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How to choose an ellipsoid for physical activity at home

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How to choose an ellipsoid for physical activity at home

The contents

  • Preparing to purchase a simulator for the provision of physical activity at home
  • The selection criteria of the ellipsoid for home fitness
  • Additional functionality for comfortable holding fitness workouts

An elliptical trainer is a unique sports equipment, providing cardio, strengthens virtually all the major muscle groups. The man doing on the ellipsoid performs a motion characteristic of running, skiing and climbs the stairs. Such physical activity leads to tone the muscles of the lower limbs and bark. But due to work with special handrails physical strain exerted on the muscles of the upper torso. Therefore, the elliptical can be considered a unique equipment, which is suitable for practicing at home and can be used for weight loss and to strengthen muscles.

Preparing to purchase a simulator for the provision of physical activity at home

Before you buy an elliptical trainer for fitness at home, you need to take the following steps:

  • to decide for what purpose you will use the simulator, how many people will engage and if there is enough space in the living room for the sports equipment.

The answers to these questions will determine such specifications as power and capacity, as well as the dimensions of the simulator;

  • to study manufacturers of such equipment for fitness, the range of their products and the testimonials of people who have purchased a particular model of ellipsoid and can share the experience of its operation.

This can be done on the Internet specialized sites and forums;

  • selecting the model elliptical trainer, if you are working on which physical exercise will be as comfortable as possible, you need to find the best price offer.

At this stage you should consider such factors as delivery. If there is no way to bring equipment from the store to the house, the cost of shipping can significantly increase the amount that was originally stated. This caveat applies not only to online stores that send products by post or other services, but retailers specializing in the products for fitness training;

  • preferably before purchasing to test the selected elliptical trainer.

This can be done on the demonstration models in store, or in the hall for fitness, if it is equipped in this ellipsoid.

The selection criteria of the ellipsoid for home fitness

Choosing a specific model of elliptical trainer for fitness workouts at home, you need to focus on the following technical specifications:

  • adjustable tilt angle of the moving runners.

Changing the angle of inclination, it is possible to shift the focus exercise on a particular muscle group and add variety to the training process to prevent adaptation of muscles to provide them exposure. It is recommended to choose a machine with this feature to home the training efficiency is not inferior to the classes at the gym;

  • smoothness.

When walking on the ellipsoid runners should clearly repeat the movements of the legs. If there are pauses and jerks, fitness training becomes uncomfortable and can lead to a drop in the machine and injury. Unfortunately, test ride is possible only in a practical way in the store, so the purchase of a simulator on the Internet is accompanied by the risk to detect that the runners don’t move as smoothly as we would like;

  • the movement of the pedals back and forth.

This feature can be diversified fitness classes;

  • consistency movements of the rails and handrails.

Synchronous operation provides maximum comfort during training on the simulator. When the handrails move with the delay or faster than the pedals, to practice inconvenient and dangerous to health;

  • correct and comfortable position of the handles.

If they are too far from the pedal mechanism, the person who works in the simulator, you have to bend over to reach the levers. This leads to the fact that the physical load is distributed incorrectly, it starts to hurt back. Proper technique allows for slight tilting, as when running or skiing;

  • the noise level emitted by the simulator while working on it.

This criterion is of particular importance for people who plan to hold fitness classes in an urban apartment with low noise. If the simulator will be used in your own home, then it is better to work quietly. In this case, the ellipsoid will be to train early in the morning or late at night, not for fear of waking other family members;

  • structural reliability and its safe operation.

All the details should be well secured and is made from high quality materials that can withstand heavy physical exertion. If the family has small children, it is desirable that the ellipsoid had the function of blocking the movement of the rails and the locking mechanism prevent accidental folding or drop of the machine.

Additional functionality for comfortable holding fitness workouts

The simulator is equipped with the following additional features that can make fitness workout more productive and enjoyable:

  • calorie counter.

For people who use the machine for weight loss and keep records of consumed and spent calories, this feature will be very useful;

  • the heart rate monitor.

Heart rate is the factor, which largely depends on the effectiveness of fitness training and health safety. The pulse must be constantly monitored and maintained in the range due to the individual maximum;

  • complete training program.

When using ready-made programs, there is no need to be distracted by tracking the speed or duration of walking, and you can fully concentrate on the correct technique;

  • easy start-up and shutdown of the simulator.

These functions are convenient for people who have a little free time and prefer to spend it on exercise, and not to the inclusion, setup and shutdown of the simulator.

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