical activity, and will protect the shoes from dirt, and the foot from rubbing and irritation

General advice on fitness training

Physical activity is extremely effective and safe if choosing the right and suitable shoes for running, consider the following tips when organizing and conducting runs:

  • before the run, it is necessary to warm up.

You can do a few jumping jacks, squats, swings, and rotations of the limbs and the turns and slopes of the body. To start running you need with a quick step, gradually increasing the speed;

  • completing the fitness training you need in just a few minutes to slow down, move to step.

After a full stop is recommended to do some simple stretching exercises of the muscles of the lower limbs, and bark;

  • the route must be carefully addressed.

Its complexity should match the level of physical training;

  • if the goal of fitness training is an effective losing weight with running, then its duration must be at least an hour.

Various obstacles, e.g. stairs, steep descents and ascents increase calorie consumption. Application of interval techniques also contributes to the speedy decline of excess weight, so disregarding it not worth;

  • the effectiveness of physical activity depends on the proper breathing rhythm while Jogging.

Breath should do the nose in one count, and exhale through your mouth for two counts. If you experience feelings of lack of air is necessary to reduce the pace of work;

  • in addition to shoes, it is important to pick the right clothes for running.

It should match the weather conditions to allow air, to absorb moisture and pull it out. In addition, gym clothes should not hamper movement, to be confused between the legs, RUB the skin, or in any other way to cause discomfort.

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