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How to choose clothing for fitness in the gym and on the street

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How to choose clothing for fitness in the gym and on the street

The contents

  • Clothes for running exercises.
  • Equipment for strength training
  • Clothing for group fitness classes

Not the last role in the effectiveness of the training is how comfortable you feel during the class. Convenience largely depends on the correct choice of clothes, which also affects the safety of exercise, and on your mood and wellbeing. Not everyone knows that for a specific kind of fitness you should choose a gear that will allow you to engage more efficiently and will help to boost your motivation.

Clothes for running exercises.

If we talk about choosing clothes for your cardio, in particular running exercises, you should in the first place, to decide where it will take your sessions indoors or outdoors. If you choose the second option, you must also consider the weather conditions and the current time of year.

Selection of clothing for carrying out Jogging on the street in the summer, as well as the fitness room can be produced according to the same rules:

  • Best of all, if Mike t-shirt and running shorts will be made from sporting synthetics, which is hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture. Preferring natural fabrics, it should be remembered that after washing, it will quickly lose its appearance.
  • For running outside in the windy and wet weather jacket handy, it is desirable that it possess water-repellent surface and well ventilated.
  • The choice of socks is also important — it is better to give preference to sports. Their surface is divided into zones, each of which performs a important function.
  • If the training is sufficiently intense, then the efforts on the forehead can appear beads of sweat, and to prevent them from dripping on the face will help the bandage. For warm, Sunny weather provided a headband with a visor that makes you more comfortable.
  • For athletes who commit Jogging for long distances, developed a special compression garment. Its design helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, contributing to the speedy muscle recovery.
  • Much more careful attention should be paid to clothing for Jogging in the winter time. For convenience, the dressing should be layered:

  • The first (lower) layer is represented by underwear. When it is best to choose the thinnest version of this garment, providing efficient water abstraction.
  • The task of the second layer wind protection. Best copes with this task a special sports suit with a fairly dense front and easy flagovedeniya the rear surface.
  • The third layer of clothing is used in the case when the temperature falls below -15 degrees. As it can be a fleece jacket or warm vest.
  • In addition, in the winter necessarily need to wear a hat that covers the ears well, as well as a special buff to shelter your neck from the cold.

    Equipment for strength training

    Power fitness are usually, in the gym, and because the clothing for him is not dependent on weather conditions. Use the following guidelines for the selection of suitable equipment:

  • The first thing to take care of selection of clothes. Any fitness workout can be hopelessly flawed if it is too tight or made up of synthetic materials. Especially this point concerns the girls for whom it is preferable to get a special bra for sports. He, unlike usual, does not RUB and does not cause discomfort, its straps don’t fall down, and the fabric “breathes”. In the ideal linen to choose, consisting mainly of cotton and a small amount of lycra.
  • Clothing options choose to your taste. It can be shorts, pants, t-shirt or tank top. Most importantly, the outfit fit you in size, well stretched, allowing you to freely perform any exercise.
  • Socks are recommended to wear low, so that the rubber band is not squeezed, the ankle, breaking the blood flowing freely.
  • Clothing should be made from a fabric with good heat dissipation, perfectly — with the mesh panels. It is best to give preference to natural materials with a slight addition of synthetic fibers to improve elasticity and durability.
  • It is not recommended to buy clothing with decorative ornaments according to the type of zippers and hook-closure, because it is, first and foremost, it is unsafe.
  • To all of the above gear need to buy more accessories. These include gloves that prevent blisters and make it easier to perform exercises with a bar and on the bar. In addition, should have a bandage on his head with a towel for spreading in the gym and a bottle of water. All this will help to make the training convenient, safe and efficient. As for elastic bandages and supportive back belts, you need them only if you are working with heavy weight.
  • Clothing for group fitness classes

    Choosing clothes for group fitness (Pilates and aerobics) should be guided by your taste. However, if the workout includes aerobic exercises of high intensity, it is important to opt for athletic things, provide good thermoregulation. Women, in this case, you should better buy a good sports bra that helps reliably maintain the chest.

    As yoga and Pilates require deep relaxation and concentration and include elements of stretching, it is desirable that the garment has sufficient elasticity, had a thin but sturdy seams, minimal number of zippers, and other accessories.

    Not least in terms of how clothing sits on you, what she style and color. If you like your reflection in the mirror in the chosen suit, it will affect your motivation for fitness and the future of its effectiveness. Bright and warm colors like red and orange fill us with energy and improve mood. Dark color is better to choose those people that usually sweat a lot.

    Buying clothes for training, be sure to consider what type of exercise you plan to do, decide with your favorite color, and give preference to suits trusted manufacturers.

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