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How to choose athletic shoes for the fitness workouts?

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How to choose athletic shoes for the fitness workouts?

The contents

  • Athletic shoes for cross-country loadings
  • Sneakers for the exercise of power
  • The minimalistic style of sports shoes
  • Selection of shoes for basketball, tennis and soccer
  • Crossfit: how to choose the right shoes for this kind of physical activity
  • An additional number of tips for choosing footwear for fitness

Today more and more people join the gym. The General health of the organism, improving physical fitness, relief of the body and mood are only a small part of the advantages which brings the sport. In order to exercise would yield the desired result and not cause discomfort, it is important to find the right equipment, particularly shoes. Therefore, the question of choosing the right sneakers is relevant to each athlete.

There are several criteria that should be used when buying sports shoes: sport and exercise that you plan to run, the structural features of the stop, personal preferences, etc. look at each of them in detail and learn how to choose running shoes for fitness.

Athletic shoes for cross-country loadings

Modern shops selling sports shoes, a huge selection of sneakers, each designed for a different kind of exercise. Therefore it is impossible to buy them, just assuming, like them or not. For example, when buying running footwear, you must consider the following factors:

  • the area for Jogging;
  • planned distance;
  • climatic features;
  • cushioning, grip, protector products;
  • the stiffness of the heel, sock, etc.

So, for running fitness cross-country shoes required, securely retaining the foot protected from dirt and good grip soles. Sneakers for Jogging on paved trails should have good damping properties. To run long distance most of the athletes choose the so-called “maratonci” — a Shoe with a thin sole, made of lightweight material and with a minimum height difference between toe and heel.

To Jogging sneakers for the fitness room must meet several additional requirements. They should be primarily comfortable and also light, breathable, soft and flexible sole. Shoes for this kind of physical activity should not be highly absorptive. The main thing that the foot naturally, move freely, and the athlete to jump and easy to walk. These shoes are also great for everyday wear.

Sneakers for the exercise of power

Heavy fitness (powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.), as well as power exercises involve hard of foot, full pressing of the foot to the floor. Leg during the training should not wobble, and the sole of the Shoe to slide. If sneakers are a little push, it upsets the weight distribution on the foot and will decrease the performance.

So, professional athletes for training choose the “weightlifting shoes” — shoes with hard soles, plastic or wooden heel, height from 12 to 20 mm. These products provide stable, firm support, facilitate work with large weights, performing jumps and deep squat.

The minimalistic style of sports shoes

The power of sport and exercise with weights is more the prerogative of men. The female half of humanity practicing Jogging, vigorous, high-intensity fitness and selects for this kind of physical exercise sneakers minimalistyczne style. They have a thin flexible sole, which provides excellent biomechanics of movements and allows the feet to be in greatest contact with the floor surface when performing exercises. However, for occupations in such shoes need to have good flexibility in the muscles of the ankles, thoroughly master and observe the correct technique of movements.

Selection of shoes for basketball, tennis and soccer

Tennis is a moving sport, involving large amplitude motions, so players are advised to choose a sufficiently massive sneakers, providing rigid fixation and lateral support for the ankles. The base Shoe for tennis should bend only in socks, as athlete, practising this kind of fitness, often makes jumps.

Basketball players also jump a lot, so their shoes should be high, with special side panels to protect the ankle to prevent slipping of the feet. It is also important that they are equipped with a wide sole, which will ensure high-quality adhesion to the surface of the floor and eliminates sliding. It should be noted that basketball sneakers are not suitable for everyday wear, and cleats for football. They are equipped with special spikes, providing excellent coupling with the ground and leveling the scroll of the foot, which is necessary for normal walking. When buying boots, it is also important to choose the right size. Between the longest toe and the toe of the sneaker should be a distance of 5 mm.

Crossfit: how to choose the right shoes for this kind of physical activity

Crossfit is very popular today among supporters of sports lifestyle. Physical exercise this kind of incorporates elements of weightlifting, running, gymnastics and other types of fitness. That is why athletic shoes for crossfit, should be universal and have, in the first place, nephrogenesis, stable base with good traction and breathable mesh upper.

An additional number of tips for choosing footwear for fitness

What other factors are important when choosing athletic shoes for different types of fitness:

  • Pronation — rotation of the internal arch of the foot relative to the floor surface when running or walking. Type of pronation will help to determine a podiatrist. For those who have a deflection of the foot is normal, it is recommended to wear shoes type stabilizing (Support). If the arch of the foot high (hypophonia), you should buy running shoes neutral amortiziruemye (Neutral) if low (hyperpronation) — the shoes Control.
  • Fitting. It is recommended to hold in the socks that you plan to wear along with sneakers. And sasorova wearing shoes, it should go for a walk and see well-fixed foot and the heel.
  • Specialization fitness shop and the professionalism of the sellers. In this case you will receive competent advice and guarantee of the product.
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