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How to choose and use fat burners for women

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Without enhanced sports, as well as the preparation of the right diet for women, fat burners for weight loss will not give the desired effect. You should carefully familiarize yourself with the features of use, because otherwise a qualitative result can not be achieved, so it is important to carefully understand all issues.

Fat burners are products designed to accelerate the processes of metabolism and utilize excess deposits from the body. This is a base of sports nutrition for those who actively seek to monitor their figure. To lose a couple of kilograms or to strengthen the skin turgor, mix preparations with bio-additives and medicinal supplements are offered.

Since fat burners are used exclusively in combination with physical activity, their main indications are distinguished:

accelerating the process of basic metabolism in the body;
lack of appetite;
energy consumption at rest;
intensive training, maintaining endurance;
extraction of glycerol from fat cells;
the breakdown of fats during training.

What it is

To begin with, the wording “fat burner” is not entirely correct, since no drug is able to break down excess deposits without affecting the work of other organs. The splitting process is complex and lengthy. Fat deposits are processed in the body, provided there is no or a small amount of energy that comes from food. In other words, in the process of calorie deficiency.

In order to lose weight, you need to spend much more energy compared to received or consume fewer calories than used. The drugs are aimed at increasing resource output and blocking hunger.

High-quality products are made from natural ingredients, so they do not have a harmful effect on the human body. The composition of the additives for men and women is different, since there is a different metabolic rate, the structure of muscle fibers, physiological characteristics. That is why the drug should be selected depending on gender.

fat burner in a girl’s hand

Fat Burner Assortment

There are five main types of drugs. Each of them is made on the basis of natural components and well-crafted components.


The most popular look. It is aimed at enhancing metabolism, while slightly increasing body temperature. It contributes to the burning of stored fat, using it as an energy source. Use the product should be in cycles.

The composition includes the following components:

Caffeine is an ideal central nervous system stimulant. It contributes to the manifestation of vitality, the release of adrenaline, increased stamina, as well as focusing on the training process and the desired result;
yohimbine has similar characteristics, but has a more neutral effect, improves mood;
synephrine is made from bitter oranges, as well as other citrus fruits. It is a safe substitute for ephedrine, which is a prohibited drug in many countries.

Thermogenics have some side effects:

the development of tachycardia;
increase in blood pressure;
excessive sweating;
disruptions in the digestive system.

It is not recommended to take drugs in the afternoon, since they have exciting properties.

Appetite suppressants

Reduce body weight by dulling hunger. They can not be used by people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The active substance is sibutramine, which is used in the fight against obesity. It should be consumed only under the strict supervision of a physician.

Appetite suppressants

Calorie Blockers

Prevent the production of enzymes that break down fats and carbohydrates. As a result, the excess is not absorbed and excreted from the body. The supplement is used only in combination with a special diet. Otherwise, the drug can cause irritation of the walls of the stomach and indigestion.

Calorie Blockers


Remove excess fluid from the body. They are used in combination with other drugs.



Contribute to the burning of fat at the cellular level. They facilitate the release of excess reserves from the body, as well as their subsequent transportation to the place of cleavage in the process of playing sports. The composition includes:

omega-3 regulates metabolism, lowers insulin sensitivity;
linoleic acid is directly involved in energy metabolism, the breakdown of fats;
Vitamin B4 normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, provides the necessary speed of nerve impulses, which is of great importance for intense sports;
betaine has similar properties, breaks down fats, increases muscle endurance;
melatonin regulates sleep. It normalizes the rhythm of the internal organs and the body as a whole;
L-carnitine is one of the most effective sports fat burners. It increases the movement of acids, is characterized by anabolic action, increases endurance and resistance to stressful situations. The drug not only contributes to weight loss, but is also aimed at strengthening the joints, improving the nervous system, giving vitality.


How to use fat burners for weight loss women?

Fat burners are an effective but complex drug. In order not to harm the body, you should adhere to several rules:

acquire funds made by well-known and trusted manufacturing companies;
every seven days it is important to take a break to avoid getting used to;
take drugs purely before meals, drinking plenty of water;
do not take the drug before bedtime;
it is forbidden to drink the drug for more than eight consecutive weeks;
maintaining an active lifestyle is a prerequisite.

Available at pharmacies or specialized sports stores.


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