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How to choose fitness program according to your taste and budget

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How to choose fitness program according to your taste and budget
The contents

  • Fitness for beginners
  • Dance fitness exercise for a good mood and health promotion
  • Extreme fitness
  • Exercise for the mind

Any person sooner or later starts to think about their health. It is getting better: there is excess weight, shortness of breath. Can pains in your back or joints, and weakened muscles. Therefore, the issue of maintaining the body in good shape is always relevant. It is the regular sport and fitness classes help to solve such problems.

You can train alone or in a group, selecting the home training or classes at the gym. The main thing is to set yourself up for regularity, and not to skip a workout. About which sport to choose, we describe in this article.

Fitness for beginners

For those who have health problems or have never engaged in physical culture and sports, it is recommended to start training with simple forms of fitness.

  • Hiking.

This form of obtaining physical activity is for everyone: adults and children, men and women, seniors and those whose health is weakened by illness. Walking is a natural movement that can make people regardless of level of physical fitness.

Hiking is perfect for those who have not yet decided what sport to do. Besides, it is the most affordable fitness for beginners, requiring no special equipment, sportswear and shoes. Walking will help to cope with the lack of exercise, get rid of excess calories, strengthen muscles and increase endurance. And she improves appetite, and normalizes metabolic processes in the body. So the effect was noticeable, he should walk daily at least 30-40 minutes, even better.

  • Run.

Hiking may serve to improve overall health. But if you want significant sports results, we can recommend Jogging. This is another natural human fitness belonging to the group of cardio, i.e. physical activity requiring high oxygen demand. This means that during the run will actively continue the process of fat burning.

Of course, you should start with small Jogging at a slow pace, alternating with walking. Gradually cross-country segments should be increased and a distance Hiking to be reduced. The optimal time of exercise for beginners is 20-30 minutes. With the improvement of physical abilities of the classes extend to 1 hour, including at this time the warm-up and hitch.

For Jogging you need to buy quality sports shoes and clothing. Not be amiss stopwatch and pedometer. Better to run in the Park or at the stadium, where you can breathe fresh air and concentrate on the training. To learn at home, on the treadmill. But in this case the athlete loses the opportunity to receive a charge of vivacity from the sun, wind, and new visual impressions.

  • Swimming.

Citing the example of natural physical activity such as walking and running, we can not talk about swimming. Classes in the water are in themselves beneficial to the body. They were quenched, strengthen the muscles, stimulate the heart and lungs. If possible, go swimming all year round — this fitness for beginners very promising.

Workout in the pool will help to cope with many health problems. Classes in water is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, back pain, pathologies of the pelvis, varicose veins. And no matter which way to swim. The main thing — the regularity of training and get some positive emotions. Of course, you can pay attention to the study of basic swimming technique and learn to move in water breaststroke or freestyle. For this you need to take the help of the instructor.

Swimming is the safest sport that shows even pregnant women. So swim for health.

Dance fitness exercise for a good mood and health promotion

For those who want to get away from sports a maximum of positive emotions and in need of increased activity, suitable for dancing. Dancing is a good way to load muscles, make your heart and lungs to work harder to accelerate the metabolism in the body. And what else is needed for effective fitness for beginners?

Dance develops agility, endurance, good reflexes and sense of balance. These classes will help to lose weight, make a figure slim and toned. And you do not need to perform numerous push-UPS, lift weights and run hundreds of meters.

Those who had not engaged in dancing, will need the help of an instructor. Therefore, beginners are best to go to a dance hall and train in the group. Such training will be useful not only for physical health, but also for the psyche. It is seen that the people are more balanced, friendly, good at dealing with daily stress.

Dancing is fitness exercise that can be practiced from early childhood to old age, maintaining a youthful spirit and a good physical form.

Extreme fitness

Many people in this life do not have enough adrenaline. To realize their need of this hormone they go to various risks, sometimes even being in conflict with the law. However, there is a great way to quench your thirst of adrenaline readily available way class extreme fitness. What is it?

Extreme fitness is a sport for active, adventurous people. Its types include downhill skiing or snowboarding, skydiving, rock climbing, ATV racing and more. Speed, risk, and always a new, vibrant experience that is the extreme fitness.

Before you choose one of the types of extreme sports, you need to really evaluate not only your level of physical training, but also financial resources. For the vast majority of extreme-training need expensive equipment. Many people long enough saving up for it, to acquire, for example, diving equipment. But such efforts will always pay off in a great mood, powerful boost of energy and adrenaline.

Exercise for the mind

To be in good physical shape and have sustainable resistance to the stress that constantly accompanies man in modern society, the need to train not only the muscles but also the mind. One of the best ways to do this is to play checkers or chess. With such a “fitness” you can develop mental abilities and logical thinking. Exercise for the mind will be especially useful for those who are undergoing rehabilitation after illness and wants to regain physical and mental health.

Choosing a sport for regular exercise, do not put yourself too serious purpose. All current tasks and solve gradually, and proceed to the next stage only after the implementation of the previous one. It’s possible to overtrain and lose interest in sporting activities.

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