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How to choose leggings for fitness, yoga and running?

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The question of how to choose leggings does not hurt those who go to the gym, do fitness and yoga, run, or just plan to start training. Good leggings will motivate you to train, because they are not only very comfortable, but also beautifully emphasize the dignity of the figure, hide small flaws. From this material you will learn how to choose sports leggings to your liking and size, what to wear with them, and how to create a stylish sporty look.

Why is everyone training in leggings? This is not a fad, but considerations of convenience. This garment has a huge number of advantages, therefore, any sports person will not hurt to find out how to choose leggings.

The main advantages:

comfort – elastic materials do not interfere with movements, you can do any exercises and control the accuracy of their performance in the mirror;
universality – you can choose the right pair for classes in the hall and on the street, in the summer heat and even in cooler weather, models with insulation are provided for this;
benefit – ensuring the distribution of loads across muscles and joints for the prevention of overloads and injuries in the classroom;
beauty is very important for girls, sportswear should be not only practical, but also attractive. If you want to emphasize the perfect physique, then bright colors will come to the rescue. Hide imperfections will help models with tightening of calm monophonic colors.

girl in leggings

About the problem of choice

At first glance, everything is very simple, in practice – more complicated. If leggings are needed in order to walk beautifully from the gym to the fitness bar, simultaneously taking a few photos in the mirror, then any model is suitable. If you need to fully train, you will need to consider many aspects.


In any fabric, elastic components will be present, these are spandex, lycra or elastane threads, they provide the elasticity of the product. Threads can be included in a different basis, some time ago cotton was considered the best, as it allows air to pass through and allows the body to breathe. Progress does not stand still, views have changed, cotton is still used, but in combination with polyester or other synthetic materials. This combination is suitable for quiet workouts, which sweat little, for example, for stretching or Pilates.

For intensive training, cotton is inappropriate; it will absorb moisture in itself and dry for a very long time. By the end of the session, the fabric will become so wet that it can be squeezed out, the synthetics behave much better. Artificial fibers let air through and contribute to the rapid evaporation of sweat, moreover, they do not fade in the sun and are very resistant to wear. If you plan to work hard and think about which leggings to choose in the gym, then opt for fabrics of two types of fibers, the weave on the outside will be finer than the inside of the product, so the sweat will dry instantly. It is these products that represent the leading brands in the sports industry, they combine elastane and polyester, while the material is very similar to cotton to the touch.

One of the best technologies was developed by Reebok, its name is Quik Cotton, and this is a combination of artificial and natural threads on a two-layer basis. The material made in this way is called breathable, all the threads in it are interlaced in a special way in the shape of a rectangle. Training in this form will be very practical, leggings will repel dirt and retain their color for a long time, they can be washed in a machine, while the shape of the product will be preserved.

Quik Cotton Leggings


All leggings will be similar to each other only at first glance, if you look, dozens of varieties will open. The most obvious difference in cut is length, and a lot depends on it. The length above the knee is only suitable for those activities in which there are no strong loads on the knee joints. The average length is in the least demand, since the legs to the middle of the calf in any model will visually shorten the legs. The most universal option, which managed to become a classic – to the ankles, is suitable for any girl and any workout. They can be with a jumper to fix the foot, it is very convenient.

The next criterion is the height of the seat and the belt, the best choice will be a high landing and it is not that it is fashionable. In the lesson, you will actively move, the low rise looks beautiful on a slender girl, but on every squat and tilt, the pants will drop. Your thoughts will not be occupied with the training process, but with the constant need to tighten your pants. The wide belt will add comfort and practicality, the pressure from it will be uniform and almost imperceptible, the narrow elastic band will roll uncomfortably and dig into the body.

high leggings

By sport

Different workouts have special characteristics, so if we choose leggings for fitness or yoga, then the model for running is not suitable. Manufacturers often label products according to their particular sport, and this is very convenient. For example, if you need clothes for aerobics, you need to choose something seamless, then discomfort will not arise even when performing the most difficult exercises.

Products for yoga, as a rule, consist mainly of natural fabrics. This is not just a sport, but a philosophy of rapprochement between man and nature, achieved, inter alia, through form. Running requires trouser legs with compression, uniform pressure from all sides will serve to distribute the load.


Specialized sports models will not offer a large selection of designs, most often it is a standard color with bright accents on the sides. Sometimes what we take for decoration carries a functional meaning. For example, a mesh insert on the sides is designed to enhance air exchange. Unfortunately, overweight girls are forced to ignore this improvement, since they do not want to draw attention to the imperfections of the figure.

The inserts can be of different shapes and colors, if there is excess weight, you need to control that their location does not make you even fuller. Even with a slim figure, you should not choose inserts that do not reach the middle of the thigh, it is too defiant to be beautiful.

leggings design


Compression leggings will put pressure on certain areas in order to distribute the load, not to strain muscles and joints. After oxygen-enriched blood has passed through the arteries, it needs to return back to the heart through the veins. To rise from the lower extremities, blood must overcome the force of attraction, with increased physical exertion, this process is complicated. If the blood begins to stagnate in the veins, then varicose veins will develop, an unpleasant disease with even more unpleasant consequences.

Compression leggings will compress the legs, preventing stagnation of blood. If there are problems with blood circulation, the doctor should select the compression, indicating the necessary parameters in the products. Sports compression leggings are a preventive measure; they are most needed by those who run or put their legs under high stress in another way. Uniform pressure is provided by special inserts, they compress most strongly in the lower part, due to this, the load is reduced not only on the muscles and joints, but also on the cardiovascular system.

When purchasing a compression pair, remember that it should be used only in training, immediately removing after it.

Pulling off

Even before training, many girls fall into a vicious circle. They want to go to the gym to lose weight, but they don’t do it because they are shy of their body shape. As a result, excess weight becomes an obstacle to training, and it is impossible to get rid of it without physical exertion. The solution to the problem can be dragging leggings, they will help hide the flaws of the figure. You should not wait for miracles, clothes will not make you several sizes smaller, but it may well tighten your bulging belly, sides, hide the folds on the lower back and in other areas.

The appearance as a whole becomes more toned, this is enough to discard the complexes and go to the hall. But here it is important to show self-control, visual improvements – not a reason to abandon the thought of training. In addition, wearing tightening clothes all day is not worth it, it can adversely affect the work of internal organs. Often in slimming models there are massage inserts, thanks to them during movements stimulation of problem areas occurs to accelerate weight loss.

In a separate category, it is worth highlighting training pull-down pants with a sauna effect. They do not let in air, from this you sweat more and allegedly lose weight faster, but in reality it's not like that. The benefits of such a sport will be doubtful, the harm – obvious. It will not be difficult to restore the water balance, it is enough to just drink a couple of glasses of water after class, to cope with the consequences of overheating so quickly will not work. They can affect the condition of the skin, the reproductive system and general well-being.

Push up

Not everyone goes to the gym in order to make body volumes smaller; many girls are interested in increasing the volume in the buttocks. In order to pump up the buttocks, it will take months of serious work on yourself, getting a small visual increase in volume is easier, leggings with a push-up effect will help. The buttocks lift the special cut and the location of the pockets; some models have silicone inserts for a more pronounced effect. Such leggings are suitable not only for very thin girls, but also for those who have a little excess weight. Fat deposits are rarely located in the right places, the cut of the pants provides a beautiful redistribution. The push-up does not carry any functional load, only the aesthetic effect – more rounded, voluminous and toned buttocks.

push up leggings

To size

The next important point is how to choose leggings by size, a fitting is needed before buying. The ideal size will not hang, the fabric should fit snugly, but not tight. The elastic material can be stretched, but if it is not designed to stretch or compress, then use it for such purposes will not work. In the best case, leggings will simply wear out quickly, in the worst, they will burst at the seam right during training. The most important measurements will be the volume of the hips and waist, but still you need to start not from them, but from your feelings, you should be comfortable.

Color spectrum

There are no strict rules in this criterion; it is worth starting from your own preferences. But girls with pronounced overweight are better off not choosing light colors, they will increase even more. Dark monochromatic tones will visually hide volumes, the presence of stripes on the sides is welcomed, they will stretch the figure. If there is no problem to become slimmer with the help of the color scheme, then you can choose any – in the military style, bright color, plain, with different prints. In recent years, animal prints and space have been very popular.

What to wear?

They come to training to practice, and not look at themselves in the mirror, but most girls still want to look stylish. The first thing to choose for leggings is underwear. To ensure that the panties do not shine through and do not protrude from under the thin fabric, it is better to choose thin seamless panties in the same colors as leggings. Thongs for training are categorically not suitable, it is uncomfortable and unhealthy. Overweight girls are often embarrassed that leggings are too tight, they come to the aid of miniature flared shorts and skirts, they are worn directly over the leggings.

The upper part of the form can be anything, for example, a sports top with chest support. If you prefer looser clothes, you will need a sports bra. But remember that excessively loose clothing interferes with exercise. It is also important not to forget about the principle of moderation in colors, for bright leggings it is better to choose a solid top and vice versa. For outdoor training in cool weather, you will also need a windbreaker, it is better if it covers the buttocks, since leggings do not retain heat.

Knowing how to choose leggings and with what to combine them, it remains only to solve the issue with additional accessories. Socks, leggings, wristbands, headbands are chosen exclusively to your liking. They complement the image, give self-confidence and a positive attitude, make training even more attractive.


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